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    Activity checks were being abused when they were refuarly being done so they are intended to be randomly ran.

    oh okay fair enough then. i think it’s better to have slightly more regular checks to invoke a discipline in admins (even if it means that they are being forced to play when they don’t want to), it just reduces chances of a large portion of admins being wiped out because they know that by a certain point in time they need to have a good amount of activity. but i’m not eao so that’s all good

    i get ‘if you were involved why dont you help’ i tried but got mainly ignored

    j to add on this luke did genuinely offer to help after video asked for help, and then video aired him for ages.

    i think this document is just a vessel being used to vent frustration with the EAO team. applications being left for fucking months, missing the senior app window, not doing inactivity checks for months (then wiping half the team as a result of inconsistent checks that set a standard to maintain), and finally this document that i genuinely believe can be finished within a day if you actually dedicate time to it.

    that is my little rant and it will probably get deleted for violating some forum guidelines but it needed to be said

    im confused, isnt it very public knowledge who caused this? or do you mean who ran the command

    as I think it isn’t super clear from the comments of this post I will explain. Basically after the permissions all fucked up on the events server the problem was contained only within the events server, but then one user on the events server added the * permission node to the default network manager group, fucking up permissions all across the network. Presumably, after this happened, that same user, and probably some others, went around to the other servers and fucked stuff up further, now that they had full unrestricted permissions on the entire network

    Thanks for explaining, but it’s fucking ridiculous to act like that one individual was the reason for this outage. We fucked up, they found it. Our fuck up is the main cause, not the individual. We failed in our role to make sure shit like this doesn’t happen; I appreciate that the user did fuck up too and they should be banned, but the majority of blame lies with us so let’s not pretend.

    not sure where this idea came from where we’re actually playing a movie

    Because that is the most obvious way to take what you’ve said.

    This entire event has been announced very poorly. This thread doesn’t even address what the event is. I had to ask you about whether we were actually watching a movie. You say that I haven’t been following the other posts, but the ONE other post on this was a retarded compilation of people being just as confused as I was.

    Personally, I don't find holding grudges for more than a month or so to be very good for my mental health. I find forgiveness often yields more bountiful results than holding such grudges. But maybe that's just me.

    You fail to understand any of our points. It’s not about grudges, it’s about trust. Sure I can forgive Yurni, but I cannot trust them. Jfc

    Who’s on the team, what’s the ip, what version, what are the rules+punishments

    given the fact that it has no connection to TF you can’t rely on TF staff protecting the server from raids etc (lowkey akefu might strike the event)

    IGN: RedEastWood

    Potential time per week able to support testing: 14 hours per week

    (In a couple of sentences max) Why would you like to help test new functionality for TF?: Yhyh cmonnnnn I just wanna help and I’m dependable so cmonnnnn

    seems like an encroachment of power and you have a history of doing this. ryan has also historically been opposed to hosting tf events outside of tf. one time fionn had a bedwars event on hypixel, and it didnt go down too well with ryan. have u asked ryan about this?