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Please Note: The TotalFreedom Forum has now been put into a read-only mode. Total Freedom has now closed down and will not be returning in any way, shape or form. It has been a pleasure to lead this community and I wish you all the best for your futures.

    My first few years as an admin were probably the most memorable out of the bunch. I learned the basics of administrating and eventually strived to grow and contribute to the server.

    I've decided to condense the years 2014, 2015, and 2016 into one thread announcing it as I only have small sets left. Screenshots from late 2014, late 2015, and possibly early 2016 were all lost to hard drive failures/corruptions.

    You can view the sets for all three years here:

    2017 as a year needs no introduction. It is by far the most turbulent year TF ever went through, with drama being a constant. This was due to increasing amounts of criticism and hate towards Mark with how he ran the server in the first half (which caused the first ownership change in the server's history) and also the rapidly escalating UYScutix Revolution during the second half, where as an admin you were always paranoid about being blackmailed with your IP address by Savnith or being essentially used as a pawn in a game to reach a much greater goal by UYScutix.

    These screenshots were pulled from two different computers as I finally upgraded from a shitty laptop to a reliable desktop computer that I still occasionally use to this day, and as such they have been split into two sets.

    • Set #1 consists of screenshots from March to June 2017.
    • Set #2 consists of screenshots from July to December 2017.

    Content warning: Some screenshots may contain NSFW or otherwise offensive language. They have been left unmodified to demonstrate TotalFreedom's evolution on a community-wide scale. Viewer discretion is advised.

    You may view the sets here:

    Hidden in old backups of mine dating back several years are groups of screenshots from 2018. These screenshots were taken on two computers of mine.

    These screenshots have been split up into sets due to the various installations of Minecraft and computers that these were pulled from:

    • Set #1 consists of screenshots from early January to late March 2018.
    • Set #2 consists of screenshots from late March to late June 2018.
    • Set #3 consists of screenshots from late June to late December 2018.
    • Set #4 consists of screenshots from late November to early December 2018.
    2018 Lore

    2018 was by far one of the most turbulent time periods in TotalFreedom's history. From start to finish, the year was plagued with drama and changes. Just from memory:

    • The server was just starting to recover from the fallout of the UYScutix Revolution and its implosion that left admins of all ranks suspended.
    • Management was relatively quiet about how certain suggestions were to be implemented and in some cases were even outright accused of being corrupt/abusive. This set the groundwork for a wave of skepticism against management and the executive team as a whole.
    • As a developer, Seth began contributing to the TotalFreedomMod, which gained him a rather large amount of influence over the course of the year as he basically picked up where two developers (Marcocorriero11 and Commodore64x) left off. He introduced several features to the server that became a staple of the plugin for years to come.
    • The community as a whole (including rogues) collectively joined together to raid a server named BServer. They used every known exploit they could get their hands on against it, thoroughly handing it its own ass. The server then branched off into what would become FreedomForever in the years that followed.
    • The server became the target of an 11 year old with way too much time on his hands, who then proceeded to become a massive joke within the community because of a goofy ass copypasta he made trying to brag about his supposed power over the server.
    • LightWarp, a Super Admin, was thought to have committed suicide through a somewhat carefully-crafted plot to essentially escape the community, and many were fooled. It was later found out that his supposed suicide was false and he was in fact still alive. He would occasionally pay the server a visit from then onward, but he never returned to the ranks.
    • The aforementioned skepticism towards management bottled up and exploded by the end of the year, with inFAmas97 being forcibly removed due to an overwhelming amount of community pressure and the owner going completely AWOL (likely a mental breakdown or something similar). This caused the community to scramble to quickly prevent a similar situation from happening again.

    Content warning: Some screenshots may contain NSFW or otherwise offensive language. They have been left unmodified to demonstrate TotalFreedom's evolution on a community-wide scale. Viewer discretion is advised.

    You may view the sets here:

    Spread out across multiple drives and computers of mine are dumps of screenshots taken throughout the course of 2020. I had to do a lot to recover some old screenshots due to the fact that I was experimenting with various different operating systems at the time and at one point use a triple-boot of various versions of Windows and Linux, but I was able to get quite a bit.

