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    In my experience, this has always made connecting to servers that use this difficult with a VPN.

    I'd much prefer Cloudflare's competitor product, Spectrum, if implementing something like this is ever considered.

    Object, I feel the amount is just perfect. Since the only things that use the coins are the shops (which use fixed pricing) and occasional tipping I don't particularly feel it's really necessary to give a shit about whether or not the TF economy is hype-inflated.

    School only teaches us what's already discovered by someone else. School is not going to tell you how to make Quantum Computers or how to travel faster than light. Just think, the people that discovered electricity wasn't taught about electricity in school.

    And by teaching us what has already been discovered by someone else, it helps us come up with ideas and creations of our own. That's the real value

    of school, in my opinion.

    Typing and using basic end user functionality of computers is common sense. For typing, you just press a key and the letter just shows up. For computers, press a button and the screen comes on, you would learn how to use the mouse on your own.

    For the advanced, power-user functionality, just look it up or use YouTube.

    No, basic computing functions are certainly NOT common sense. I probably shouldn't be talking here as I've been using computers from a very young age and feel I can become reasonably adept at handling a complex application within a few minutes. But, for the average person who hasn't been using computers, it isn't as simple as that. How are the "caps lock", "shift", "backspace", "alt", "ctrl" and "alt gr" keys common sense? How exactly are you supposed to know what they mean from the moment you look at a keyboard? I agree that a mouse is certainly a simple concept to grasp once you've gotten a feel for it, but I'm going to go out here and say you instantly know how to use it from the get-go.

    (Public) schools provide an outlet for disadvantaged (poor or otherwise neglected children) children to learn how to use computers, which they may not have access to at home. And, as you've said in your post, is a dependency for our civilization. Such children wouldn't be able to learn how to use computers at an early age without school.

    Your native language - you would have learned it on your own, anyway. Most of what you learn in school has to do with the analysis of sentences, etc. Things that are not essential for daily life. Reading, writing and speaking would be learned naturally.

    I learnt how to understand and speak language from observation and I wasn't directly taught it in school. But that doesn't mean school didn't supplement my speech, it taught me the actual definitions of these words (and not just the approximate definitions I had guessed from observation). However, I don't think it's possible to learn reading or writing from just observing other people write without explanation or someone overseeing your practice. I'm going to be honest, I don't remember much from when I was learning all those essential skills but I'm adamant I certainly learnt them in school.

    Either way, you could give the kid a video game (or, heck, send him to a chatroom that uses English) for a month and he'd learn more than in a year of school.

    And then he'd be off learning explicit language parents obviously don't want their child learning. And most of the time the English used in chatrooms isn't going to be actual English, it's just going to be the condensed shit you find on the internet. Good luck finding a chatroom user who writes with words more than 4-letters long.

    Other foreign languages - let's be honest, they won't be used and will be forgotten. Just a way to fill up the school schedule.

    I mean sure, you'll probably be fine because everyone speaks English nowadays native or not but foreign languages aren't just "forgotten". Becoming fluent in a language is a surefire way of mostly eliminating the language barrier if, for example, you make frequent business trips to a foreign country. I know that's a very remote example but my main point still stands; foreign languages aren't useless. Have you ever met someone online who doesn't speak English natively and want to communicate with them in their mother tongue? I know I certainly have.

    Physical education - kids would do their own activity if you just left them the alone. And it would be more fun for them, too, since it could include things like climbing trees.

    Personally, I never liked the sports classes. But, for lazy kids like me who probably wouldn't exercise outside of these classes, are a necessary evil for good health. Also, I don't think I should have to say this but please don't let children climb trees unsupervised (or even at all for a matter of fact).

    School teaches us by shoving stuff into the human brain. This is now how people actually learn. The human brain is not just a bag that you can put stuff in. It learns by focus and interaction. It is also a biological organ that requires energy which is constantly being depleted. It has a need for rest and play. This means that, if someone is bored, tired or hates the subject, they will not learn very well at that point. So you can't just throw the kitchen sink at someone and expect it to stick. Which is exactly what the schooling system tries to do. Bury students with nonsense until nothing registers, and then bury them further with homework. In this case - even if you find something useful and / or interesting in there - it will get ignored by the already overloaded brain.

    Memorization certainly isn't how people learn how to do things, you learn more by actually practicing the thing you memorized how to do. That, in my eyes, is the value of schoolwork and homework. It's practice, so you get better at doing the essential things. I think school is very much a "throw shit at the wall and see what sticks", but that's the whole point. It prepares you for whatever job you want to get into after you've completed your education.

