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  • For a small number of plugins, specifically Plan and Network Manger for the time being, we will be moving away from scheduled large network maintenance and instead where non-breaking changes are present will look to update these plugins across the network on a server by server basis and in the background.

    The goal of this change is to remove the need to take the entire network offline when we update these core plugins, except where an outage is absolutely essential (Which we know will be the case) where we have a high degree of confidence in the plugins not causing production issues. This means as servers naturally restart (Hub restarts daily for stability reasons (Which we need to look into) and the Freedom server restarts for various reasons usually at least once a week) users don't actually notice when the plugins are updated, which is ultimately our goal.

    The bungee will still need to be restarted, but that is a fairly quick process and is one generally we can do when there are no

  • Just as a very quick post - We've taken the decision to move both the Hub and Skyblock servers onto our new infrastructure, which were the last 2 servers that needed to be moved. We recently started work to decommission the two VPS's we had in favour of two new physical servers to supplement the physical server already running the Freedom server, and as of today the Hub and Skyblcok now run on the new physical servers as well.

    Apologies for the few hours of outage and the requirement to reboot the bungee earlier today, we had hoped to do it without being noticed, but some technical challenges stopped that going quite so smoothly, things are running without issue now.

    On that point, as many will be aware Hooke recently stood down from his role as Skyblock owner, in the interim that role has reverted back to me and I wanted to confirm that there is no plans at this time to remove the Skyblock game-mode, we know there is a fair bit of work that is going to be needed to be done, and it's

  • Hi Folks,

    Just to update folks officially, I'm going to be taking a short leave of absence as I've had a personal loss in my life and have been needing some time (and need some more time) to process and focus on things. I've also recently completed the purchase of my first home and getting that setup was already taking a huge amount of my time, and no matter what, I just haven't had a huge amount of time to dedicate to things.

    As before, Fyrsta will keep the ship going day to day for anything that requires a network owner to sign off / approve. But unless things are on fire, don't expect to hear too much from him.

    videogamesm12 continues to act as the Freedom game-mode owner and will continue to ensure the game-mode is pushed forward and progressed. I've already given him some bits I'd like to get done ASAP so things should not be slowed down overall by my being inactive for a little while.

    I appreciate the timing is not ideal, but the nature of losses like this is you can't pick the

  • Sorry for being late, I think Red and I had some miscommunication.

    Here are this month's top players!

    Name Playtime
    antigamesm12 5d 9h 2m 58s
    Parsa__ 4d 2h 39m 23s
    Justin0526 3d 12h 40m 41s
    riawo 3d 36m 9s
    ItsSnekUwU 2d 22h 45m 5s
    KaddicusAlmighty 2d 17h 26m 20s
    PatoCalzoncillo 2d 14h 51m 16s
    _97_ 2d 4h 45m 1s
    ItzChr1s1 2d 2m 22s
    Alco_Rs11 1d 20h 16m 47s
  • I wanted to take a quick moment to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope you and your families are well. I hope you all manage to get some time to spend with loved ones and that you enjoy some much deserved down time.

    I'd also like to extend a warm welcome back to our community members of the past which have dropped in over the holidays, it's lovely to have you back with us, even if it is only for a short amount of time.

    Thank you again to everyone that has supported us over the last year, I appreciate it's not all quite gone to plan but your support is so very appreciated.

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