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Please Note: The TotalFreedom Forum has now been put into a read-only mode. Total Freedom has now closed down and will not be returning in any way, shape or form. It has been a pleasure to lead this community and I wish you all the best for your futures.

    As much as I complained about TF and the way it was run over the years, you were always that one constant positive contributor to the server that I really never thought did much wrong at all. Even when you did something that wound up getting you in trouble, most of the entire community, or at least the part of the community that was in the right was on your side to support you when you came back. You weren't even lacking in what you didn't do - you really did give the place all you had, and if you couldn't, your hands were tied by the administration/ownership or by the rest of your life. I saw what went on in the executive chat, and you should have been given more influence in terms of the large scale decisions that made or broke player interest and server stability.

    One thing I always respected about you was that you weren't afraid to speak your mind, even if it meant you were going to be under scrutiny from the rest of the community. No offense to anyone specifically, but it's honestly not difficult to gain favor in this community. All it takes is making some friends and saying the things people want to hear. What isn't so easy is making decisions and declaring opinions that you really believe in, even when they don't align with the popular opinion. You always challenged yourself to take that harder path. It takes that type of person to overcome things like power-hoarding social blocs and manipulative people and their actions.

    You always stuck to this server no matter what, even if the community treated you like shit. The community owes you pretty much everything in that regard. Sometimes I wonder what could have been if you had agreed to help run the network Pramire and I were working on. When the network's playerbase was in contention with TF's in 2020 and it was seeing rapid growth, the execs agreed your efforts were most of what allowed TF to hang on to its community in the end.

    You are also the only person I know who understands the bugs and exploits in the game to such a degree. It was fun finding them with you and seeing the various ways in which the game could be broken wide open.

    I'm actually going to throw in a new argument here - a breakdown is kind of warranted for TF shutting down the discord server chat in a desperate attempt to get people on the game server. This is one of those "circling-the-drain" moves that an organization does when it's failing to find any form of growth (in this case, player retention/interest.) It's a pretty obvious signal that the server is on the path to the grave instead of greener pastures, so yeah, I wouldn't really blame anyone, especially prospective staff, for hitting the panic button at this point.

    Honestly this is a great idea as long as it doesn't auto-ban players. I'm all for a chat filter just to prevent the usual tweenager who has just discovered what slurs are, but if the system ends up auto-banning people for it, you wind up with the "/rl" and "/mat" situation where people try to trick each other into tripping the filter and getting banned. Even preventing only the base words from appearing in chat will help immensely to clean things up and prevent a lot of people from going further.

    a few objections here that i did not expect. it really do be your own people stabbing you in the back. seems like people are learning a lesson.


    You know what I also didn't expect? For you to finally provide reasoning for your vote...

    I vouch, you seem dedicated, and you are but one of many, many people who spend too much of their time on TF. It's not like being denied from being staff would keep you off the server.

    As someone who has run a server before, the developers and highest-ups are really the only people who put any actual legwork into setting up and running a server. Development is a real form of work that goes beyond the "duties" of the "admins" on the server, which really boils down to just sitting around, moderating the very little activity that happens ingame, and filling out a pre-made form every once in a while. In my opinion, developers should be rewarded by having administrative power over the server as well. Thus, I vouch.

    Can I vouch here? If I can, I do - Decy was one of the best admins of all time on TF, and has had to deal with an immense amount of server drama and/or bullshit.

    If I'm being honest, saying that a vote is required on something that has always been an automatic approval (given the requirements are met) is something that Robin or Ivan would have done.

    I would like to counter that by saying that video allink and I are all currently actively contributing to our new project.

    On paper, it's a great plan if you guys can manage to get it done, but I'll believe it when I see it. I have respect for what the devs here are doing but I still don't think anyone is going to make it over the million zillion hurdles you need to get a custom plugin that is solid enough to serve a tech-savvy community with picky and stubborn upper management. TF has been waiting on a new custom plugin for years and the fact that it still hasn't been implemented makes me believe it just isn't a viable plan.

