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    Many people have shared some issues with allowing non-alphanumeric characters, but we already have some users on Discord with non-alphanumeric nicknames, so I don't get it why it would be a problem for it to be added into the Minecraft server.

    The issue is here people would be abusing the allowunsafe permission node to use the obfuscation decoration with chinese characters which can really lag a game. I know you can use color codes and such in your Discord names but that's never been supported; it's actually an issue with stripColor that up until now nobody has bothered to fix. It was fixed a few months ago but with the release cycle being what it is I'd wager it'll be a while until the fix version gets deployed.

    Additionally we already can use non-alphanumeric tags already, which is even more of a reason why we should also be allowed to use non-alphanumeric nicknames.

    The obfuscation decoration is stripped from tags, and tags aren't as integral as a display name.

    Vouch on the condition /nickclean removes these characters and anyone that abuses non-alphanumeric characters is punished as appropriate.

    This is just extra effort for the admins which they wouldn't have to put in if the node was disabled.

    Server owners can already choose not to send signatures along with messages, which invalidates the reporting. I don't see your point here.

    So I've been radio silent about the status of this document for quite a bit, and while this isn't intentional, I still take full responsibility for the long delays and radio silence about the case. So, I've decided to break the radio silence. I've been quietly watching this thread, but until now I didn't have the guts to explain the situation out of fear of getting blasted.

    To put it bluntly, I've been procrastinating with working on the document as I have shifted most of my priorities from the server to my real life situation with my school work and physical health. While I have been working on the document on and off for a while, progress has been slow because of, you guessed it, procrastination.

    Sorry about the delays and radio silence.

    Can you publicize a draft version? Doesn't have to be completed, polished or proofread (maybe we'll help you do that), I just want a small taste of what's to come.

    (which they've already started by moving to bedrock, some shutting down the java versions)

    Only case of this I can remember in recent memory would be Hive. Although they moved because the Bedrock server was simply astronomically more popular than Java and was bringing in enough money for its maintenance, whereas the Java server was not.

    As a developer I sure as hell don't want anything to do with Bedrock. They don't even have official native Linux or Mac OS, and the only option is to emulate the app on the respective mobile platform for the unsupported OS (Android for Linux and iOS app sideloading for MacOS). These "workarounds" don't work most of the time either. There's an annoying issue with an unofficial Bedrock Launcher for Linux where all textures are offset by 1.

    Java will always be superior to Bedrock, at least for me.

    according to his DMs with Allink

    These aren't DMs, and are in-fact in the Discord server for DM me saying you want an invite and I'll throw you one (don't really want to post it here, might break the advertising policy). We just don't have a Member role, that's why it appears to be DMs.

    Vouch, this user harasses me on various other servers calling me "anti-trans" (which I am not), "creepy" and some such.




    Personally, I don't understand why this user seems to hate me and Luke so much. All we've done is point out their behavior and I pointed out they were playing on Kaboom, as I had noticed their activity in Kaboom-related Discord servers.

    If anything, 1RS is the one who's harassing me and Luke here; she's using alts/telling friends to harass us in the TotalFreedom Discord and other servers (the screenshots here are in the, a Kaboom clone me and ginlang run, Discord server).

    She also went out of her way to DM ginlang these gems:



    According to her, she submitted a tip to the FBI's cybercrime division for "cyberstalking" or something similar, which we have absolutely not none. The only thing we've done that could be likened to cyberstalking is happening to stumble upon her activity in Kaboom-related server, which doesn't constitute as stalking anyhow. She seems to be using this as a scare tactic against me and Luke; however she's the only one who's going to have anything negative coming out of that tip she submitted.

    This user's presence on the TF Minecraft server/Discord server will only cause problems. She seems to have the twisted idea that stopping at nothing to get rid of people they don't like won't get her banned. The user has used multiple sockpuppet accounts on the TF Discord in an attempt to sway public opinion.

    I rest my case.

    You're really comparing this to McDonald's? It's not the corporation's fault that an employee made a mistake. Mojang is in on all this.

    What's your point here? Something as massive as chat signatures and chat reporting isn't going to be added to a game by one employee, of course it's going to be the entire company...

    Mojang already did a half-assed job on 1.19, and our expectations were too high. All that time since the update was announced, and we got a MILD update that really didn't add to the ambience of Minecraft all that much.

    I agree here. Don't really like the Wild update all too much.

    To double-down and add something most of us DON'T like feels like a big middle finger and a slap in the face to the community.

    The thing with maintaining a massive software project (in this case Minecraft) is that you can't please everyone. You're much better to just double down on something you've added or when you "mess up" in the community's eyes next time you'll just get more hate. Every time you give in you'll get more hate. It's a vicious cycle. Even if you don't like chat signatures, from Mojang's point of view, they absolutely CAN'T remove them. The time to ask for their removal was during the snapshot phase of the 1.19 update. But, correct me if I'm wrong, nobody batted an eye.

    While I'm in the mood to rant, let's talk about them silently removing the Technoblade pig from the launcher. I've never watched his videos personally, but he was loved by tens of millions of people, if not hundreds. Mojang had added a Technoblade easter egg to the launcher, and then removed it quietly once people stopped talking about it. If they would've said "Hey, we are removing the easter egg from the launcher. This does not mean we don't care, and Technoblade will live on in our hearts." they would get much less backlash. It really seems like they were in it for the publicity the whole time.

    I guess it's like pride month. Corporations will show support of things and then in a month or so end up removing that display of support. I personally don't care.

    However, they're really pissing off everyone lately, and I don't see the game lasting another 5 years

    To be honest, I agree with not seeing the game last another 5 years, but it's for a different reason entirely. Have you seen the absolute state of the Minecraft Server and Client's codebase? It's absolutely fucking torturous to have to work with and run. I think development will eventually crawl to a snail's pace due to the absolute state it's in.

    What if Microsoft/Mojang starts mandating chat signatures? I have no proof that they will, but they probably know that the only way to defeat the reporting system is by not signing messages. So they probably will start mandating chat signatures if they want to force this system on everyone.

    Gonna take a wild guess here and say they won't; this is practically just fearmongering at this point with no real evidence.

    Why would we even want chat signatures on here in the first place? 🤔

    Probably to report abusive messages but idk you tell me