TotalFreedom: Status Update following yesterdays attacks

  • for everyone that was active when i used to play a lot i love you guys, i never as much as disliked a single person on here. as much as i bash on this server now it has a special place in my heart and in my memories. thank you to all who ran shit and volunteered to do stuff you all made it possible love you guys <3. This server and the people on it definitely made part of who i am today.

    If you wanna contact me, and i would love to speak to people i havent heard from or seen for years, discord is the best place to find me (im tozzit there too).

  • Thank you ryan for your service throughout 3 years, literally nobody could make it that far

    God i love this community and this server, but the real freedom was the friends and memories we made along the way -- gbye aweomers

    Admin // Hub Moderator // Master Builder

    Incredibly awesome duck.

  • Never underestimate those exploiters.

    Welp. Bye bye Total Freedom.

    Let's all hope Java edition as a whole can survive. Its community is fighting their own battle for survival until it's merged with the all consuming bedrock menace.

  • Even though I *did* get banned from the Discord, I do wanna say that it's been great. Even if there were ups and downs, and downs, and downs; it was great. One of the most passionate places for making dumb NBT stuff I've seen, too. I loved sharing and seeing other people's wacky creations. All revior or whatever!! <3

  • I i can't believe it had to end this way :( I've met some great people on here, and for once I've actually felt important once in awhile.

    These asshole hackers took that all away from me. What could they even possibly gain from all this? All they did was tear apart something that meant a lot to many of us. If they didn't like the server, why couldn't they just leave?

    If you're one of the attackers and you're somehow reading this, I hope you're happy with yourselves. You took away something that people actually felt like they belonged to. For some people, this is all they have in life. I seriously hope you fuck up and mess with the wrong people, just so you can end up in prison. Fuck you.

  • It does look like it is indeed the end of the road. I may not see every one of you again. But if I do, we may meet up again someday, somewhere.

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    what the fuck happened i was in hamburg for a few days and now this shit - Gertrude

  • It was a wonderful community while it lasted, and even if I haven't been here in a year, I'll miss it. I'll miss all of you. Never have I truly felt like a part of another community—not even the Celeste community now that I have over 850 hours on Celeste and am probably only a month or two away from clearing the Strawberry Jam GMHS.

    May we meet again.

    —meta04, known as volleo6144 when I was an admin.

  • it was definitely inevitable and there was no way with the direction that the server was going that it was possible to sustain it for much longer, I feel like the attack was really only the straw that broke the camels back.

    with that being said, it’s definitely sad to see the community that basically shaped me as a child shutdown.

    as much as I’ve distanced myself in the last few months and years, not just from totalfreedom but discord and my computer in general, I’ve definitely always had totalfreedom pop into my head at random times lol and I definitely suspect that’ll happen long after the server is gone as I’ve met some great people and had some great memories on this server

    who knows maybe caleb might get a girlfriend or lose his virginity now

    bye tf

  • Now, I could reply with a stupid joke no one gets like i usually do, but nah. Regardless of the issues we've had, the drama, and the fact I myself drifted away from this place cause I got busy with life and got bored of the gameplay nowadays, it's still a community we're I've gotten along with people for the most part and learned not to act like total mistake.

    For what it's worth, to any pissy lifeless bottom-feeder that likes to spend god knows how much time and money on spam-bots, DDoS attacks, exploits or any other pointless shit that doesn't pay their mom's electricity bills; Congratulations. You've killed off one of the most batshit crazy servers with the most toxic rollercoaster of a history which once managed to live through its entire deletion, and with it you've killed off the one thing you enjoyed doing. Good luck finding other places to try your bullshit at. Trust me when I say it's getting harder to do what you do, all thanks to these kinda antics.

    With that all being said...

    Can we finally get /fuck?

    According to quantum mechanics, unless something is observed, there is an equal chance of it both being and not being there. Hence it is said to be in superposition, until observed. However we are somehow fully certain, despite never having directly observed, that you indeed have no bitches. Your bitchlessness has broken the rules quantum mechanics had established. Indeed an impressive feat.

  • TF has been a walking corpse for a while now. Sucks that it had to end this way, but at least it's over now.

    "Dude, my screen is completely purple, I see Barney and I still die" - ExtesyyTV, 2022