TotalFreedom: Status Update following yesterdays attacks

  • As many of you will hopefully already be aware, yesterday we suffered two different attacks, one here on the forums requiring a few hours of outage to clean up a huge mess, very shortly after the forums came back online, a new individual to the server exploited a bug on a recent reboot of the physical host which enabled them to login as if they were me, with the full benefits that come with my account, this resulted in then op'ing a number of players who went on to do an unknown amount of damage throughout the network.

    As it currently stands, I have to assume such attackers have compromised all of our minecraft infrastructure, and as such everything has been isolated. My time for TotalFreedom is currently exceptionally limited, I have other projects currently which are significantly more important to me personally and to my and my companies goals in the future. It'll be 4-6 weeks minimum now before I can look into the incident in enough detail to assure files were safe.

    With this in mind, combined with the recent break and lack of change and support after our recent break, I'm taking the difficult decision to permanently close the Minecraft server with immediate effect. We won't be re-opening any of the servers.

    I have yet to fully decide what we will be doing with the Forums and Discord, however I expect them to start wrapping up over the coming weeks with further announcements to follow.

    If we find that the files for the worlds aren't compromised and we can retrieve them, we will look to get these uploaded onto the World Download tool in the near future. My current intent is to ensure the World Download tool remains online for the remainder of this calendar year as a minimum.

    It's been an absolute privilege to have taken on the owner role for coming up to 3 years now, and being able to see the server through COVID and a owner transition back then makes me exceptionally proud. I'm very aware of the positive and significant impact the server has had in some peoples lives, and I am thankful to all staff and contributors past and present, without you all we wouldn't have been able to make it here. It's been one of the most difficult decisions I've had to make, without TF I wouldn't be where I am in my personal and professional life, I owe a lot to TF and I can only hope my time as owner helped to pass forward some of the experience and gratitude I have towards the server for helping me as I was growing up.

    I'll be moving on to new projects, many of you know I'm already involved in Mastodon and decentralised social media, it takes up a lot of my time and is something I've found I'm passionate for. I suspect I'll be spending some time in the Minecraft space, creating environments like what I had planned for TotalFreedom when I took over is still something I'm excited to be able to progress.

    Again, thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart, without you all we couldn't have made it this far.

    - Ryan


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    Managing Director at ATLAS Media Group Ltd.

    Founder & Owner at MastodonApp.UK

  • TF was the last server I really cared about. So sorry it had to end like this.


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  • Honestly, this felt like an inevitability more than anything.

    Whether anyone will want to take the reigns up again, I'm not sure, but considering the number of times this server has changed hands, I don't expect it to be likely.

    I've met many people I consider friends here, and whilst I don't really speak to them or here often, I'll miss this place.

    I'd probably suggest leaving the Discord open at the very least, just so people can still talk to each other.

    So long, folks.

    I make Roblox videos, you have every right to not take me seriously.

  • I was originally planning to make a sendoff series on Total Freedom for Total Freedom Randomness, the bulk of which was filmed during the peak of the server's history, but when something suddenly happens like this, I suppose it's my fault for not doing this sooner.

    It has been an honor to be around here for 10 years of the 13 year history. While I did leave my admin position on a low point and was originally planning on reinstating at some point, that will evidently not be possible. I did meet a lot of unique people playing here and it honestly helped me through my teen years. Yet life moves on and you can't stick on the past forever.

    Where could you find me if you wanted to contact me? Well my discord's available like it always has been (I won't post the username here but if you know my username, it would be fairly obvious to guess what my discord name is), and my Freedom server that is essentially just FOP:R will be around as well, so if you want to be invited there, be my guest. It's been a fun 10 years, and it'll honestly be a bit hard to adjust by not having a minecraft community to pop in and say hi that has a decent amount of people on it.

    I'll see you all around.

    - DarkLynx108

    - Executive Creative Designer from May 2014 - October 2017

    - Admin from 2013 - October 2017

  • probably my last message but

    ryan i love totalfreedom and seeing it go is so hard for me its been an important part of my life helped me through my life a lot of times and i just want to say that i would love it if someone from the team could look through the freedom-01 files and try to see if there is any chance of saving the world files

    let the worldfiles live on please

    thanks for everything ryan i hope even in the darkest moments you will remember the good times you had on the server :)

    codium multimatter redanium sporres

  • oh damn. end of an era, huh


    my old signature was trash. what the fuck. ew