    Like 2019, these screenshots have been split into multiple sets due to the different sources that these screenshots were uncovered from:

    • Set #1 consists of screenshots from January to April 2020.
      This large set goes over events like the extremely unstable part of late 2019/early 2020 (in which we were struggling to find a server host that didn't suck), the rise of the TotalFreedom SMP, the growth of the server during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, my attempt to retire from the server, and the fall of Smartn't's influence over the server.
    • Set #2 consists of screenshots from June to August 2020.
      This set is much smaller but it goes over the rise of the SMP server and (after I got a new computer) and certain worlds from when we were attempting to switch forums. This one is smaller because after a certain point I switched from the official Minecraft launcher to MultiMC.
    • Set #3 consists of screenshots from October to December 2020.
      This set goes over the final days of the Seth administration as things became increasingly unstable, Ryan's incredibly optimistic takeover of the server (featuring one of the first ever Ryan-era builds ever being a fucking Lyicx blimp), and an optimistic future for the server under Ryan's administration.
    • Set #4 consists of miscellaneous screenshots taken with a different installation of Minecraft.
      These are all from the beginning of the Ryan era.
    Lore for what happened in 2020

    TotalFreedom went through a lot of drastic changes throughout 2020. Just within one year alone, the following happened:

    • Controversy arose within the first few weeks about how elites in the Seth administration treated members of the community. Said elites then used the controversy to pin everything on Zaid, who was promptly removed for making anti-Semitic remarks. This led to a massive domino effect in the background.
    • The SMP server, like the rest of TF, became extremely popular as a result of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic forcing everyone inside. The idea of running an official TotalFreedom SMP was actually incredibly successful, as activity was pretty high and people legitimately had fun.
    • BServer, a long-standing violator of the TotalFreedomMod license, returned under the names FreedomForever and UnstoppableFreedom. It was quickly given the treatment that BServer was given, with multiple groups of individuals coming together to attack and crash it repeatedly with various known exploits.
    • Internal Affairs was formed with the goal of preventing cleaning up corruption within the ranks.
    • Zaid suddenly returned in April to drop a massive exposé on the people at the very top, exposing a bunch of corruption that had occurred as well as some of the shit they used to say behind the backs of many members of the community. It snowballed into multiple scandals being uncovered which resulted in almost everyone in Smartn't being suspended or resigning from their positions.
    • Seth attempted to polish TF and refine it by making many controversial changes including opening donations, switching from ProBoards to MyBB to Flarum, and making a TotalFreedom a network for the first time.
    • An explosive ownership crisis occurred in which Seth tried to delete the server, Discord, and forums entirely, only for the server to get a second chance with Ryan optimistically taking the wheel and becoming the owner of the server. Although optimistic about running the server and building a full-fledged network out of it by incorporating it into his company, little did he know what kind of community he ended up inheriting.

    Content warning: Some screenshots may contain offensive slurs or mildly not safe for work content. I decided to keep the screenshots unmodified to help paint a picture of how people acted during the Seth administration and how people changed during the Ryan administration. Viewer discretion is advised.

    You may view the sets here:

    Hidden within the depths of an old 4 TB hard drive of mine is a massive dump of screenshots from over the course of 2019 as a whole. I recently uncovered it while looking for the July 2019 SMP world that I posted about earlier. Due to the fact that I had multiple installations of Minecraft at the time, they are split into multiple sets:

    • Set #1 is by far the largest of the bunch, with 879 screenshots.
      This set consists of things like unofficial TF events with Jaygolf, the SMP servers, and everything else. It paints a great picture of the culture of the server and how it shifted over the course of that year.
    • Set #2 is more geared towards the SMP server, but still has about 55 screenshots.
      This set consists of a very specific time period in which I was running a separate installation of Minecraft (likely to play on the SMP server, which had at that point gained a version upgrade if I remember correctly).

    While we were just having fun at the time of these screenshots, little did many know that behind the scenes a group of staff members were gaining influence rapidly and their grasp over the server as a whole was getting firmer and tighter. The gears were turning in the background, we just didn't know what was going on until it was almost too late.

    DISCLAIMER: Some of the screenshots included in this dump contain offensive language. I uploaded them unmodified for a number of reasons. Firstly, it would be tedious to go through every screenshot and manually censor every slur in every screenshot that has them. Secondly, I don't want to tamper with historical screenshots. As such, viewer discretion is advised.

    You can view both sets here:

    Over the course of summer 2019, the Seth administration began toying with the idea of a TotalFreedom SMP server. Initially, it was just a private SMP server for elites to goof around and have fun on, but over time the idea eventually sprouted into a public SMP server that anyone could join. I've decided to release one of the earliest worlds that I could find. It was initially generated on June 26, 2019 and was privately shared with me on July 1, 2019 shortly before it was wiped.


