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    Further to the earlier emergent change block, we will be extending this block until 11:00 AM UTC Tomorrow when the next review will take place.

    We have been able to work with the Scissors team and confirm the secure supply chain of the server binary and as a result updates to Scissors are now permitted across the network. Likewise updates to common configuration files across the network is now permitted.

    Any other changes to the servers will remain blocked.

    Block Start: 7 June 2023 14:30 UTC

    Block End: Indefinite

    Next Block Review Date: 8 June 2023 11:00 UTC

    Due to an emergent malware threat currently posing a risk to the integrity of our infrastructure, all changes to any of our minecraft community servers is now blocked with immediate effect. At the current time there will be no exceptions to the change block.

    This block impacts all plugins and configurations across the servers, as well as the infrastructure powering these servers.

    Block Start: 7 June 2023 14:30 UTC

    Block End: Indefinite

    Next Block Review Date: 7 June 2023 20:00 UTC

    Network Manager have their own plugin for admin / staff chats so DiscordSRV / Essentials Disocrd / Similar would be absolutely fine at that point, it's been tested on the hub and in our plots dev server. The current limitation is TFM.

    I would also like to make the argument that both DiscordSRV and EXDiscord are written using JDA, while the Discord implementation that I've got on the RELEASE-2023.03 branch is written with D4J.
    In most cases, JDA is a fine product and works as intended without issue. However, due to the nature of how MC functions on a performance level, I argue that D4J would be a better option for us. The discord bot I've written for TFM (which is 100% operational) uses this API instead of JDA and I would highly recommend that we keep this even if it's a project maintained exclusively by myself (which is fine by me, I can even release it on spigot if that makes you feel better). Some minor tweaks to it can make it run exclusively standalone, so that isn't a concern either.

    I could write an entire essay on why D4J is a better option for us than JDA alternatives, but I don't think that's necessary. Though, if it is, I will be more than happy to explain exactly why we should use this over the alternatives.

    If we can make it it's own stand alone plugin that live on our Github and is maintained and maintainable (Ideally even with tests though that seems to be a novel thing in MC Dev) I'm happy to use basically whatever, I just don't want any special sauce and it needs to be that we could swap it out for DiscordSRV / similar if we had to in the future.

    So once we are able to move to a standard plugin this will be mostly native anyway, you can post your long message and it gets pretty aggressively truncated in server so it's not super spammy.

    Unfortunately due to the things we currently have in the discord bot and how it communicates with our plugin, a "standard plugin" is not in the realm of possibility. Even if we migrated our admin chat to Network Manager, we will still need to implement our own discord impl to communicate those messages to our discord server. The OTS plugins do not support that kind of communication and only skims readable messages.

    The only way we can get away with using something like EXDiscord or DiscordSRV is if we reduce certain functionalities

    Network Manager have their own plugin for admin / staff chats so DiscordSRV / Essentials Disocrd / Similar would be absolutely fine at that point, it's been tested on the hub and in our plots dev server. The current limitation is TFM.

    We have a partial ability to restore posts though they'll all show up as bots when we do so, after the last time this happened we setup a backup process to export all of the content on a regular basis so not all will be lost, I'm just trying to figure out the best way to restore it as a lot of the ways that are recommended involves spinning up an entirely new server which I'd rather not do given everyone is in the current one. We will probably look to manually re-create everything off of the template and then look to restore posts. It could be a few days before everything is fully restored, and we won't look to re-open channel access for the newly re-created channels until the restore is complete.

    do not distribute anything we've made. This means don't:

    give copies of our games to anyone else;
    make commercial use of anything we've made (including our Names, Brands, and Assets);
    try to make money from anything we've made (including our Names, Brands, and Assets); or
    let other people get access to anything we've made in a way that is unfair or unreasonable;

    unless we specifically agree to it or allow it.

    None of the NFT's are Mojang's assets, they are my assets. If I was selling copies of Minecraft of their files then it might be an issue. Schematics aren't native to Minecraft (3rd party plugin) and as a result aren't impacted by the EULA even if I thought Microsoft stood any fucking chance of enforcing it.

    What the fuck is this?

    The only chance we have of being able to continue to run this server long term.

    Why the fuck are we making donations practically mandatory?

    We aren't, we're not enabling donations at all. We're enabling people to exchange a virtual item for real life currency. Something that's been done elsewhere time and time again.

    What's next, are we going to paywall WorldEdit and Essentials commands?

    I hope it doesn't come to that, but the reality is we need to cover our server costs and we don't right now.

