Event Host team disbanded

  • As it had been planned for a long time, I've officially disbanded the Event Host team and the Event Host Policy is no longer in effect.

    Now what?

    Everyone can bring new events or activities to life! Please read the instructions in the new TotalFreedom Events Policy.

    We're also currently restructuring the affected sections to make them consistent with the new directives and easier to be used.

    I'm aware there are some event ideas left behind in the suggestions section and I've planned to re-visit all the ones that are already approved or have gained enough support from the community.

    TotalFreedom's Executive Community & Marketing Manager

  • Amazing update! I look forward to seeing community-made events on the server and I'll gladly participate in (almost) any of those! Thanks ECM for this update which I think will bring activity to the server and promote engagement in the community!

    >w< pat me pleasee pat mee pleaseeeeee

  • Hi tizz, thank you so much for this news. I hope this encourages people to implement their fun ideas!!!

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