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    Here are the main things that we'd like to use the hub for:

    • A beginner's area to learn the basic, not so intuitive features
    • A museum for the history of TotalFreedom

    Feedback is very appreciated.

    1. What is your full discord name (Ex: DiscordUser#1234)
    2. What is your Minecraft IGN? (Ex: Wild1145)
    3. What is your timezone?
      GMT+1 excluding DST
    4. Do you have any previous experience in discord moderation or administration?
      I used to have my personal guild and be staff in some others which helped me to get used to Discord's administration and moderation tools. Furthermore, as a senior admin on TF I'm able to timeout problematic members.
    5. Why should you be picked over others? (Describe in 50 words or more)
      I've had a fairly long experience in the TF staff, starting as an admin and, then, as a hub mod until my promotion to senior admin, allowing me to prove I have the maturity and rationality to deal with any situation. De-escalation is my preferred course of action and I try to keep a neutral stance when possible. I like to be helpful and make myself available when my assistance is required.
    6. Have you read and understood Discord's Guidelines & TOS? (Yes or No)

    there's a script Folfy_Blue created that removes chunks that have not been modified by a player

    To my knowledge, that's incorrect. The version we ran only removed chunks where no entity had stepped in. It worked but wasn't as effective as hoped in flatlands, where a lot fo players have been flying aimlessy for a very long time, and Video used his archiving bot.

    What you say is totally possible but it's more resource-intensive, and in non-flat worlds it'd need to compare each chunk with what the world generator would originally make.

    I think the original idea that I support was to allow players to have a different building experience with the same features available in the flatlands. Having it on a different server opens a ton of issues about not being able to use schematics, staff ranks etc.

    I vouch for it to be oart of the freedom server.

    Why not? Just test it and, if it's an up to date and easier to use alternative, I'm all in.

    Right clicking the Lift sign does not change the destination floor for multi-level lifts (3+ floors)

    You need to hit it with a block in your hand to change the destination. I agree the documentation is scarce and the plugin is very unintuitive. There's a YT video somewhere.

    Reread what I said carefully

    I still don't get what are you saying. EssentialsX can't detect TFM and falls back to permissions.yml, which is empty, and full OP bypass. You and other devs took time to manually add TFM integration and replace the relevant code with TFM's functions. If EssentialsX devs change something and merge conflicts arise, you have to start over. And you never integrated all commands, some are still bypassing TFM like /tree or /bigtree so we had to completely block them with TFM's or WorldGuarld's command blocker, or the damage is at least easy to undo.

    Why would we even want an additional nether & end dimension?


    The server has the normal dimensions:

    • World
    • World_nether
    • World_the_end

    The following dimensions are also loaded thanks to TFM:

    • Adminworld
    • Flatlands
    • Masterbuilderworld

    The following world is loaded by PlotSquared: plotworld

    If we want void world to be loaded, we need one of the following:

    • Additional code in TFM to make it load
    • Wait for videogamesm12 to push its change to TFM to add world customisation in the plugin's config
    • Add the insecure and unreliable Multiverse to the server
    • Find a way with datapacks

    I actually thought about changing the "rainbow trail" so that it uses particles instead of wool blocks, after seeing some players' slighty disappointed feedback to that purchase.

    We've already started giving coin prizes for the top 10 active players every month.

    I think giving coins for contributing to the server in some ways isn't a bad idea. Things like good spawn builds which are then used or other activities involving entertainment.