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Please Note: The TotalFreedom Forum has now been put into a read-only mode. Total Freedom has now closed down and will not be returning in any way, shape or form. It has been a pleasure to lead this community and I wish you all the best for your futures.

    I can certainly say that I enjoyed the relatively short time I spent on the server interacting with the community, and the friends & enemies I made among the way. I don't think I would've experienced anything in the scope of what I experienced here anywhere else. Thank you to everyone involved with the server, for providing a truly unique experience. I've had some of the most enjoyable, hilarious experiences here. Not to say that it was all good, some of which I feel was caused by my own hand, but overall I feel that TF was a positive influence on my life.

    Please don't let the server shutting down hit you too hard. It's not the end of the community that was cultivated on TF for 13 years. Even if it is, I have no doubts that everyone here will be able to find their place somewhere else, wherever that is.

    I'm truly grateful to everyone for making TotalFreedom something I felt comfortable coming back to time and time again. I'm glad I met some truly great people here.

    Stay Devious,


    Not really - we're not in the age of the Akefu raids anymore where we had people bypassing bans to continue using slurs. From a quick search through the Discord server, slurs aren't very commonly used at all compared to actual proper conversation. In pretty much every case, it's usually some edgy 12 year old thinking it's funny to use racial or homophobic slurs and they are often quickly curb stomped by a staff member.

    This is true. However, the chat filter being in place will stop the edgy 12 year olds you mentioned and any future raids that the server may experience. Just because the Akefu raids are now over - it doesn't mean that there aren't going to be any in the future. It'd be better to have a chat filter in place just in-case rather than not at all, or deployed too late.

    Firstly, filters aren't perfect and an example of this (as Ryan pointed out) is the classic Scunthrope problem, where innocent words get incorrectly flagged and caught by the filter. Take the word "snigger" for example - a lot of filters would see the last 6 letters and immediately flag it as offensive.

    While you are indeed correct about "snigger" being caught by a filter looking for the N word, I don't believe that specific example being a false positive is exactly going to harm anyone - according to a cursory search on Discord, the word "snigger" (or, well, "sniggering") too has been used a total of 7 times. I think this false positive is acceptable for an uncommon word (let's be honest, "snicker" is a much better alternative) in comparison to what the filter is preventing.

    Secondly, I believe slurs are acceptable in a historical context if you are not the one who's actually using it. To elaborate, if you are providing transcripts of older conversations (which so happened to contain slurs in them) whilst documenting something historical that happened, that should be fine because the messages were from an era that was more accepting of that kind of language. Sure, you could alter them to remove that shit, but altering historical documentation to remove language that isn't acceptable today is altering history to me, and I'm not a fan of that at all.

    If you must truly use slurs for historical purposes, and you don't want to censor them, then please use them off TF. I don't particularly understand your reasoning here, considering that TotalFreedom is a Minecraft server and not a platform for archiving transcripts of conversations.

    Lastly, I believe slurs are also acceptable if they are used in the context of evidence. If someone were to file a ban request or something similar for someone who repeatedly spammed racial slurs on the server, they should be able to provide sufficient evidence that supports this.

    I don't think the NetworkManager chat filter has OCR capabilities, considering most evidence is provided in the form of screenshots.

    Vouch. I believe you've improved enough to be trusted in an administrator role. In regards to the perceived obsession with TF that other voters have brought up, while I do agree with them and you should probably spend time away from TF once in a while, I'm not going to be using it as a reason to object as we have had people (formerly) obsessed with TF do well in administrator roles. I trust that you will be able to make the correct decisions, and as such I think you will do well in an admin role.

    I know that Quack already responded to Coolest's questions, however they were so flawed that I couldn't help but write a response to each.

    What is wrong with /ignoring the admins? What if the admin is annoying to the user?

    Even if Quack were referring to the command, which he was not (and you know it), it is functionally impossible in our fork of Essentials to ignore a TFM admin. I'm quite sure that Quack was referring to Vipole's blatant disregard for server administration and rules, which he illustrated by all of the times he ignored what admins asked of him and was repeatedly banned for that.

    You could just disable CMDSPY, no? I am pretty sure you had a Discord channel for the same purpose as CMDSPY.

    You are not allowed to spam commands, even if those commands are invalid. Even more so, in-fact. There is no Discord channel dedicated to solely CMDSPY. That's not even supported by TFM. Spamming commands doesn't just spam CMDSPY either, because the server maintains a log of every command executed by a player. This spams the server logs, which will get in the way of anyone trying to access the console at the time in which the commands are being spammed, or searching through the logs at a later date.

    A player is not required to be "high-quality".

    They are not required to be "high-quality". However, you have to be a "decent-quality" (i.e. not a blatant troll & esotalk user (🤮 btw)) or above for me to vouch on your appeal.

    HOW clearly? Do you have evidence that suggests this theory or proves it?

    Please see Alco's post.