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    This appeal uses the wrong template. This template is ONLY for 24 hour bans. Please delete this post and use the correct template

    Correct template is as follows:

    1. Minecraft name:

    2. Discord username and discriminator (username#discriminator) (if any):

    3. Approximate date of perm ban:

    4. Reason for perm ban. Please do not lie and try to be sincere and apologize as applicable:

    5. Do you agree to follow our server rules (see and the rules in place on the forum (, and all the conditions stated above?


    @paiige1_#1041 He also explained his erratic behavior with the stigmatic, toxic environment of TF when it was run by CreeperSeth. Due to the much more friendly place, I believe that it is extremely unlikely that he will engage in activities such as the serial trolling that originally got him banned.

    I fail to see how creeperseth, the owner at the time, and his toxic encompassment would affect this operator.

    However, you are an admin here and so naturally you should be fit to do you role - therefor I will believe you when you say that he has changed (I have no reason to believe otherwise yet). I will be willing to vouch under the condition that if he fucks up, it’s on you.

    Normally I would have an opinion of my own, but this perm ban appeal is extremely sparse and wasn’t even submitted by him, so I will have to resort to trusting your judgement.

    I was literally so close to banning you because I thought you were the person who kept crashing the server.

    welcome back dude even though I have no idea who you are

    What the fuck??
    Am I the only one seeing the real issue here?
    Which admins were online when you think this happened.
    And someone needs to filter through logs and see which admins went to the adminworld.


    @zekurt#307 There is a lot to unpack here but the bottom line is that you misread the graph.

    Ahhhh I see now - that shifts things a lot.
    Alright that’s a valid point, Trump's supporters have changed demographic from the ordinary citizen to the wealthy.

    I still disagree as I think that Trump will still win, but to each their own.



    When you bring that table into the conversation, you need to take into account the deeper meaning and message.

    Certain people may not like Trump for some of his racist remarks and actions - and those people are generally poorer than average (thus being labelled poor on the graph), so if you talk about the average joe, make sure you think about the issues that they face that aren’t material (like racism and classism). This could be why they voted Biden rather than Trump. While I appreciate Trump hasn’t handled COVID-19 economic consequences appropriately, especially those affecting poorer people, in my opinion the motive for voting Biden is ulterior.
    I realise I need to tread lightly when discussing this topic, and will do so accordingly.


    @zekurt#300 Just not true, most of Biden's support comes from older, centrist leaning voters within the democratic party. Also his marketing campaign has not been targeting them in the same way Bernie was, in that he is against medicare for all, free college, and legalized marijuana. His campaign has instead focused on undecided centre-right swing voters.

    While his campaign team may not have anticipated young people supporting Biden - the only reason they do is because Bernie dropped out. Biden was the next best thing in the eyes of young people and it really shows, especially on social media.
    So rather than focusing on what Biden really stands for, the bigger point is what social media PORTRAYS him to be, which is a far leftist.

    At this moment, I’m almost certain that Trump will win. From an economic standpoint he has been one of the best presidents in a long time - and that is what primarily concerns those who can vote. As fionn stated, Biden's ad campaign focused on young people and relied on them to spread awareness.

    That being said, the second most Gen-Zs turn 18 (which will probably be next term), the Republicans won’t be in power for a very long time, especially in this PC culture we live in.

    So back in 2015, I started my own minecraft servers, and they were doing quite well relative to how much time I actually put into them.
    I’ve decided to bring one back - with a few additions. I’m going to be bringing back Minelight, which was originally a dungeon PVP server.
    A key change that will be made is that now this server features TFM as well, so everyone will be OP and be able to do as they please, while also having the option to battle mobs in a PvE environment. I’m also thinking about implementing a 1v1 PvP plugin, so two OPs can PvP in a controlled environment - determining a clear winner.
    Server testing and development begins today.
    Any help is needed and appreciated.

    Please note, if you are a staff member here at TotalFreedom, you are automatically eligible* to gain the equivalent rank on Minelight.
    *decided based on the staff to player ratio

    UPDATE 1

    We have got a whole host of new features!

    • Players are now able to craft and sell drugs!
    • Players are now able to get jobs and earn income
    • Players are now able to purchase vehicles, houses and cosmetics using the money they earn from their jobs
    • Players are now able to play Manhunt with one another (includes discord support)
    • Players are now able to play Death Swap
    • Randomised disasters are now a feature! There may be a tsunami, earthquake or volcano eruption at any given time
    • TotalFreedom Mod is still running through all of this! Enjoy doing what you see best.
    • God Items are now able to be purchased and crafted, or found in chests in dungeons.

    The Dungeon PvE aspect of the server is still in development, but there is still a wide variety of things to do.

    IP will be released later today.

    Any ideas/suggestions are welcome, along with critique.

    Another question is why are MBs building in a separate world? Build them on the main world so everyone can enjoy the builds. We can protect them and save a copy as a schematic.

    Vouch as I feel that resetting with pre-loaded map would stop the server looking like shit.