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    I'm afraid this goes against my long term strategy for tf as a whole which is to simply ban everyone. If there are no players nobody can break the rules, and if everyone is banned I need less servers for tf.

    a very brute force way of curing cancer, i like your thinking but we must stay methodical

    You're welcome to continue the groundwork for me. The more you ban now the less I ban when I get to it.

    Could we look into updating plugins like ViaVersion automatically as well? That would be massively helpful in case Mojang decides to release another update during a change freeze.

    So this isn't "Automatic" as it were, it's just that we're not pushing out announcements / planning formal maintenance. But yes for things like ViaVersion we're pushing these updates at least on the Hub in the background at the moment.

    More automated solutions are on my to-do list, things like Via could have been updated during the change freeze if required given it was low-risk and high-impact to users if we didn't update. I wasn't aware that it hadn't been updated but appreciate I'm still not 100% back and active here.

    For a small number of plugins, specifically Plan and Network Manger for the time being, we will be moving away from scheduled large network maintenance and instead where non-breaking changes are present will look to update these plugins across the network on a server by server basis and in the background.

    The goal of this change is to remove the need to take the entire network offline when we update these core plugins, except where an outage is absolutely essential (Which we know will be the case) where we have a high degree of confidence in the plugins not causing production issues. This means as servers naturally restart (Hub restarts daily for stability reasons (Which we need to look into) and the Freedom server restarts for various reasons usually at least once a week) users don't actually notice when the plugins are updated, which is ultimately our goal.

    The bungee will still need to be restarted, but that is a fairly quick process and is one generally we can do when there are no players actually online to minimise impact. This should mean we're able to make use of the latest features of these plugins as well as ensuring we're following best security practices.

    If folks notice any issues please let me know and we can look into it!

    Just as a very quick post - We've taken the decision to move both the Hub and Skyblock servers onto our new infrastructure, which were the last 2 servers that needed to be moved. We recently started work to decommission the two VPS's we had in favour of two new physical servers to supplement the physical server already running the Freedom server, and as of today the Hub and Skyblcok now run on the new physical servers as well.

    Apologies for the few hours of outage and the requirement to reboot the bungee earlier today, we had hoped to do it without being noticed, but some technical challenges stopped that going quite so smoothly, things are running without issue now.

    On that point, as many will be aware Hooke recently stood down from his role as Skyblock owner, in the interim that role has reverted back to me and I wanted to confirm that there is no plans at this time to remove the Skyblock game-mode, we know there is a fair bit of work that is going to be needed to be done, and it's work I and the team here will pick up in the near future when we have some capacity to do so.

    Hi Folks,

    Just to update folks officially, I'm going to be taking a short leave of absence as I've had a personal loss in my life and have been needing some time (and need some more time) to process and focus on things. I've also recently completed the purchase of my first home and getting that setup was already taking a huge amount of my time, and no matter what, I just haven't had a huge amount of time to dedicate to things.

    As before, Fyrsta will keep the ship going day to day for anything that requires a network owner to sign off / approve. But unless things are on fire, don't expect to hear too much from him.

    videogamesm12 continues to act as the Freedom game-mode owner and will continue to ensure the game-mode is pushed forward and progressed. I've already given him some bits I'd like to get done ASAP so things should not be slowed down overall by my being inactive for a little while.

    I appreciate the timing is not ideal, but the nature of losses like this is you can't pick the timing. I don't plan to be inactive for a huge amount of time, but my personal health and personal mental health have to come before anything else, and I hope you can all appreciate that.

    Both Fyrsta, Video and the wider exec team have access to me via MS Teams and while I don't plan to be super active, they can reach me if urgent. Fyrsta through other means as well if I'm not active on teams.

    I think *it depends*. I think in all honesty if you're set on going to Uni, it'll make very little difference if you make it onto a grad scheme at a company but I would say having some sort of portfolio (Either custom domain or personally I suggest using LinkedIn to show work experience and projects) is no bad thing, and is good if in the future you want to do freelancer type work / similar.

    If you're less set on the Uni route and an Apprenticeship / similar is a potential vibe, then I'd say a portfolio or some sort is probably a bit more important. Even if it's not an official portfolio, having some open source projects or contributions to open source projects are good things you can point at to prove hands on experience, but from experience as a mentor to graduates in large companies before you expect them to come in effectively thick as shit with 0 hands on knowledge, and most of their hands on experience is useless because it's 5-10 years old so if you're looking to prove active hands on experience rather than the theory side of things, a portfolio (Again ideally not on your own domain as an interviewer at a large company is 100% not going to open links to someone's website, but if you're looking at smaller startup's / similar it might be good)

    Historic CoreProtect data is / will be provided as I get to uploading and processing it.

    Warps will be provided when we archive the world, there's probably no real harm in releasing those earlier, I was originally reluctant due to privacy concerns but might be something that makes sense to upload earlier.

    If you have privacy concerns you shouldn't be releasing the world at all lol

    Why not? The issue I'm trying to manage is people stalking others on the server. We don't release live maps.

    It should be noted that Warps and core protect data are unlikely to be included in the world download.

    Historic CoreProtect data is / will be provided as I get to uploading and processing it.

    Warps will be provided when we archive the world, there's probably no real harm in releasing those earlier, I was originally reluctant due to privacy concerns but might be something that makes sense to upload earlier.

    See my earlier reply. I've addressed this already.

    "(Yes, I know "Respect other players" covers this, but still)."

    I understand how the rules you mentioned (1, 3, 4) apply, I'm just nitpicking the Pharmas assertions at the time 🙂

    And that's my point, the assertion was correct and his understanding of what was acceptable was also correct. You're nitpicking for the sake of nitpicking.

    My general reasoning behind not hosting something like this to date is a matter both of interest, accuracy and being wary of hosting historic data on something that (for the most part) only I have access to and manage.

    I'd suggest for those of you vouching or objecting it's important to realize you'll also need to help author and maintain content should we go ahead with something like this.

    I would suggest re reading my reply and what I replied to. The issues highlighted were invasions of a players privacy, making the server a hostile place for another player and ultimately destroying something they created. None of which have ever been acceptable.

    I know item copying happens and there's little technically we can do to prevent it but if a player reports these things and an admin confirms it's true they are within their rights to sanction as they see fit.