    Also, please don't pretend students' brains get at any point "overloaded". You'll naturally forget the shit you don't need, so there's no need to worry about the stuff you don't need.

    If is my fault for not paying attention, then I challenge you to draw the entire world map, including the names of every country, without looking it up on the internet. Go on, you have seen it bunch of times in school, so this should be easy for you.

    I never really paid attention in classes, and yet got passing grades in all of the subjects I cared about. I remember always being bored out of my mind at school because I could never really do the things I wanted to do there. Though all that "the thing I wanted to do" consisted of was messing around on the computer.

    Even if I did pay attention in classes, I don't have a caliber of memory that could even be considered good enough to remember every country in the world, even if I wanted to. Maybe the reason for that is because it's filled with useless crap about TV, movie and book plots or the nuances of Java... I honestly couldn't tell you why, but for as long as I've remembered I have barely been able to remember what I was going to do next half of the time. I've always been unfortunately crappy at art and honestly haven't felt it worth enough to put the amount of commitment necessary to be even a decent one.

    So no, I can't "draw the entire world" as you've asked of me here. Also, fuck geography. Worst subject.

    I came out just fine


    I don't see anyone blaming their stupidity on the education system here, what I see is someone analysing what they're actually being taught (read on the post where he expands on his statement). A bunch of what I learned at school has been absolutely useless for me afterward, even in the world of work. I think a modified version of the UK education system would be good though.

    It certainly wasn't his intention... what I see in his post is someone unfairly criticizing the education system with some very minor criticisms (in my opinion) and calling for its unjust eradication.

    Don't get me wrong, I've never, ever liked or even enjoyed school, but it certainly is necessary. Perhaps it wasn't necessary hundreds of years ago but it sure as hell is today. Schools are just a more efficient variety of mass-education.

    Going to withdraw from this thread as I've said everything I want to and as such I don't feel much need to continue making rebuttals.

    tl;dr school, in my opinion, is necessary to educate the masses and especially working class children.

    Personally I don't think that blueish tone fits with the TotalFreedom logo. The current accent matches much more well.

    every time i open 1.19.84 i feel my constitutional right of freedom of speach as a uk citizen is wiped away ...

    Sorry, but refusing to use versions 1.19.1+ will not prevent Microsoft/Mojang from banning you. This is because that the global moderation system is implemented to Minecraft's authentication servers (it's designed that if you're banned, your authentication keys will just be dropped). This therefore means that this system is somewhat backported to older versions of the game.

    My post was satirical in nature... Please don't respond to it seriously.

    Also, it doesn't need backporting to 1.19-... the authentication server is version agnostic for versions that support the newer API.

    For what it's worth, developers can be given log extracts (And I've done so often on the Jira bug tickets) and admins can absolutely do the same if they need developer assistance troubleshooting bugs.

    I think all developers would prefer to view logs instead of making someone else do it. I also believe it's unfair for the admins to do what should logically be the jobs of developers.

    I understand why everyone wants long-term worlds... but the size of Minecraft worlds is ludicrous. Mojang really needs to get their shit together on this one and make a new chunk format that isn't as wasteful as the current one.

    I propose we wipe worlds after 6 months, as a sort of medium-term compromise between the two ideas. Shouldn't get too big in that period of time (I hope)

    I'm still dumb. Seriously though, the education system is a failure. All they do is teach you about useless stuff that you aren't even going to use, and because you aren't even going to use the stuff you "learned" you just end up forgetting about it.

    Schools should just be removed entirely. Why? Because for almost the entirety of human history there were no such thing as school, and yet despite that we still survived. However, very recently at some point, it was decided that people must go to school. There is no basis for doing so, it was just arbitrary decided.

    Schools suck.

    You write this post knowing for well that school taught you how to write, read, count and it also most likely taught you how to type and use computers in the first place. Yes, the education system does certainly have its faults but if it were removed entirely as said in posts above the literacy rate would nosedive and so would the average IQ, which obviously isn't very good for a country in the Information Age...

    Please stop blaming your sub-par intelligence on the education system. Not paying attention in school isn't the school's fault, it's yours.

    That sounds even more bypassable than the current system we have.

    Pick your poison:

    • Strict filter: Difficult to bypass, high risk of false positives.
    • Lenient filter: Low risk of false positives, easy to bypass.

    Unfortunately, due to the limitations of technology (as of right now), you cannot have the best of both.

    Easily a strict filter, false negatives are way more detrimental than a false positive.