Server Conduct Policy

Category 1 (Indefinite Bannable Offenses)

Bans that restrict the user from joining the server indefinitely depending on the severity of the offense. Users who are indefinitely banned are able to appeal via the forums or email.

a. Attempts at harming the server.

b. Repeated rule-breaking (recurring category 2 & 3 offenses or punishment bypassing).

c. Attempting to or successfully DDoSing or doxing any (ex)member of TotalFreedom.

d. Impersonating any (ex)member of TotalFreedom.

e. Framing any (ex)member of TotalFreedom.

f. Unauthorized access to staff-exclusive resources.

g. Using an exploit that restricts a players experience.

h. Attempts to harm any (ex)member of TotalFreedom.

i. Threatening to commit/committing illegal activities that violate US Law on any official TotalFreedom platform.

Category 2 (Temporary Bannable Offenses)

Bans that restrict the user from joining the server for 24 hours. Users who were given a day ban are able to appeal via the forums.

a. Modifying other players’ builds (with intent) without permission from the builder.

b. Tricking players into breaking a rule.

c. Repeated offenses from Category 3 (Minor Offense).

d. Posting links to NSFW, scams, gore, or money soliciting sites.

e. Self-harm or suicide threats.

Category 3 (Minor Offenses)

These offenses will not result in a 24-hour ban or an indefinite ban unless they are done repeatedly. (Punishment may include: mutes, smites, temporary bans, warnings etc).

a. Bigotry.

b. Spamming commands or chat.

c. Being a nuisance to other players.

d. Interfering with an admin doing their job.

e. Having a nickname that is unreadable, i.e. admins cannot use /realname on it.

f. A tag/nick that implies an official rank that they do not have or one that impersonates another player.

g. Pornographic builds if in a 250 block radius of spawn.

h. Advertising a server more than once in a 1 hour period.


Saving Builds

To save your builds (i.e. create a WorldEdit schematic), first use the //wand tool to select the bounds of your build (i.e. the opposite corners of your build). Then, type //copy to place your build on the clipboard, and type //schem save nameofbuild to save your build (replacing nameofbuild with a unique name of your own).
To load a schematic back into the world, do //schem load nameofbuild, and then //paste..


This server features an additional flat-land building world which is very useful for building intricate creations. You can access this world by typing /flatlands, and you can get back to the main world by typing /flatlands again.


You are free to use creative or survival mode on the server. For creative, type /creative. For survival, type /survival.

Upper-Level Staff Members

Last Updated: August 20th, 2020