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Please Note: The TotalFreedom Forum has now been put into a read-only mode. Total Freedom has now closed down and will not be returning in any way, shape or form. It has been a pleasure to lead this community and I wish you all the best for your futures.

    I managed to completely forget to make a goodbye thread, this goes to show how good I am at planning things and how I DON'T procrastinate!

    It looks like this is indeed the end of the road for this server. This isn't how I ever thought it would go down. I thought at least Ryan or a future owner would decide for themself to shut down the server for the best of everyone, but this just seems to be it!

    I've been on TotalFreedom for about 3 years now, and about 85% of it, I spent as an admin. So I never really was just an operator and was always under service for this place. But now, I don't have to. I'm not completely in the dark with no other community, there's another community I've been involved with before TotalFreedom that I can maybe get involved in more and make more friends there. It's also another smaller community nowadays. I guess I just appreciate smaller communities instead of the hustling giants. I may have never done everything I wanted to on the server, like achieve Senior Admin, something I only became interested as early as this year, see the player count go to 50, 75, maybe even 100, see large YouTubers like SalC1 check out our server, or hear the words "Oldest FreeOP server in Minecraft" from Fit. Perhaps all of these events happened in another world though?

    I would like to now do the part in all of these goodbye threads where I tag specific people and say wonderful things and leave out other people

    Szech/Szechuan - It's really sad that I have not seen you in years and haven't seen you during the fall of TF, but you were one of the first people I remember that I really got along with. You were a very humorous person and a role model. If you don't see this message now, I hope we meet again sometime.

    videogamesm12 - I deeply appreciate Video for his extremely generous contributions to the server as a developer, admin, and entire Freedom owner as well. I wish the best for you in the future.

    bowie - You deserve the best of things. Your time on this server was rough for sure. I remember being very worried constantly having to deal with shithead. But you beat them forever!

    So it looks like I forgot about this thread. I was going to sort mentions chronologically, but no I will just mention whoever comes up in my head.

    FrutiKitty - So close to admin, but alas... :(

    ayunami2000 - You remind me of that kid in everyone's class that managed to get in trouble all the time. Rascal!

    lyicx Carried the server during quarantine.

    Anti95 - You managed to never piss me off compared to other OPs, that is great.

    quack95 - You are very very weird. I enjoyed helping you being an admin for that little bit of time.

    sergio24m - You'll probably never see this, but I couldn't forget the last ever Telnet Admin! I wish wonderful things for you.

    root - I hope we don't boil one day in Texas!

    Gommeh - Elmo is superior.

    elmon - Don't you worry, I still remember our turtle sex.

    eva - Made a very impressive redemption arc. Banned to admin and developer, very very good.

    Feueristic - Your court date is 2/23/2023 for your Activity Coin fraud.

    JagWire - Secretly one of my FAVORITE Senior Admins. You're very funny.

    Tizz - Italian Toilets.

    @EpsilonBot - You are a very talented builder. It's impressive how you managed to stay on the server for 24 hours constantly building! The best Master Builder by far.

    Luke - You've probably lost sanity running our Discord, or your mind, or both, so I wish the best for you in the future.

    You! - Some people didn't like you, that's because they wish they could be as cool as you!

    Telesphoreo & everyone who developed the SMP - Thanks for creating the SMP. Even if it didn't have that long of a lifespan and was subject to lots of issues, I still found it a very fun time. You will also forever be the Wordle KIng for hundreds of years.

    boxboy79 - Haha GD is getting an update first. Don't feel too bad, a new Rhythm Haven game will arrive eventually!

    And finally...

    You! - Do you not see yourself on this list? Are you upset? No worries, pretend this is where I mention you. You were so cool that I didn't have enough time to mention you. I wish the best for you.



    I did see your thread

    Also I just discovered that the incident was linked to a player that somehow logged into a invalid account and gave a select amount of players op without permission resulting in them destroying server property I know this conflict is hard for everyone because they had to shut down the Minecraft server I'm hoping that we get back online sometime next week bear with me I am in the same position I didn't even know what was going on until now to add on I don't know if there were any form incidents but if it did happen that is probably punishable what I've heard at this moment is the server is done for now but I'm pretty sure we will have a published restart date soon as long as all the files are secure specially the server ones

    It's not coming back next week. It's closed permanently.

    Yes it does. If nobody knows who you are, then the post doesn't make a lot of sense.

    It does make sense, coins drive up efficiency and profitability

    coins were maybe 0.97% the reason why the server never hit a peak.

    Well if you look into it (no offense) there is a graph you could find where it shows players and coins and where the line goes 📈

    You're obviously not being serious despite this being in General Discussion, so I can't really do anything about that anymore.


    TF Party has been moved from 3pm CST to 2pm CST to accommodate for more player's time zones. As of now, the Mob Arena is still scheduled for 4pm CST.

