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    I Vouch for a hub overhaul. I strongly recommend scaling it down to a more manageable size since there are only two gamemodes and making a 'tutorial' area for primarily new players to explore and get a basic understanding of what the server is all about, especially Freedom-01. The hub as-is is too big and really is more fitting of a server that's far more populated than what TF is.

    I've decided to unban you since the exploit that was used was patched and I am quite confident you will not use such things on TotalFreedom again and discussed it with you via DMs. If you do discover something new, I'd of course recommend you tell us.


    is there any way we could rereview this in 3 weeks instead of it being an automatic unban? this isn’t new behaviour nor is this the first time we’ve removed him from the community for this reason & we should see if he should be banned for longer

    I think this is a good idea and endorse the idea of a review before unbanning after the 3 weeks.


    He's been added & this thread has been locked.

    And you never integrated all commands, some are still bypassing TFM like /tree or /bigtree so we had to completely block them with TFM's or WorldGuarld's command blocker, or the damage is at least easy to undo.

    And /tree is a world edit command if I recall.

    /bigtree is an essentials command. It isn't logged by coreprotect and works in *all* worlds, even worlds where OPs cannot build. It was abused to bypass world permissions and that is why it got blocked. /tree is a worldedit brush-type command and is logged.

    This policy covers aspects of Self-Requested indefinite bans. Self-requested bans allow any player to request an indefinite ban for themselves. Unlike category 1 indefinite bans, self-requests and appeals are submitted privately, although a thread will be created in the indefinite ban section of the forums to inform the admins that a self-request was issued.

    An appeal for a self-request can be submitted at any time following the issue of the self-requested ban and does not have a template.

    To submit a self request, send a private message to the Ban Manager ( Alco_Rs11) via any official platform using the following template:

    1. Your username, UUID, and IP(s). Format as follows:
      uuid: '069a79f4-44e9-4726-a5be-fca90e38aaf5'  
      reason: 'Self request'    

    2. Why you want to be indefinitely banned? We will not interrogate you about this, but a justification is required to prevent requests for fun.

    3. Do you confirm that submitting this request means that you will not be able to join the server in any way until you appeal your ban and the appeal is approved?

    As for using the format, simply copy the template here and fill it out by editing your original post. No need to re-make the thread.

    As for the furnace exploit, it's patched here so it isn't a big deal in regards to server security if it somehow became public.