    Even half a decade later, I have a lot of mixed feelings about this world. On one hand, it was during a strange point in TotalFreedom history in which elites hadn't gained a complete influence over the community yet and weren't actively paranoid about Panther fucking with the server. On the other, it represents a "calm before the storm" type scenario as unprecedented levels of corruption soon followed that poisoned the server to its very core. Even on a personal level, I have less than favorable feelings about this world, as it represents a turning point in which many elites (including one I thought I could trust with intimate details) began to treat me less like one of them and more like someone to ridicule and make fun of.


    You can download the world here:

    On May 5, 2020, I became the first known player to join TotalFreedom on an actual, unmodified game console when I set up a proxy that converted Bedrock packets to Java edition packets on my local network and configured it to connect to the server. I took several screenshots to prove that such a task was not only possible, but also somewhat reliable.


    This set the stage for now-cancelled plans in which TotalFreedom would have supported Bedrock edition clients with Geyser. Although it never came into fruition, Ryan can attest to the fact that we did in fact experiment with adding Bedrock support to the network at some point in time.

    You can view the initial run of screenshots here -…_xbone_may2020/

    This was supposed to be posted on this forum, but for some reason I never got around to it.


    Rolling Rocks x0.5 was a Discord server that was used by a group of staff members and operators to coordinate an investigation into Techium, a rogue operator most well-known for attacking the server in mid to late 2018.

    Techium at this point had become infamous in the community for three reasons. First, he made a now-iconic post on the forums that attempted to brag about the power he wielded over the server and declared that he would be the reason the server would die. Second, he very frequently bypassed bans to crash the server and impersonate other staff members (and even managed to successfully get supered in one case). Finally, he was part of a group he called "T9", which was supposedly a group of other rogue players that worked together to attack the server. Thus, several admins had a motive set in stone: infiltrate and dismantle Techium's group to get rid of him.

    The group had multiple plans, but only one of them have since survived the test of time. Plan D was simple: use social engineering (impersonating Discord staff, fake Nitro scam, etc) to gain access to Techium's Discord token, and then use that to get his DMs and the servers he was in. Because this is a grave violation of Discord's TOS and probably a violation of the conduct policy of the time, it's pretty obvious that this investigation was conducted independently from the Admin Officer team at the time. The plan was further detailed as Operation Starlight, and I'll let the quote from a deleted Discord user explain it:


    Video, & Pug/Fionn will convince FileExtension to get Techium's discord token if possible and this must be done privately without other admins knowing except us (SERN obviously). Please note that FileExtension won't be joining our main server (SERN) and only the three admins that are part of our group will be executing the plan.

    Whether or not the plan was successful isn't entirely clear, but ultimately Techium would eventually move on from TotalFreedom sometime in late 2018 anyways and the Discord server was abandoned, but not before it was planned to reshape the group into a news outlet of some sort. Nothing came of this, and it became a ghost town very shortly afterwards.


    You can view the exported Discord chat logs here:…ling-rocks-x0.5

    It has been more than a year since I made this thread. It's time for a bit of an update.

    At the time of the thread's creation, it was known to be the oldest piece of media that showed off the Nether server, having been created merely a month after the server was created. This is no longer the case, as screenshots of the Nether server from December 24, 2010 were uncovered and archived through an old forum post by yours truly after digging deep into the archives of the Minecraft Forum.

    Even though its title of "oldest piece of known TF media" has since been relinquished, its historical importance has remained the same. The video captured the culture of the server through the likes of chat messages and in-game interactions -- something that a mere screenshot cannot accomplish.

    The video continues to be lost, but I want this to change. For months now, I have been considering doing a bounty for it that involves real-life money. Nothing is set in stone yet, but stay tuned.

    A post was created on Reddit's /r/youtube subreddit a few days ago that showed that YouTube arbitrarily loaded slower on Firefox and that switching user agents fixed the problem. For some reason, the all-mighty moderators deleted the original post for reasons not specified.

    You can view an archive of the video they posted here.


    Pretty much everyone knows why Google is doing this. They maintain the engine that powers some of the most popular browsers right now, and they want you to use a Chromium-based browser so that when they shitcan Manifest v2 (which is what many ad blockers use) in Chromium, you don't have any other options. Firefox isn't Chromium-based, and Google is seething knowing that one of their big competitors aren't bending the knee to use their garbage glowware which they can't control.

    Do you find it ironic that TF got its critical hit the same way the previous server did?

    Yes. I remember they griefed the main spawnpoint too, which is pretty eerie to think about. The server was called WitherPVP, and if memory serves correctly it was owned by some guy named Monman11. Some called the server Piemine because that was one of its IP addresses.