    I'm also a forgetful ass and thought I had to do something on Fridays, when it turns out I really don't have much going on. So I could schedule TF Party even earlier for next week if players wish.

    Greetings, TotalFreedomites.

    This thread will outline the major changes being made to the unofficial TotalFreedom Party and Mob Arena events. This thread may continue to be edited as time goes on, as not everything is fully done yet.

    TotalFreedom Party is a game I created where 4 players play minigames and progress on a board. The first to reach the end wins. I started this a few months back. TF Party then received a spinoff game called TF Party: Matchup, which surprisingly did better than the main game. I quickly forgot about these events because TF Party took way too long for one game to complete, and Matchup being very unfinished.

    The Mob Arena is another event I created where a group of players fight off hoards of mobs. There was really no end goal and was just for fun. This event stopped due to plugins like disguises and the ability to stack mobs easily being removed. Which squandered ideas I had for the project heavily. Players would also hack a lot, defeating the main challenge of the game.

    Starting August 18th, TotalFreedom Party will be turned into an actual event. It will take place Fridays at 3pm CST. If this does not accommodate your time zone, let me know so I can know how many players this doesn't to make a change. I want the amount of people who this time accommodates to be higher than not. The cash prize this week is 1000 coins (however, this will definitely be lowered due to me eventually having to use 4000-6000 coins a month for the project.) There have also been some changes made that I will list below.

    • The board has been shortened to reduce the approximate time for each match from 60 minutes to 40 minutes.
    • Players can now vote for different rules before a match starts, including the ability to allow hacks without a cash prize.
    • 5 brand new minigames (and 1 new secret minigame type...)

    Some features have been removed or nerfed.

    • Gertrude is no longer able to participate as a CPU.
    • The final 200 white squares challenge has been removed.

    I hope you look forward to the new changes made to TotalFreedom Party. Registration is open to participate this Friday. If you'd like to register, join the game and run /mail send _97_ I would like to register for TF Party. Please be aware that by registering, you agree to adhere to the rules of the event. If you do not show up on time for the event, your spot will be taken by another player.

    That is not all for TotalFreedom Party, however. I am also creating a brand new spinoff to TotalFreedom Party named tf party: mini. This is a shorter event with the same premise as the original. Instead of minigames, there will be microgames that players participate in. This event will not have registration or take place on set dates. The coin prize will be 100 coins. There are 5 tf party: mini exclusive microgames. More will be added in future updates. The first tf party: mini event will take place on August 23rd.

    The Mob Arena will also becoming an event on TotalFreedom. There will be 15 rounds where up to 8 players work together and take down different enemies. This event will take place on Saturdays at 4pm CST. I am also introducing a brand new currency called Mob Arena arrows. Arrows can be earned by completing the Mob Arena. They can also be bought using TF coins. Arrows can be used to purchase new kits. This event will be having major changes to how it operates, I will list them here.

    • The event will run in rounds. After all the enemy mobs are defeated, the round will end and continue to the next one.
    • Players will only be able to have 3 kits to pick from by default. More kits will be included that you can buy for arrows. There are also other seasonal kits you can collect by playing TotalFreedom on certain events and holidays.

    Some features have been removed or nerfed.

    • Admins no longer exclusively have access to admin-only kits. These kits will now be available to everybody to purchase using arrows.
    • The assassin kit has been removed.

    The exact amount of changes made to kits and enemies are very expansive that I cannot list them right now. I may create a seperate thread for the Mob Arena if anybody would like me to do so. Registration is open to participate this Saturday. There will be a maximum of 8 players at the moment. If you'd like to register, join the game and run /mail send _97_ I would like to register for the Mob Arena. Please be aware that by registering, you agree to adhere to the rules of the event. If you do not show up on time for the event, your spot will be taken by another player.

    I will also be looking for some helpers to assist me in this event since there are lots of moving parts. Helpers will help with spawning mobs. Operators are able to be helpers, however, admins+ have a priority over operators because of their commands. I will accept up to 2 people to help me with the event. You may also mail me asking to be a helper and I will randomly pick responses.

    Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, you can reply to this thread or ask me in-game.

    Wait just a moment everybody.

    Aero is not too active. In June, they got 7th place on MU with 3 days playtime. And last month, they didn't even get MU. So this talk about how they're too active was relevant maybe on the last application. It's old news. I think the new issue could be the heavy emotional attachment, heavy emotions themselves, and self-control. Unfortunately, these areas while improved are glaring. But I think everyone on the admin team should be willing to assist Aero in this. I don't think it's quite enough to completely bar them from admin right now. I've seen some applicants, new or reinstating, show up to the team with self-control issues. Some eventually grow out of that, and some are very stubborn to learn. It depends on if they are willing to listen and adapt or not.

    If you ain't gon' read allat, the TL;DR is Aero has improved, still has some faults, but I believe that they can learn and become a great admin on TotalFreedom.

    I'm going to vouch for Aero becoming an admin.