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    I wasn't here for nearly as long as most of you, but I made some memories in the time I was. Can't honestly say I'll miss it, but it's still worthy of a goodbye.

    - wild1145 I've never 100% agreed with all your decisions, but I still have major respect for the shit you put up with, and how long you held TF together. Haven't joined mastodon yet, but I've read about your work on it, looks interesting and I hope it continues to go well.

    - videogamesm12 Words cannot possibly describe how unbelievably based you are. Thank you for trying to salvage TF, and I look forward to the wiki being fleshed out.

    - Alco_Rs11 We've had very few interactions, but all of them have been positive in my memory. Thank you for that :)

    - Feueristic You opened my eyes to a lot of things, both in NBT and Building. I rarely remember building tips people give, but your post about randomness will always stick with me.

    - root The biggest thing I'll remember about you is how you were the only one who really knew what Republic Commando was. In that vein, I think "Nu kyr'adyc, shi taab'echaaj'la" is somewhat appropriate.

    - quack95 We've never exactly seen eye to eye on a lot of things, but I'm glad we settled for some sort of mutual respect. I hope your creativity can find new routes, now that TF is gone.

    - isaac The biggest thing I'll remember you for is TF Party, specifically some of the early iterations that I played in. It's how I really started talking to other players, and started to join the community a little bit more. TF Party wasn't always perfect, but it was always fun.

    - Anti95 You already know this I'm sure, but your plot is one of the main reasons I stayed involved with TF. Without it, I wouldn't have been properly introduced to Shulker Kits/NBT Data, and the Archives would never have started.

    - AbdulFmMicrosoft I wish you could have got MB before everything went to shit. Of all the MB applicants in recent times, you were definitely in the top 5. I know our work on the Archives map hasn't ever really gotten out of the hangar so to speak, but who knows what the future holds. Keep on building, mate.

    - @Parsa__ I know you don't have a forum account, I know you (probably) won't see this, and I know we haven't talked in months, but I'll miss you most. Just like how antis plot kick-started the Archives, your knowledge, support and encouragement both kick-started and kept the Archives going. Alongside that, there's also the many, many discoveries you made about NBT, TF and related things that you saw fit to share with me. Thank you.

    - hhhzzzsss Everything you've done is amazing. EpsilonBot, SongPlayer, all the fractals and cool builds you've generated, everything. I know TF dying isn't the end of any of that, but it still feels like the end of an era for it.

    Next up is a general list of people who I respect, but don't have much to say about, mostly because we rarely (if ever) interacted.
    - Chargefruit  Luke  lyicx  Tizz  Emphacks @MarioKartWii Snowfwake  SuperRyn  SolleeRockeeee @Katsuo @vajpka @LeoTheRavioli @iceyou img


    I know it's already been discussed, but I really hope the maps and schematics aren't compromised. Aside from my own things I want to grab off there, there's just too much history at stake.

    Nothing to do now, except wait.

    • PurpleBugShip
    • DemonicWaffleHouse
    • WavyTransFlag
    • WideTree
    • Wawa
    • LeiaSynthwave-Evoked
    • GraniteHallway
    • Speedways
    • AnimeGirlWinterPixelart
    • ColorByBlockQuartzPalace
    • KaddicusSpawn19March2023
    • ZeroZeroTablist
    • CoreOfLifeTree
    • BlackfishOrcaFountain
    • MushroomTrees
    • Chessboard
    • FoxLeafSculpt
    • TileablePurplePattern
    • KadsHouse
    • Tablist

    There's definitely more, these are just ones I noted down a while ago. Might reply with another list later.

    At what point do we also let go of the past?

    Well I'm leaving TF at least temporarily, so not like what I have to say here matters too much, but I think the answer to this question is 'when it stops being relevant'.

    (Below thoughts are related to the thread as a whole, not to my quote of Luke specifically)

    Some will say this response is strawman-ish, and no valid reason to object, which is understandable; There's no concrete evidence of wrongdoing or intent to do wrong, and at the very least there's a sense of "yeah we know this guy, he's decent, let him join!". Others I think would rather err on the side of caution and Object, taking into consideration more than just 'Active? Reliable? Popular?'. Better safe than sorry, particularly when TF is not necessarily desperate for admins (or are we, and I just didn't notice?).

    At what point do we realise the problem may not be the individuals but the system itself?

    I don't think it's the system that's the problem (a system that's been improved since past events, has it not?), I think it's a community being too quick to Vouch or Object without fully considering or providing their reasoning.

    The first 5 votes do not (imo) provide enough or any reasoning. Things like 'reliable', 'would make a good admin', 'has what it takes', 'deserves the promotion' and (oh god, my favorite) 'I suppose' do not (again, imo) constitute valid reasoning. They are at best secondary/concluding reasoning. The Vouches by test and eva are the first to really provide some actual reasoning.

    Video and Quacks objects both provide fairly good reasoning (Quacks gives an example of recent events where Allink acted quite poorly, Videos pointed out the concerning similarities between past Admins + friends, and Allink + friends.

    I think it can be fairly said that the push-back and concern surrounding the Objects is not noticing or taking into account the lack of real reasoning in so many of the Vouches (something that can both strengthen and weaken the concerns around friend groups manipulating votes, depending on how you choose to interpret it).

    In conclusion:
    - Past events most certainly do have relevance to current events, although I think videogamesm12 could (should?) provide more on that

    - Many Vouches and even a couple Objects provide little to no reasoning, and imo should be ignored/chucked out in order to make the vote more fair

    - The community as a whole should probably try to put a little more thought into their Vouch/Object, if only to prevent shit like this thread from happening.

    Thank you for reading my poorly laid out thoughts, and I hope that new and returning voters can learn a little something from this, and put some actual thought with their vote.

    As Quack has outlined in his response, I don't particularly find reason to continue the discussion around the dirt bank incident on the forums. If Quack indeed thinks that there are things that need tying up, I encourage him to DM me on Discord so we can clear up anything unresolved. My apologies to Quack if my responses have brought up any uncomfortable memories surrounding my behaviour.

    I don't think that there is any way for you to trust that I would fulfil my duties if I saw something that was punishable by a currently-accepted interpretation of a rule/guideline that I don't agree with or that I will exercise proper judgement in those situations, besides for you to trust what I'm about to say. If you don't trust what I say, then I won't blame you for objecting precisely for that reason and/or you not trusting my ability to fulfil my administrative responsibilities. If you do trust what I say, then I will ban players for violations of the currently accepted (interpretations of) guideline(s)/rule(s), even if I disagree with them. In a possible position of administrator I hope to incite change with the currently accepted interpretations of rules that I disagree with and/or currently accepted procedures. I will not be wilfully ignorant if my friends decide to break the guidelines. I would ban them just as any admin would.

    Also, if you don't mind me asking, can you please define what exactly you mean by the "basics"? I'm not entirely sure what you're referring to here, because from what I gather it could be lots of things. I've tried to word my response as best I can operating on my best guess.

    I can't tell if this is just really well written, or something Chat-GPT barfed out.

    Regardless, Object with Video and Quacks reasoning.


    This is another version of the Akefu head (a better version imo)

    Vouch, but agree with Alco that you should show more.

    In addition to builds shown by you and mentioned by other vouchers, I've seen your work and talked with you at length for an Archives related build, and you totally deserve MB.