    Dude as an exec you were the problem I mentioned in the server-management section. You refused to do your job, you sat and just bitched about literally everything, and you refused to listen when legit like nobody else wanted your idea and still tried to press it as if it’d change anything

    Since you're now bringing this up, I actually started to suggest the anarchy idea after everything else I wanted done with freedom was turned down by Ryan or someone else. Anyone else who was there knows it'd be a lie to say anarchy was the only potential solution I suggested - I brought up many different things that could be done to make the server more interesting. I talked with Steven about bringing a cracked system back that could host both premium and cracked players. I suggested we switch to standard permissions. I offered to do the work on that myself if it was needed, because I was someone who had the motivation to actually do it (at the time.) I suggested we experiment with datapacks and new gamemode ideas. The number one point I actually brought up with the executives then were that my hands were tied, and something needed to be done about the game server before I could begin marketing - I literally couldn't do the rest of my job properly with the lifeless state of the freedom server. Nobody can.

    At a certain point the response to every single one of those changes I suggested was that it "wasn't my job," and that by making those points I "wasn't doing my job," but that is a completely nonsensical argument. For as much as everyone here hated the lack of actual action from me, that same lack of action has honestly been present ever since I left. People don't complain about it as much because it's under the guise of someone whose job is to pretend community events and small changes and steps taken to market a server that is currently a dysfunctional creative freebuild are actually going to cause any significant growth. The server is still just as dead as it was the entire time I was there.

    The reason I literally did nothing but suggest these changes is because I knew nothing was going to get done anyway unless changes were made to the in-game experience. And honestly, everything that has happened since I left has proven that point. Tizz has honestly made just as much progress as I had as marketing manager, but that's something nobody here wants to talk about because I was up front and took the shit for getting nothing done while he has just accepted that his hands are tied and taken steps to obscure the fact that nothing is still getting done. In this thread everyone is complaining about how the server is still sluggish and boring, and that nobody has any motivation to do anything.

    I am done talking about anarchy, and I am done suggesting any more changes. I am done trying to give you guys ideas. I am done trying to help. I am a fool for believing that at some point people would listen.

    After being here for approaching 11 years as an admin now, it's hard to disagree with any of your points really.

    Being 100% honest, it's really hard to motivate myself to work on TF stuff now, after the last couple of years of fairly consistent death threats, doxing and general issues it causes my life it's hard to keep loving the place especially when I've been working on building other communities which are significantly more friendly and grateful for the amount of time, effort and money that goes into running things like this.

    A conclusion like this should mean one of two things happens:

    One - drastic changes are made in an attempt to repair the broken state of the server and its community. Maybe I shouldn't say "drastic" because they're actually reasonable changes that a few people, or sometimes just I have been suggesting we do for ages. Switching to standardized permissions (WITHOUT any long winded attempt at a custom plugin,) trying out anarchy, banning slurs, and handling punishments in a mature and private manner are not hard things to do in the slightest. I'm not kidding when I say all this could be implemented in a week or two if people planned it out and accepted and agreed it needed to happen. And yes, that is with the development team we currently have. I know it's possible because Lakefield and I did a lot of the same things with a much smaller, but more focused staff team.

    But, if people can't agree once again, and if what was said here is responded to the same way it was before, it's going to be time for option two:

    I'm open to options to turn things around, but I'll be 100% honest, given how much TF costs and how generally ungrateful people have been for the place existing, if the mood / vibe / general impression people get joining TF / our Discord / forums doesn't improve over the coming months, I'll start to re-consider shit-canning this once and for all.

    If things haven't changed in a few months I will come back here and repeat what you said here. Something needs to be done about this, whether it's a revival or burying the dead corpse.

    Now, here we are. We've been given yet another opportunity to right our wrongs. Will we finally take this opportunity? It's up to us. I've been a witness to the various shitshows certain members causes both inside and outside of the community over the years. This is a dangerous trend, and it's literally killing us. As a community, we must break this trend and realize that being intolerant pricks, even if you believe you are doing the right thing, is a godawful idea.

