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    I had a somewhat similar issue, but my launcher just wouldn't update. The best choice to make at the moment is to use MultiMC, very easy to use and works very well and it's free. So I'd say to use that until a solution to this is figured out.

    Personally, I recommend a fork of MultiMC, PrismLauncher, as it adds features MultiMC is lacking like a built-in mod downloader and UI customization.

    The author of MultiMC has likened using the "MultiMC" name without his permission to rape. Even if you're not using the features I've mentioned above, I'd recommend switching as the upstream author is a prick.

    How can we make it work when creative copy is possible?

    By disallowing people to copy items from others in Scissors... For example, optionally removing NBT (excluding color, enchantments) and such from the equipment packet and removing the Items and EnderItems tag from query responses altogether.

    I'm going to say this again and again: I really do not like the concept of a shop on the Freedom server in the first place. It goes against the foundation of the server where things like that were given out to operators equally. To justify its existence, people have said that the goal of it is to help with player retention. Threads discussing why people stick around on this server bare no mention of this.

    I can tolerate its existence currently, but do note that I see rewriting it as a bit of a waste of time.

    This post isn't solely about the shop; it's about adding more ways to earn and spend coins and giving the players Freedom to decide how they go about that.

    Only executives can.

    Post amended.

    You can vote every day on our official server listings (20 coins each vote) and get to top 10 active players (250-500 coins each month). I had other ideas but harder to implement.

    Please note that for the majority of my time on TotalFreedom, voting was broken. Even though it is indeed fixed now, I think it would be much, much better for players to earn coins through gameplay, rather than entering their username on a site, perhaps solving a captcha and pressing a button.

    I've noticed that TotalFreedom coins are currently worthless, useless and pointless. The following paragraphs should inform you of why I've came to that conclusion, and what I personally believe should be done about it.

    The items in the shops are basically impossible to get without grinding reactions. Reactions appear every 5 minutes, and are currently configured to award player 10 coins. Here are some of the costs of the items in the shop, how much they cost, how many reactions you need to complete from a new account to make that money and how long you have to spend staring at your screen to complete those reactions:

    Stacking Potato: 300 coins, 30 reactions, 2 and a half hours.

    Lightning Rod: 1000 coins, 100 reactions, 8 hours and 20 minutes.

    Rainbow Trail: 1500 coins, 150 reactions, 12 and a half hours.

    This doesn't even take into account other people claiming reactions or the obvious breaks you'll need in-between reactions. Granted, players could indeed spread this across multiple days but... why would you be willing to invest that much time into a rod that spawns lightning bolts or an item that spawns rainbow wool behind you?

    Maybe this could indeed work as a player retention technique in 2020/21, when everyone collectively had a lot more free time on their hands, but that certainly isn't the case anymore.

    The reaction system being the only real method of earning coins will inevitably lead to player burnout.

    You also can't currently use TF Coins for anything outside of the shop.

    Now, here's what I suggest we do about it:

    • Don't allow executives to gift themselves money. As we've seen in the real world, printing money seldom ends well.
    • Allow players to facilitate trading items with/without TF Coins. This could be used to trade items with customized NBT. Of course, this would require adding an option to remove EnderItems and Items from entity query responses in Scissors, but that's a fairly easy implementation.
    • Allow players to use, earn and spend TF Coins across the TotalFreedom Network. For example, awarding the player for killing someone or finding diamonds/emeralds in an SMP event. Or perhaps using TF Coins instead of Emeralds in a Villager trade, or something of the like. This gives players an interactive and fun way to earn TF Coins, instead of typing boring alphanumeric characters. This also incentivizes participating in events, with an obvious reward. Playerbase and retention outside of the main Freedom-01 server seems to be one of the current issues plaguing the network, which this would soothe.

    For obvious reasons, I recommend this is implemented in the future as a TF-Core module.

    In my experience, this has always made connecting to servers that use this difficult with a VPN.

    I'd much prefer Cloudflare's competitor product, Spectrum, if implementing something like this is ever considered.

    Spectrum is expensive as caviar with a side of bollocks. TCPShield uses Cloudflare either way, if you have it enabled in their more premium plans.

    Then why not just use Cloudflare? Why the middleman?