    What I find interesting is that WitherPVP and TotalFreedom have actually crossed paths before in some fashion:

    • When the former was still up, a player named "Johnny Threetears" actually recorded a video of them trying to get the IP address of online players using skid-level shit with Command Prompt whilst on WitherPVP. For a second you could actually see me in the server's tab, and two years later someone actually found the video and posted it on the ProBoards forums. The video itself has since been taken down, but a screenshot of me in the tab is still up.
    • Some players from WitherPVP ended up finding TotalFreedom after the former shut down, including a player named jacob62rabbit62, who had previously betrayed my faction by looting and then griefing my skyblock island. I remember it was pretty awkward when we recognized eachother. Someone did file an indefinite ban request for them at some point for trolling, but it ended up getting denied.

    At this time it has been a few weeks since closure and you've started to adjust to life after TotalFreedom.

    For the most part, this is true. I'm still working with some folks to maintain a sort of "reboot" of the server that uses permission nodes and shit, but it's become a lower priority in the face of real life stuff like work.

    Regarding your TF journey, where you are now, and all that's on your mind, just for the sake of it what's something you'd like to say to your future self? Don't need an essay, you've given us all your effort (and then some) already. Just looking for a heartfelt message to bring a smile to your (future) face, that you may not remember writing, but be grateful you did. <3 :lyicx:

    I honestly can't decide. I could remark on the fact that TotalFreedom became almost a prison for me as I practically devoted an unhealthy amount of time and dedication to it at the cost of my personal free time and health. I could remark on how poorly this remark aged. I could remark on how I've changed as a person and as a personality over time, going from an immature child to an edgy middle schooler to an incredibly depressed semi-socialist Redditor to a computer geek with a fierce hatred for social media.

    > totalfreedom shuts down

    > caleb gets improving grades and a job and jacked

    girlfriend incoming

    Hahahaha, I wish. I got fairly close in June, but that's a topic for another time.

    October 30 marks 10 whole years since I first joined the server for the first time. I had just come from a factions and PVP server that crumbled due to someone logging in as someone who they were not to grief and cause mayhem, and while I didn't get to meet my idol (SkyDoesMinecraft) I was intrigued by the concept of a free-op server. Little did I know that a tightly-packed free-op server would end up having such a massive impact on my life that words cannot even begin to fully describe.

    Sure, this is a double-edged sword: it is because of this server that my academic life suffered so greatly, after all. But even with that holding me back a considerable amount, I believe this server has helped me greatly in more ways than one. I've learned quite a bit about programming in languages like Java because of all the patches, plugins, and mods I wrote for the server and its community. I've greatly sharpened my forensics skills from analyzing all sorts of data from log files and such. I got to befriend some truly great people (including some who I would go on to meet in real life) from this server.

    I suppose it's time for a life update. My academic life has continued to improve, but I still have a ways to go before I get anywhere meaningful. I recently got a job so I now have a somewhat stable means of making money on my own. Because the job involves a decent amount of physical labor, I'm also getting a decent workout. Although I don't have anywhere near as much free time as I used to beforehand, I'm still going to do my best to archive the server and everything about it. This is obviously not going to be what I do for my entire life, but still.

    Ask me questions.

    Two years ago, I came up with the idea for a mod that allowed one to have a practically infinite amount of saved hotbars. I called it Hotbars+, and although it was initially a private mod for a few friends, I eventually released it to the public so that others could use it too. The mod was a smash hit with many both on TF and in outside communities, especially with those involved in the item ecosystem.

    While I was at work last night, I thought of an idea for a mod that would serve a similar purpose to Hotbars+, but would be implemented in a completely different manner. For now, let's call it Durango. A lot of mechanics in regards to saved hotbars would be essentially replaced or changed to use a new system instead of extending the existing vanilla system. Differences in functionality would include:

    • The way Durango would store items would be through an SQL database (most likely using SQLite) instead of an NBT file.
      This would bring a much-needed performance boost where instead of loading everything at once like the current vanilla saved hotbar system does all at once, it queries a database instead. Obviously, the item's actual NBT would be stored as a string so that no actual metadata is lost.
    • Instead of saving items in sets of rows, items would instead be saved individually in their own dedicated rows instead.
      While this does make organization slightly difficult, it would allow for a truly infinite amount of saved items. Using the SQLite idea noted above, one could also search for items much more easily by searching through everything by distinctive features like item type, item name, and item lore. Such data would also be stored as dedicated columns to make such a thing possible.

    Although Durango and Hotbars+ would achieve the same goal, they would both be still supported because they have differing implementations and use cases. For example, some would prefer the pure vanilla compatibility that the latter offers over advanced features that the former would have, while others may prefer more flexibility in their item storage over vanilla compatibility, which is what the former would be all about.

    I'd love to hear your feedback on this idea, so please let me know what you think.