    It's all about shaping the network in the ways you want people to behave. A lot of the problems mentioned have solutions that, despite being not very challenging to implement, are things that absolutely nobody wants to do. At this point I don't and can't understand why none of it has been done yet. But if now is the time where it finally does happen, then yeah, maybe we have a chance to knock this server and its community off its current path to its grave.

    I think for the past few years I have been known here as "guy who complains." Are we ready to listen? I doubt it, but here we go again, another two-parter.

    I remember a time where I was optimistic about TotalFreedom and what was going to happen here. The thing that ended up changing that was when I got the chance to run a server of my own with a management team that was ready for something new. I have seen how well things can run if people are actually willing to try things out and experiment with different options. A few of the things said in this thread happen because they're symptoms of being stubborn and unmotivated, but there are solutions to these things that I have frankly been talking about for ages. I'm going to go over some of people's points and ideas.

    This works fine when there's at least 2 active developers, but due to the nature of the developer role on TF, being without an activity requirement, and the terrible build times of TFM and just massive codebase issues, there is often only one active developer who wants to actively improve the codebase of TFM, without anyone to merge these PRs. When your PR is merged into the development, it often takes months for it to be published as a release, or put on the server.

    Of course, that's now all basically irrelevant now that Paldiu has started the development of FNS, however I hope that the "it sort of works, so why change it?" attitude will never be repeated to such a degree with the warning of my lengthy paragraph above. Let's hope FNS is finished quite soon, so we can finally kick TFM into the bowels of hell, and let it burn there for all eternity.

    Everyone knows now that it's long past time we got over TFM and moved on to something else. The part that nobody realizes yet though is that TF really doesn't have enough motivated developers to get a full, custom plugin done the way TF wants it to be done. Lakefield and I ran into this same problem when we were working on our server. Do you know who our lead developer was? It was the same person who is the lead developer for TF right now. Lakefield pitched the idea that we never needed a custom plugin in the first place and we should just move on to a fully permission based system running with LuckPerms, and that was honestly the best decision we made when it came to moving along server setup. We ended up making a solid permission-based system that worked for many different gamemodes, including creative, survival, skyblock, and the lobby system. LuckPerms is incredibly flexible, and also, very importantly, doesn't require a full-on developer to be worked on. Once the base setup is done, it's possible to manage everything from an easy to use online web panel.

    TF could honestly handle many of its development related issues if they just made the same switch we did, but I have pitched that idea before, and every time, one stubborn individual or another says it will "never happen" for reasons like "We already are using NetworkManager" (which honestly most people here agree is dogshit) or "We don't want to sacrifice full op...," a baseless idea that was literally already given up on by the current devs who at least knew better than to attempt to maintain it.

    Just accept that it's time to move on to a more standardized permissions system. I know that the people here can do it because the much smaller team working on UMC/Darkstone got it done in far, far less time than it is still taking for TF developers to come out with whatever custom project they're trying to complete. It is not an issue of "we can't do it" or "it's impossible" or "it won't work." It can be done. Easily. If the community and administration here still can't make the choice to do it, it's honestly on them.

    And if that wasn't enough, here's another hard to swallow pill for you guys: Your current lead developer chose to use the permission system that was set up by mostly Lakefield over anything that was done here when working on the new attempt at a UMC reboot. You know why that is? It's because it works way better and was made by people who were more focused on the idea of running a stable and enjoyable experience.

    This entire server smells heavily of slow stagnation. The current stagnant status of TF will eventually lead to its downfall, whether you believe it or not. The server bills are paid, sure, but there aren't any features actually being added, besides the occasional bug or exploit fix. The server never changes. For some people, that's probably fine, but I enjoy change in my servers. If you eat the same food, made by the same cook, every day, for every meal, then eventually you'll get sick of that food.

    I have said this exact same thing a million zillion times and the response I get nearly every single time is some form of "We're ok with this! We don't want it to change." How can people be ok with this? You're right, if the server continues on the same path it's going now, it's going to die some way or another.

