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    As revealed in my thread giving some remarks, I went to New York City with Alco_Rs11 in November of last year. Instead of freezing my balls off in the absolutely humid cold weather that was in the city during January, I instead sweated them off in the warm humid weather. It was fun though! We roamed the streets until dusk, took in the breath-taking views, laughed at insane conspiracy theory stickers, discussed TF politics, and joked about Akefu and BMW drivers.

    Here's a picture I took during the trip:


    DL108 was supposed to join us again, but unfortunately he got COVID-19 right before he was set to leave. Quite a shame to be honest, because I was really looking forward to a rematch of that Monopoly game we ended up playing in January. God that was fun. Hopefully he'll be able to make it next time, whenever that will be.

    Woah Mark, you hit your head pretty hard back there. Minecraft? Total Freedom? Mentally unstable players? What are you talking about? Come on, it's 2010 and I just made a new Second Life avatar. Let's go check it out.

    So, it's time to try another server.

    On that note, some unofficial splinter communities have been created since the shutdown announcement. Some use TF's core plugin and others use a different foundation to make their servers work. I won't provide a direct example here because that would be advertising but you can find them if you know where to look or who to ask.

    TotalFreedom may be "officially" gone, but its spirit will continue to live on in other communities.

    Darth pasted a large section of this spawn in the Nether and invited me there in 2020 or 2021. I believe we told you about it and I sent you a Replay Mod file of my visit when it came up again later. You might have been too busy at the time. Check your older downloads!

    Before the warp list was cleared, the warp was named something intentionally obscure like eduardo. The schematic might have had the same name as the warp if Darth did not delete it after pasting it. It could still be in the schematic list.

    And because I don't know the source of the schematic, it is maybe a stretch, but possible, that Darth created it from the original world file. If you would dare to reach out to him he might have more info or leads. I recall some of the signs had broken formatting. Praise Lyicx! <3 :lyicx:

    That's probably exactly what Darth did. The world itself has been archived already for quite some time now, so he likely used a copy of it to generate a schematic. You can view it on the Internet Archive in fact -

    On December 24, 2010, two screenshots of TotalFreedom's nether server (which was called Heaven in Hell at the time) were posted onto the Minecraft Forum. Although the original poster was just showing some crazy shit he experienced on the server at the time, he unwittingly posted one of the oldest screenshots of the server known to still exist.


    Words cannot describe how rare these are. Because the images were originally hosted on Photobucket and are at an insane amount of risk of being lost, I've archived the screenshots in their original PNG quality and uploaded them to the Internet Archive. You can view them here -…enshots_wigleg_2010-12-24

    As the server comes to a close and the weight of the situation starts to hit, I can't help but get emotional about the memories I've had on this place over the years and the fact that things are about to close. The wiki will continue to be worked on, but it won't be the same. Kind of sad, but at least we didn't shut down because of any outside influence by Mojang or Microsoft.

    I've decided to make a large list of people I remember and remarks. This list isn't in any particular order.

