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    When did we remove libs disguises???

    After Paldiu started updating the server's plugins with the stock versions because lack of devs and it gave OPs unlimited access. We had fun for a day or two before having to permanently remove it.

    I'm happy to announce Feueristic is also taking the AECM role. His primary task will be managing event suggestions and plans, which I believe is doable even if he isn't in the admin team yet.

    A quick reminder, I'm currently covering both community and marketing management roles. RedEastWood still is the AEMM.

    Feueristic is a very active and helpful member of the community, and I'm confident being directly involved in both building and engagement will be a tactical advantage for him.

    Please join me in wishing him good luck for his new assignments.

    Think of what happens when you mention Discord to your friends in real life - nobody wants to use it because they want to avoid the "discord mod" stigma. There are changes to the platform that should have been made to get rid of that stigma


    It's happening, Discord's staff (well the ones I could spot in the Discord Town Hall) is already using the new usernames.

    Interestingly enough, some are appending a . at the end

    One of the co-founders wants it and isn't interested in community's feedback.

    He may be forced to pause the change only if too many people are cancelling Nitro over it.

    Otherwise, it's a lost battle.


    We know this is kinda like other apps, but that's the point.

    Flawed logic. Discord's success was from being different. Having a lot of apps that are "same, but different, but still same" means every single one will eventually collapse until the one with the most money remains!

    (Spoiler alert: it'll be either Alphabet/Google or Meta/Facebook.)

    Okay, normal members cannot vouch or object.

    Where are you pulling this from?

    All operators and members of staff will have an equal vote, we are doing away with the point-based system for now which favored Senior & Exec votes.

    As already said to you, from the voting instructions:

    It's discouraged for applicants to respond to every single comment made on their application, however if you feel a comment on your application is incorrect or untrue you may address this as politely and calmly as you can.


    “Mentally unstable” is an official title that started as a joke on Discord and gradually evolved to a proper award in order to promote engagement in game. It is given to the top 10 active players on the freedom game mode server and is determined by examining the active playtime registered by Plan in the last full calendar month.


    The players who make it into the monthly ranking get the following rewards:

    • a Discord role
    • access to a dedicated Discord text channel
    • a custom colour in the freedom server; usually visible in the tab menu, applied to the username shown over the player or while glowing, unless the player has a higher official rank or title
    • 250 coins on the freedom server’s shop; if the title is kept from the previous check the amount doubles to 500
    • build permissions in a themed base on the freedom server

    How to get the list

    You need to make a query in the Plan's web interface as follows:

    1. access Plan's Query page
    2. set the time interval between the beginning of the first day of the desired month and the end of the last day of that month
    3. select "Freedom-01" as the only data source
    4. hit "Perform query!"
    5. reorder the resulting table in descending order of active playtime

    The full instructions with the technical details are available to the Executive Community Manager (ECM) and its assistant (AECM) as part of their dedicated resources on Teams.

    The ECM or AECM should post the updated list as a forum announcement at the beginning of each month.

    The holy trinity of Microsoft's technical support in case of random system corruption is:

    dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

    sfc /scannow

    chkdsk c: /f

    Just did that yesterday at work to fix Windows Update and it worked lol

    If it fails, doing an in-place upgrade using the Windows installer would likely replace any borked system file.

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    Through the activation of external content, you agree that personal data may be transferred to third party platforms. We have provided more information on this in our privacy policy.

    The last month we had some very engaged players, let's see how this round will turn out!

    Frutiger083d 2h 57m 18s
    antigamesm123d 2h 7m 46s
    Yurni2d 15h 49m 34s
    KaddicusAlmighty2d 10h 30m 54s
    Feueristic2d 6h 37m 51s
    _97_1d 21h 8m 25s
    HopeGamer101d 18h 40m 34s
    Joelrock1d 18h 19m 29s
    rrnu1d 18h 8m 9s
    afterimg1d 17h 56m 43s

    Many people have asked me what does the title mean or how to get the list from Plan. I've decided to publish a simplified version of the instructions we keep on Teams, I'll add the link here after proof-reading and posting it on the forum. ;)