    The reason I’m bringing this up is because I’ve found nowadays it’s incredibly difficult to do my job. No matter how many times I can repeat “take deep topics to private areas” or “don’t tell people to kill themselves” or “don’t burn pride flags” or even “Stop talking about explicit sexual shit in public”, it will fall on deaf ears. If I then do something to stop it happening, i.e. ban, mute, etc I will get screamed at and made fun of, and I’m sure the rest of the team can relate here

    The issue with trying to cleanse the TF community of these behaviors is that beforehand, TF had fostered the same behavior for years, and they still continue to do so for some things. Telling people to kill themselves and burning pride flags and talking about sexual things were essentially seen as basic, day-to-day non-issues for the longest time. It's going to be extremely hard to reverse that type of behavior within this community, but it's definitely being made harder by some of the ways in which this community currently functions. There's a good reason why most reasonable communities don't allow people to say "retarded" and treat the word as what it is, a slur.

    And no, this isn’t normal. Any other community would be receptive of the rules that have been in place for years, but on TF if I try to do my job I get screamed at by the community and if I try to do what I’ve done for the past few months now and try to be relaxed but firm I get screamed at by somebody who doesn’t like the fact that I’m being relaxed

    At base value it’s just disappointing. I do want to be relaxed and I do want to give people as much freedom as they can but it’s incredibly difficult when people just constantly whine and take advantage of the fact that I’m doing that.

    You have been here long enough to know that this is never going to change. It's behavior that has been affirmed and cemented by TF's community over the majority of its long history. That's another good reason why I keep pitching the idea that we try out anarchy over and over and over again. It's the only type of server that you could reasonably expect a community like this to exist within.

    An example I can give about this is when I was an event host. I was busy with my own life, but when I did host events people just found ways to exploit it, making me look like a fool.

    and god forbid that you ban someone for doing something incredibly stupid, suddenly 50 TF lawyers appear and protest with some pedantic technicality.

    Another example of the behavior that makes me keep saying that TF would work as anarchy over and over. Nobody can do this if there are no rules. If TF is going to continue to have this type of behavior as a community, it should accept that it's a place for people to say pedantic things and give anarchy a try.

    This community is quite frankly very toxic and no matter what you do, you're examined under an electron microscope for every move. For example, I ban someone and there's a chance people will riot and somehow try to invalite decision despite the legitimacy of the ban or the fact evidence exists to support it.

    A good solution to this is honestly to just make punishments and bans private. The way literally every other server functions is that bans appear as someone just leaving the server with absolutely no message or anything, and that ban appeals are private and handled by staff only. I still don't know why TF hasn't made this change yet. The people arguing for transparency as a reason to keep the current system are the same people who throw temper tantrums every time someone gets banned for a valid reason.

    Nobody should honestly expect people to treat staff-issued punishments in anything other than a completely pedantic way given that, honestly, the same punishments are issued in a pedantic way too. There's still "naughty, naughty boy" messages that pop up whenever people get banned, people who get banned end up being the ass end of jokes for way too long because the staff here literally have nothing better to talk about, and punishments are still handled and appealed in a manner that is literally just a TF spectacle and tradition at this point. It attracts people who seek out and cause real drama over pointless issues, and not the other type of useful "drama" people here still confuse it with that is just the constructive criticism that occurs when actual issues are addressed and changes are suggested.

    It's time to accept that Discord has successfully isolated their core user base (gamers) by repeatedly shooting themselves in the foot with these updates. They have been trying to escape the taboo of being the "gamer" platform for quite some time now. I don't know why they're still doing this, honestly... if they just embraced the "by gamers, for gamers" attitude they had before they'd be in a much better place right now. As a company, they're now in an awkward position where they have isolated their core audience and also failed to become acceptable in a mainstream context. Think of what happens when you mention Discord to your friends in real life - nobody wants to use it because they want to avoid the "discord mod" stigma. There are changes to the platform that should have been made to get rid of that stigma, but the changes that have actually happened have been in all the wrong places.