    • markbyron: The very founder of TotalFreedom. You were an inspiration for many and set the foundation for a great community. It's unfortunate that things went sour for you, because you had a "touch" as an owner that very few could even begin to replicate.
    • HummerH1888: An ancient operator with a name long forgotten to the sands of time in Total Freedom, but of course I remembered him. You were considerably impactful during my early days on this server, and I hope all is going well for you.
    • cyro1999: Oh man, the memories we have together. Even though we used to hate each other back when we were younger, I'm grateful that we still keep in touch from time to time.
    • scripthead: I'm genuinely surprised you held out for as long as you did with the pressure you were put under at the time. Your ownership was the most chaotic, and yet at the same it was the most productive. For the most part, development was swift and efficient. It's just a shame that things turned out the way they did.
    • img: I'm sorry that I couldn't do better. You didn't deserve the treatment you were given by the wider community and were insanely generous in the exchanges you had with me. Stay courteous. I wish we could keep in touch, but I know you're not interested in that.
    • @DarkLynx108: The former Executive Creative Designer himself. A master archivist with a collection of old data that rivals even my own collection. Your channel is like a personal archive of the server and the events going on there. Thank you for keeping those old videos up.
    • Kash: My mentor during my early years of TotalFreedom. You were level-headed and honestly a great friend. I hope that whatever you're doing now, you're doing well at it.
    • lyicx: I jokingly give you shit all the time but I don't mean it. You're a great friend and I genuinely hope you take care of yourself. I know that what happened between you and Ren is a sore spot, and frankly you shouldn't blame yourself for what happened. This server would have not be the same without you, and you changed it for the better in my opinion.
    • Alco_Rs11: My right hand man and a great friend. I enjoyed the trips to New York we took together with Lynx and all the various conversations we've all had together. I hope the next time we see each other, we play Monopoly again. That shit was fun.
    • polarisseltzeris: A pioneer of TotalFreedom and its humor. I appreciate the advice and other bits of historical information you've given over the years. Whether people agree or not, I personally think you were a beacon of hope during the Seth era as it became progressively more corrupt and more of a shitshow.
    • Miwojedk: The shitposting you did on the forums was legendary and you were one of the pioneers of TotalFreedom. Nothing but respect for you, and I hope parenting is going well.
    • Anti95: owo - No but seriously, you helped motivate me to improve myself as a person to be the person I am today. Thank you.
    • marcocorriero: In a lot of ways, you were ahead of your time. You introduced the concept of using external mods to administrate (even if it went a bit far sometimes) and even some administrative tools that we took for granted today. I just hope that your VR adventures are much more entertaining than having to fend off DDOS attacks every time you join a server.
    • savnith: We go way back, and I'm still regretting how I treated you so many years ago.
    • wild1145: The fact you had the patience to keep this server and community going for 3 years (longer than both Seth and Windows's times as owner) despite all the shit you were given is incredible. While I didn't really agree with making this place a network, I understand that you really wanted this place to grow and expand. I appreciate the work you put into this server, even if you weren't perfect. Thank you. Tory bastard.
    • Luke: I respect you on levels I can't even begin to describe. You didn't take the shit people (even I myself) gave you and spoke your mind, even if it wasn't a popular opinion.
    • Deauthorized: You were a great staff member all around. Great judgement, very patient, and also very caring of others. I can't even begin to explain how good of a pick you were. You also kept the VCs light-hearted with your truly awful but still funny dad jokes. Thank you.
    • ClayCoconut: I am so fucking proud of you. I still remember how unstable you were back then, and the fact you've grown so much over the years is incredible. I love the art that you do even if it's incredibly cursed.
    • erin: I couldn't have picked a better Executive Admin Officer. I worry about how you're taking this whole situation, because you've previously mentioned in the past some stuff that happened to you.
    • Feueristic: I always appreciated your commentary on various topics and the advice you gave. With the way things are going in world politics, I just hope you stay safe.
    • riawo: bnuy hater
    • Paldiu: I don't think I'll ever forget the time I saw you roll a fucking joint in the VC while you were developing. Absolutely insane.
    • qrtrx4 (twoeighths): It was always cool to see what Doom-related project you were working on. I can't wait to give your project a try once you finish it. Your MIDI music is pretty solid too. I definitely will want to keep in touch with you.
    • Telesphoreo: We work very well when we do things. Whether it be running a whole ass wiki or even just updating server plugins, it doesn't take very long for shit to get done. I honestly wish you were still our lead developer back in 2020, and I still regret what I had a hand in back then. Perhaps we wouldn't have been in this mess.
    • hhhzzzsss: I've always thought EpsilonBot was a really fucking cool project you made. All of the various insane builds that you programmatically generated is not only impressive but also kind of scary. Your bot was also a great foundation to work off of.
    • MarioKartWii: I always found your kits kind of fascinating. Crazy gradients, insane amounts of polish, and more. Truly neat stuff.. I'm glad that I was able to help guide you when you were shy about telling snowfwake how you felt, even if things were a bit rushed.