    Are we seriously going to make the server (which has been running for nearly 12 years without donations) into yet another fucking pay to win garbage server with subscription services and mandatory NFT payments?

    It's not pay to win, there is no winning in TotalFreedom, likewise NFT purchase isn't mandatory to play and build.

    Also, why the fuck are we selling other people's builds? That's a slap in the face to anyone who put a huge amount of effort into their builds on the server. I swear, I feel like this violates some section of the Mojang EULA, probably isn't fully legal, and goes against the very foundation of this server.

    Having undertaken legal consultation they're building on my companies own assets, and as a result we own all artwork completed on the server. It's my content to sell as and how I wish. If I want to auction it to the highest bidder that's my right to do so. If people don't like it, they can pay for their own server.

    This is a really fucking stupid concept in every single way imaginable, and I don't even know how you thought this was a good idea.

    I think my post clearly explains why it's a good idea. The tech behind NFTs are awesome and give us a lot of flexibility to create a long term revenue stream from these items. A lot of people love using them because they were a fad for a while, it's a win win win win for us!

    The following post was published on April 1st 2023 as an April fools prank to the community. This announcement is not legitimate beyond being an April fools joke.

    Hi Folks, it's been a little while since I've had the time to give you an all an update on the huge amount of work the team and I are doing behind the scenes here, and I'm really proud to be able to announce today the launch of a new line of NFTs dedicated to TF and the TF Network as a whole.

    As many of you will already be aware, I'm a huge supporter of the potential that NFTs have both for communities like ours, as well as a huge variety of creative lines, and it's why this announcement is so significant for us, and puts us a step forward to being able to have TF be self sufficient from a funding perspective.

    I've been working with select members of the executive team for the last year or so on bringing this to life, and am pleased to announce the two main areas we are focusing all of our future effort into going forward.

    TF Created NFTs

    We will be growing our creative team (Currently primarily master builders) to bring in artists and creatives that will enable us to create TF original NFTs which we can then sell back into the community. These NFTs will start at £15 once we launch in July of 2023. These NFTs will vary in their theme throughout the year starting with our summer vacation theme which will land with our first wave. In addition to the theme variation, we intent to launch various limited edition items including content variations of our logo, as well as month specific NFTs for special events (December for example would have a Christmas themed NFT that is also exclusive for December 2023)


    With immediate effect we are hereby suspending all current development efforts indefinitely and will continue to rely on ViaVersion to enable us to work on a brand new concept never before seen in a Minecraft community.

    We will be converting all existing Schematics as well as any newly created schematics into restricted assets as NFTs, once this change is complete you will only be able to select and paste a schematic if your Minecraft profile (Linked to your forum profile linked to one of our approved NFT Marketplaces) verifies you hold current ownership of the NFT. We will also be fully blocking the ability to delete or otherwise share these schematics in other ways including removing them from the HTTPD endpoint shortly.

    We will also with this change be enforcing a minimum number of schematics per month from all past and present master builders, which will require 15 quality schematics per month. Failure to meet this target will result in an indefinite ban.

    We will be selling these NFTs for £12.50 each with the ability for users to then sell these on if they so choose. There will be no upper limit for the asking price of such items.

    Our developers will be working hard over the coming weeks to make this a reality and I'm so excited for this to launch.


    As many of you will be aware, TF has never accepted donations and costs a significant amount of money to operate. Our launch of NFT technology both brings us into the present day of tech as well as enabling us to be provided with a source of income which doesn't require pay to play or advertisements in game.

    I hope you will join me in welcoming these changes, and I'm so very excited to see this launch!


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    Does anybody remember the days of like MSN where you could freely theme your client, use custom emojis, play shit like tic-tac-toe, save your conversations, and more without needing to pay for some subscription service?

    You always pay with something... If it's not money it's usually your data. There is very little in life that is truly free, especially when it's a big corporation running it.

    no it isn’t. ryan said it was indefinite because at that point long term bans weren’t a thing. unless he says any different it should be regarded as a long term ban in line with literally everyone else (including granite castle until very recently who also had ‘indefinite ban notification’ threads)

    The long term bans only apply in the case of the Freedom server bans, where a ban is issues as a network wide ban the policy is not extended there. I'm not sure on if this ban was network wide or specific to the freedom server but if the former this ban has no fixed duration.

    I continue to maintain that CyberChef ( ) is one of the best free, open source and in-browser tools out there for so much. Want to encrypt a file in browser, go for it. Want to find and replace something, easy. Want to find and replace something, strip HTML tags out, convert it from CSV to JSON, minify it and then encrypt it, easy.