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    Fwiw discussing topics such as sex in front of kids isn’t banned. only thing i can think of is violating some child protection law but i don’t think it does otherwise sex education wouldn’t be legal within schools. now typing i feel like a tit because you probably mean people’s anecdotes (i.e. someone telling others about their own sex life) which i agree shouldn’t really be happening outside of deep-discussion channels if at all and i have tried my best to enforce this on Discord at least

    i vouch for the implementation of anarchy. even if it stands no chance of passing i think the server would benefit from this. especially when it comes to mitigating rulebreakers who want a genuine ‘total freedom’ type thing, such as griefers or other individuals who want to be here to break the rules. sure theres dickheads who i don’t think belong but i also think there’s some pretty sound people who are just bored and want to do something they deem fun

    think: instead of banning every griefer and trollpotter we put them elsewhere where that shit is allowed. playercount rises, rulebreakers are happy, simple as.

    i get this won’t be a thing because of the community guidelines and all but that’s just my two cents


    You used a redstone machine to rig a gambling device to scam people out of coins… people got those legitimately

    you then tried claiming you put up signs that said ‘no using the machine unless you bought every item’ but those signs were placed after i found evidence of the rigging, not even including the fact u paid me coins to ‘bribe’ me (your words)

    its not that deep but the fact you tried covering it up, bribing me and making up signs to get out of it, that’s why you’re banned

    that and when you were found out you said ‘LAST CHANCE PAY 125 TO GAMBLE’

    Gambling in itself i don’t care about, rigging yeah don’t do that

    tl;dr you’re not being unbanned, wait it out

    right if this is in any way related to your discord ban i will literally kick an infant

    appeal properly and i’ll see what i can do, until then pls don’t be a dickhead by making big ass posts, to quote you in our DMs, ‘out of spite’


    did u just censor hell

    anyway for context they kept asking me to find out ur age cuz they were convinced caleb was a nonce for some reason despite the fact you guys aren't dating

    bit ironic fssp of all people is calling others nonces given his best friends are thirteen year olds he met on minecraft but alas

    1. Your Minecraft name: _PHR
    1. If you have discord, please post your username#discriminator here. (Not required). _PHR#6100
    2. Are you using the same forum, Minecraft and discord accounts that you used when you were a staff member in the past? (Yes or No). If no, state all former account names and be prepared to verify that you're not an imposter. Yes

    Note: Reinstatements will not be approved until the EAO can positively verify that the person applying for reinstatement is the same as the past admin - the burden of proof is on the person requesting reinstatement.

    1. What rank were you (Admin, Senior Admin) and the approx dates you were a staff member: (e.g. super admin from Jun 2010 - Jan 2013) I’m not gonna lie i don’t even remember i think it was senior admin from feb 2021 until august 2022, but i’ve been admin/sra for the past 4 years
    2. Why were you removed from your staff position? (Answer one below and exclude the rest)

      a. For long term inactivity? (Yes or No) If Yes, did you post an inactivity notice or did you leave without notice - please explain if no notice was left.

    3. If you are reinstated, how often will you be able to do staff duties? Daily. I live by myself now at Uni and have more free time.
    4. Have you reviewed the server rules and banning protocols to ensure you're up to speed on any changes that might have occurred since your return from inactivity? yes
    5. Do you have a family member that's been on the perm ban list within the past 60 days? If yes, your request will be denied. No

    If you wish to apply for the discord moderator status on the TotalFreedom Server, please make a separate thread on the "Limited Time Applications" Category with the subject name "Discord Mod Application - Your Name"

    1. What is your full discord name (Ex: DiscordUser#1234)
    2. What is your Minecraft IGN? (Ex: Wild1145)
    3. What is your timezone?
    4. Do you have any previous experience in discord moderation or administration?
    5. Why should you be picked over others? (Describe in 50 words or more)
    6. Have you read and understood Discord's Guidelines & TOS? (Yes or No)

    Note 1: All Candidates must have their 2FA enabled and have their phone number connected to their discord account before applying. This is to keep all discord moderation staff accounts safe and secure from any unauthorized access.

    Note 2: All responses must adhere to…ion-response-instructions


    We are looking for one more Discord mod to add to our roster. We are looking for a mod in an American timezone or any other timezone that works during the night in the UK, as the majority of our team is currently in the UK. However, this is not a strict requirement so any other timezone is still free to apply.

    Please use the template here and title your thread ‘Discord Mod app - (Name)’

    Thank you, good luck, and any questions DM me :)

    is there any way we could rereview this in 3 weeks instead of it being an automatic unban? this isn’t new behaviour nor is this the first time we’ve removed him from the community for this reason & we should see if he should be banned for longer

    Ashaz wants me Banned on forum

    correct & the vast majority apart from my boy dillon agrees

    bassicly causing me to never come back as the email system looks to be removed

    it’s not

    and i wont send an email

    thats ur own fault

    Which is not nice i tried to appologize to ashaz

    it’s not about you and ashaz it’s everything that’s happened over the past year or so given they’re all elements of the same behaviour

    and also he is well within his right to ghost, he does not have to talk to you if you want him to

    And staying away wont help if you do it it will start the death of totalfreedom as i am planning to show salc1 the server and if he asks me to do so i will say hey the server banned me and i cant sorry the video may not be able to go on

    seriously mate all you’re doing is convincing me more that this is justified