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    is there also a way to show recent posts at the very top, as opposed to recent activity. as in make it purely just posts. i don’t particularly care if someone liked a comment, but I would like to see if a new post was made.

    What else I fucking dislike is ren not replying to any of this shit. It’s borderline actually pissing me off. Why is Lyicx the only one defending every objection to her?

    Her silence and the fact that Lyicx is the one defending the objections against her gives more credence to the whole “she grew off Lyicx” narrative.

    People here are confusing the issue with Ren’s association with Lyicx.

    The major concern is the appearance of an unfair advantage, with key points of evidence being Ren’s seemingly agreed on irrelevance before Lyicx made the “Ren and Lyicx fan club” and then ultimately dating her (taken word for word from his own post, not trying to be rude).

    Previous applicants have gained popularity and support on their own, but it seems that Ren has had it handed to her. Lyicx himself admitted that Ren was not particularly known before he made her known. The lack of action from Ren herself is what’s causing people to object.


      Luke lets not try to overcorrect; there are players that were more obscure than ren who still got to power and let’s not object just cuz she’s associated with lyicx

    I think my clarification above should serve as a response to this. Saying “lets not object just cuz of shes associated with lyicx” ignores a lot of context as to why people are objecting in the first place.


      Luke otherwise we’re doing exactly what we’re trying to stop.

    You haven’t explained what this means at all - it’s very vague so I don’t know how to respond here.

    Another key concern

    I had not thought of this concern until I read Folfy’s post. Ren very rarely interacts with the community unless Lyicx is online, and she interacts with other people even less. Folly provides evidence   Folfy_Blue here.


      Luke can i just ask what in particular ren (and other applicants) can do in the current state of tf

    player reports? as in the ones that get dealt with almost instantly because an admin is on a lot of the time? especially given ren’s timezone is lyicx’s meaning lyicx is likely to deal with it before she gets the chance?

    ‘Helping ops’ is too broad. i don’t personally expect potential admins to go around going ‘how can i help ops’ cuz if they do they’ll be accused of being powerhungry.

    Ren should at least be known as something other than “Lyicx’s girlfriend”. She should at least interact with community members independently of Lyicx, and she should at least stay on and play the game even if Lyicx isn’t online.


      lyicx but i know theres been RECENT instances where shes engaged with other people. admittedly they started it, took it off server and unfortunately had ulterior motives meaning i had to step in anyway, as a partner. wasn’t admin at the time and i doubt they’re making a return so, that problem was solved there. still its one instance she wanted me to name but it does show engagement with new people, or just people that are not me.

    this “example” is fucking ridiculous and you know it. this is an admin application and the fact that you have used an instance where someone else started an interaction with ren for ulterior motives as evidence of her interacting with other people is fucking stupid man. ive genuinely tried to be patient with you defending your girlfriend here but this point would not stand if it was anyone or anything else.

      lyicx id like to see more of what ren can do individually, independently of you. i’ll definitely look back to this application in the days before it’ll be processed and adjust my vote accordingly. i just feel like this influx of vouches and votes are coming off of your reputation, rather than ren’s credibility. maybe that’s wildly incorrect, but based on your previous reply (in which you list how you got her involved and very directly suggested that ren’s popularity is due to you making the fan club and dating her) I suspect that I may be right. your last post was a bit of a dagger as it confirmed my suspicions that ren gained relevance purely off of you, and not her own independent actions. maybe you can rephrase if you meant something different (but keep the original too)?

    ill go through her interactions independently of you and see how she interacts with other members of the community, and how she acts independently of you.

    in some ways, your relationship with her has led me to scrutinise this application more than others. but hey, it makes others scrutinise it less so, you win some you lose some. i just want to be sure that ren isn’t just coming into the team from popularity, because there have been many competent admins who got their app denied to due a lack of popularity (such as You!).

      lyicx ah my mistake. i used a month because it was when she joined the forums, I figured the dates would coincide. either way, would you agree that ren has only really become a member of our community within the last month or so?

    object; its too soon. if any other applicant had only been playing for like a month, this would be a big reason to object. unfortunately i will not give you the benefit of the doubt for being in a relationship with lyicx, because i hate lyicx.


      taah he handled his suspension maturely

    I’m trying to see your side with this, but I can’t find any real evidence of dragon handling this suspension maturely.

    When we were talking about what he did in the admin-discussion channel on Discord, Dragon was adamant that he would not be suspended and that he didn’t need to be suspended. He was arguing with all of us, with his main point being that he did not deserve to be suspended.

    Immediately after his suspension, he asked to “speak with Steven privately” which I suspect was relating to how his suspension was “unfair”.

    Then he made a month long joke in which he threatened to do the exact thing he was suspended for.

    When I told him that there was evidence that he had leaked teams, this was his response -


    Awesome, I can't wait for evidence to appear from the sky, let me know when the alien UFO flies over, abducts you, and tells you the juicy secrets lmao 🤣

    If I’m missing anything out, please tell me.