    • Snowfwake: I wish I could have talked to you more. You seem like a really caring individual. Take care of MarioKartWii.
    • UnderTails: I still remember when you did your Oblivion guard impression in the VC. I'm glad you went from wasting your life away to turning into a full-blown gigachad who enjoys the outdoors. The Imperium is still one of your best contributions to the server.
    • Kadalyst: Your dedication to archiving kits is admirable as an archivist myself. I'm glad you enjoyed reading some of the lengthy lore-related forum threads that I would make.
    • vj13573/UYScutix/Poppy44: I hope that you were able to get the help that you clearly needed. You were unhinged and insane. You shouldn't have gone as far as you did, but at the same time I can't really fault you because you definitely had some problems.
    • Mosley: To be honest, I always thought you were a dick. You never took responsibility for your actions and often tried to dance around trying to seem like the morally superior person with your thesaurus, semantic arguments, and up-your-ass attitude about being a better person. You're not. Worse yet, you are insanely obsessed with Ryan. I've never seen someone so obsessed with him that they'd go out of their way to make a wiki and forum dedicated to him, and the fact that you did so indicates that you must have some serious problems and are insecure about his success. Move on already.
    • StevenNL2000: Words cannot describe how grateful I am that you kept paying for the Freedom server even though you could have totally cut us off. We joke about you being our lord and savior and all that, but I respect the fact that you still have faith in this place. You have a lot of integrity as a person and your actions reflect that.
    • FrutiKitty: I know you're insanely attached to this server and I genuinely hope that you're taking the events of this week well, because your health is more important than this server.
    • Akuos: I really loved the intricate patterns you'd build with glass and ice. That shit was so cool to see. Is it pronounced Ak-oo-ohs or Ak-oose?
    • Tizz: I enjoyed all the various discussions we had about computers and IT politics and the like and hope we can continue doing so.
    • NotPetya: Even though we don't agree on a lot of things politically, I don't actually hate you as a person that much. With the turbulent political landscape in the UK, I just hope you stay safe.
    • gamingto12: I hope you stay safe while dealing with the likes of F_x.
    • feel: You went through one of the best redemption arcs in recent times. You had like 40 entries in the punishment log, and yet you managed to tone it down and more. Congratulations on the graduation once again.
    • Prozza and Madgeek1450: Thank you for contributing as much as you two have to what ended up becoming TotalFreedom's foundation. This place quite literally would have never been the same without you.
    • root: It's been wild knowing you for as long as I have. If I ever need any server or sysadmin advice, I'll know exactly who I need to talk to. How big is that Guild Wars 2 folder now? 2 TB?
    • quack95: I hope Vesperia continues to exist outside the capacity of TotalFreedom.
    • bowie: A silver lining is that even though TF is closing, so should Nathaniel's creepy obsession with you. I'm also glad you spoke up about certain other cases so that we could handle them as well.
    • Allink: Gay sex.
    • justin0526: I honestly really enjoyed talking with you about designs of swords and guns and shit.
    • Rex: I'm glad I was able to mend things with you even after I got you banned all those years ago. You're a good lad and I hope you go far in life. Just don't go near any kids.
    • ayunami2000: Despite how annoyed I get with you sometimes, I do somewhat like seeing the shenanigans you pull off, even if it's incredibly fucking stupid lmao
    • Panther: You're the one who got me into Minecraft exploits, which eventually snowballed into some of the biggest exploits in the history of this server. Thank you for that.
    • enchy: I'm glad that you essentially made the Imperium a museum instead of keeping it alive until it became insuffrable.
    • Reperak: I finally switched to Linux full-time. How do you get rid of that fucking middle click paste functionality?
    • JagWire: I'm glad that we got to seek closure on TF.
    • RedEastWood: It was honestly funny to raid the Skyblock server. I'm not sure if I would have done it again though.
    • eva: No matter what you say, you're still a nerd to me.
    • Mafrans: It's kind of crazy how long it's been since you started developing for TF. I'll make sure to document your contributions in the server's history.
    • fionn: Where's the fucking lucky charms you promised me?
    • Yurni: I think your login message aged like a fine wine (unless I'm mistaking you for someone else). You're still a nerd, though.
    • Telephone: It was honestly a blast to talk with you over the years about various topics. I hope that you've been enjoying the media center you've built up with your PS2.
    • DragonSlayer2189: I'm kind of impressed how much of a collection of musical instruments you've built up. Do you have a Bandcamp or something I could pick up your tracks on just for memoriability's sake?
    • Hockeyfan360: I don't think I'll ever forget the countless Skype prank calls we've had. I don't even know if we could do that shit again, but I would love to just for old time's sake.
    • Indica: We genuinely need to scambait again. I still vividly remember staying up for hours on end calling up tech support scammers with our booby trapped VM with a fake antivirus called Markbyron's PC Fixer. Those were the fucking days, man.
    • jaylawl: Thank you for running Jaygolf. I wish we had the chance to do an official event, but at least we had a lot of fun when we still did.
    • Fleek: I spent a lot of time cleaning up TFM with you, I just wish we could have done more to clean it.

