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  • @97 was messing with me and hrassing me buy messing with my build I was jist making a raill way now im baned for 2 days I was doing nothing rong I was makeing crossings and stuff like that but @97 thought that the path ways were 1 way Olney it feels really unfair Im hopeing to be unbaned and my build reinstated im comeing to you for your help im ticked about this and you wode to I like trains and bilding them but then when im sut down for another thing it is not a good felling im about to freking ciry it is that bad also this was at the newest sp point pls help me I dont what my tracks to be pulled up for some dum reason if I can jist talk it out with the guy and work this out it wode be ok but now im jist freking out

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  • There’s other purple fish in the sea

  • lyicx why did you delete my post replying to kaddicus?

    just wondering

    • it was just a quote from what i saw and had nothing added onto it. i presumed it was a mistake

    • can you please put it back?

      if possible

    • the quote was edited so that kaddicus could see me respond to the specific parts

    • oh righto, mb. ill fix it

    • Thank you

  • Lyicx sucks

    • u fell off :(

    • You fell ummm you fell off even more

  • Based purple man.

  • not a true hermano

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    • woah woah woah, too far hermano

    • Cant agree more lyicx sucks

  • Feces.

    • shit

    • Thats him yes i agree thats lyicx lyicx sucks

  • poop

  • Aids

    • my condolences on your diagnosis

    • Lyicx is aids thats right i cant agree more lyicx should be demoted

  • Lyicx, more like smelly, right guys.........right.......

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    • the only shit im smelling is the bollocks coming out of your mouth

    • dawg i can smell you from all the way over here, what are you talking about

    • bro why you smelling yourself

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    • Nah that's not me.

      Your stench just stretches all the way to the US, that's how smelly you are.


    • this sounds like mega cope

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  • Did you know switching to Geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance?

  • Absolute chad.

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