    Oh. So we're finally ready to have THIS discussion...If only someone had brought this up years ago so we could fix the inconsistency...oh, wait a second!

    My opinion on this can be summarized by my words from 2019, which still hold true today:

    Honestly at this point if the staff here are going to keep up this behavior I'd recommend making this an 18+ community. I don't have much more to say than the fact that it's kinda sad to see this community repeatedly break their own rules.

    Some words from Polaris Seltzeris are also worth reading:

    The conduct policy should be followed consistently. I think it's unacceptable that admins can get away with literal violations of the rules, where if a regular member does it they could be reprimanded accordingly regardless of how 'rare' it is.

    Today it's a bit murkier than just admins and ops like it used to be, but the rules surrounding NSFW are still being enforced with incredible inconsistency. It's time to lay down a consistent for this type of thing to avoid future conflicts. I don't care if that policy is to allow it all or to forbid it everywhere, it just needs to be defined AND enforced in a clear way so people don't get sanctioned for what would be considered an innocent joke from someone else.

    1. Your Minecraft name


    2. The date and time you were banned.

    1/10/23, ~1AM PT

    3. What type of activity you were doing at the time of the ban (e.g. chatting, building, using world edit, etc.) or state "offline" if banned while offline. For the purpose of the appeal, only use the term banned offline if you haven't been on the server in the past 24 hours AND do not have a ban reason specified. So for example, if you leave the server for 10 minutes and find you're banned when you try to return, that's NOT an offline ban for the purpose of the ban appeal - just state what you were doing just before you left the server and that found yourself banned on return.

    Using WorldEdit

    4. Why do you think you were banned (select the best choice below)? Admins should only ban based on the following policy:

    a. I don't know because I did not violate any rule as noted in the server conduct policy.

    5. Which admin banned you, and what were you told (if anything) before the ban occurred?


    6. Have you reviewed and agree to the community guidelines (yes or no)? Please review the policy at


    I was probably banned because someone thought I was just placing air for no reason with WorldEdit. This is wrong, I was actually placing an invisible block called moving_piston. It wasn't a pointless W/E, there was a point and the point was to prevent people from placing blocks in a certain area. It's not my fault if the server lags an insignificant amount because I was using W/E.

    as far as I know, the current system allows ex-admins to reinstate without any vote or trial, as votes are only for admin applications and not reinstatements, so the enforcement of a trial system in reinstatements would not take away (or diminish) any power from OPs that they currently have, perhaps you confused reinstatements with admin applications?

    this is for reinstatement, not people freshly applying for admin, so this isn't diminishing anyone's opinions n such on those.

    Even then, I still don't think this is a great idea. The votes I was talking about are the votes that resulted in the original admin promotion, even if the application is for a reinstatement. There's already systems in place that should require admins to meet standards after reinstating, and if those aren't working, the issue could be resolved by enforcing current policy with less leniency rather than having an unspecified group determine the outcome of a probationary period.

    As well as this, this "pathetic" situation (as described by you) is genuinely a case of you as an OP struggling to deal with the current rules we have.

    The part about "stealing" items is actually a form of griefing (modifying builds) and is bannable. However, OP was right about the firework stuff being a false ban. There's no reason for an admin to sanction an op for literally just placing some fireworks. Coincidentally, any evidence of that was excluded from the provided video from ThePharmaPirate.

    Not to speak for OP, but I believe the issue they (and I) have with you is that your response to criticism of not just yourself, but other staff is to label it as "drama" and ban people for it. People aren't exactly going to be happy about an admin screwing up a punishment, and you can't just assume that you or another staff member is going to assess the situation correctly every single time. Criticism of mistakes is not "drama," even if it involves some frustration on one or both ends of the discussion. If I were you, and if I had chosen to step into the situation(s) as you did, I would have made sure to double check what actually happened using concrete evidence instead of hearsay, and responded by either telling Pharma to correct his mistake by owning up to it, or if I still agreed with his decision, allow the operator to continue their criticism.