    There's probably a lot more, but that's just from my memory tonight alone. If I remember anyone else, I'll be sure to edit the thread.

    I've decided to give some insight into my plans for the future related to TotalFreedom, or at least what's left of it.

    For those who don't know, last night two players (NekosAreKawaii and maniaplay) abused an oversight in the server's hub setup to log in as Ryan and proceeded to give themselves operator permissions. They then proceeded to grief severely the hubworld and unban everyone they were friends with from the hub server. Upon hearing the news, I acted quickly and attempted to intervene by both repeatedly stopping the hub server and attempting to de-op and ban those who were abusing it. Ultimately, I realized at that moment that by the time they gave themselves operator privileges, it was too late. The operator permissions were already network-wide. To avoid any further damage to the infrastructure, I got in touch with Rylie and asked her to immediately shut down all servers on the network so that the damage couldn't spread to Freedom-01 and other servers on the network. Ryan, who had just had to clean up the mess caused by an attack on the forum that was perpetrated by one of the two previously mentioned players, decided that enough was enough and killed the network completely.

    Since then, Ryan has shown little to no interest in spending the resources needed to rebuild the network after the treatment that he's been given over the years as the owner. Even still, I desperately tried to get the lights running again on my own. I stayed up until 6 AM on the night attempting to negotiate with him a deal to handover ownership of the network to me so that I could bring the server back online myself. This was unsuccessful as he pretty much refused when I practically begged him to allow me to do the rebuilding work for him. He views the entire network as compromised and will likely never start it up again. He also views the community as a toxic shitshow that would continue the cycle of the next owner in line being bullied into insanity until they give up on the server, and refuses to allow such a cycle to continue. With that in mind, I've decided to shift my focus to a part of TotalFreedom that will live on even after the actual Minecraft server dies: its history.

    You definitely saw this coming from a mile away. I'm practically obsessed with the history of this place and it's one of the major factors that kept me playing on it over the years. Because the history of this place is still barely documented, I've started working with Telesphoreo to build an unofficial wiki for the server and community to document as much of its history over the course of its 13 year lifespan as possible. This is something I wanted to do for years now, and with things wrapping up, my goal of documenting the server's history has become much more viable and much less perpetual. If you want to contribute to this project, it's currently being hosted at

    TL:DR - The network was effectively breached, Ryan is highly likely going to throw in the towel and will not transfer ownership. As such, I've decided to continue the legacy of the server unofficially by working with Telesphoreo to build a wiki for it to document its history.

    the only dipshit we've got moderating there is some whale shagging projecting ass prick who seems to have the hots for me

    You literally have a section of your plot dedicated to your balls in my mouth, yet I'm the one projecting?


    and was more interested in PS3 emulation on my new toy

    We kept telling him to make the fucking announcement last night but he was too busy playing debug builds of Little Big Planet and projecting onto me again. Typical.



    You say I'm projecting, and then say shit like this. You literally picked your boyfriend Rex as a forum mod to give him a "fair shake". Come on, man. At least pretend to be self-aware when you're pulling this shit.

    While I've already offered a compromise which seems to have been well-received, I'm still going to respond to Luke's post.

    have you had an issue with the one on Discord so far?

    Discord Administrators bypass the filters you put in place, so I can't measure this from firsthand experience.

    compared to now where it’s whack a mole with people saying the slur?

    Not really - we're not in the age of the Akefu raids anymore where we had people bypassing bans to continue using slurs. From a quick search through the Discord server, slurs aren't very commonly used at all compared to actual proper conversation. In pretty much every case, it's usually some edgy 12 year old thinking it's funny to use racial or homophobic slurs and they are often quickly curb stomped by a staff member.

    i’d like you to explain this point more in particular in what context would this be acceptable

    Firstly, filters aren't perfect and an example of this (as Ryan pointed out) is the classic Scunthrope problem, where innocent words get incorrectly flagged and caught by the filter. Take the word "snigger" for example - a lot of filters would see the last 6 letters and immediately flag it as offensive.


    Secondly, I believe slurs are acceptable in a historical context if you are not the one who's actually using it. To elaborate, if you are providing transcripts of older conversations (which so happened to contain slurs in them) whilst documenting something historical that happened, that should be fine because the messages were from an era that was more accepting of that kind of language. Sure, you could alter them to remove that shit, but altering historical documentation to remove language that isn't acceptable today is altering history to me, and I'm not a fan of that at all.

    Lastly, I believe slurs are also acceptable if they are used in the context of evidence. If someone were to file a ban request or something similar for someone who repeatedly spammed racial slurs on the server, they should be able to provide sufficient evidence that supports this.

    honestly video you gotta humble yourself the only person who’d be able to do this is you if we have a filter set only to ban the n word/the f word/other slurs. if it’s in config.yml.

    I'm not the only one who can do this. Anyone with file access could do this, not just me. Hell, if this gets implemented network-wide, I wouldn't be able to do this because I don't have access to NetworkManager.

    by that extent we should also remove long term bans. admins exist to ban the users on sight. we should also remove /gtfo, as admins can kick on site. we should also remove /report because admins should be able to see what’s going on.

    That's not the same thing at all and you know this.

    The intention would just to block them and potentially display a message to say the chat was not sent.

    If you are proposing that we use an intentionally basic chat filter that simply rejects messages containing slurs and explains why with no repercussions (e.g. like an automatic ban), then I'm willing to compromise with this provided it isn't used to censor actual legitimate topics and we don't expand upon it further.

    I'll elaborate further later today when it's not 5 am.

    Luke I'll respond to your post when I wake up in a few hours, I just want to do it when I am not on the verge of falling asleep.