2017 Screenshots Archived

  • 2017 as a year needs no introduction. It is by far the most turbulent year TF ever went through, with drama being a constant. This was due to increasing amounts of criticism and hate towards Mark with how he ran the server in the first half (which caused the first ownership change in the server's history) and also the rapidly escalating UYScutix Revolution during the second half, where as an admin you were always paranoid about being blackmailed with your IP address by Savnith or being essentially used as a pawn in a game to reach a much greater goal by UYScutix.

    These screenshots were pulled from two different computers as I finally upgraded from a shitty laptop to a reliable desktop computer that I still occasionally use to this day, and as such they have been split into two sets.

    • Set #1 consists of screenshots from March to June 2017.
    • Set #2 consists of screenshots from July to December 2017.

    Content warning: Some screenshots may contain NSFW or otherwise offensive language. They have been left unmodified to demonstrate TotalFreedom's evolution on a community-wide scale. Viewer discretion is advised.

    You may view the sets here: