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    i wont say that i know exactly what you are going through, because everyone's circumstances are different. but i do know the feeling of losing someone that at one point, i truly loved. the feeling of overwhelming anxiety, the thoughts in your head that never seem to stop, the feeling of hopelessness and the pain at seeing the memories you shared with that person. the truth is there are no words i can use to actually and truthfully describe the feeling that I have gone through, and that I think you are going through - it just really fucking sucks.

    another thing i should mention is that there are no solutions. you can do the stuff people tell you to, like go outside, exercise, eat better etc, but these will not have the impact that you want. the truth is all of these things are designed to make you feel better as an independent individual, but the real problem is that for so long you have been used to being a couple, not an individual.

    but the thing is, this feeling will pass. one day you will wake up and realise that you no longer care about this stuff, and you will go back to being the person you, and we, know that you are. it might not be soon, but i promise that this day will come. until that day comes, you should grieve in whichever way you think will benefit you the most. and if you can, why not do some of the generic bullshit people say will make you feel better - it does have a positive impact, be it a minimal one.

    just wait for that day to come, because its gonna come sooner than you think. and when it does come, you will look at this period as a journey rather than a setback.

    it’s an excuse for democrats and their counterparts to use racism as a way to become more electable to their demographics (which is the majority of african americans)

    Do the majority of Democratic, black voters support this policy? Or for that matter: do the majority of Democrat-voters support this policy?

    my only knowledge on this question comes from a paper i read a while back. it was by john pankow and i’m sure you can find it online somewhere. it claimed that around half of the african americans who participated in a survey wanted to increase affirmative action, and virtually all agreed that it should at least be kept as is. the paper is quite dated but the views expressed contributed to my strong dislike of affirmative action. i’ll try and find it later.

    accepting more african americans to university to fulfil quotas is a plaster solution - quite a poor one too.

    it’s an excuse for democrats and their counterparts to use racism as a way to become more electable to their demographics (which is the majority of african americans). it’s a short term solution designed by short term politicians (then again nearly all politicians are short term due to the U.S.’ Paine inspired election system).

    if you really want to make a difference you need to tackle the problem at it’s roots - which are impoverished and outdated systems of support given to black communities. pouring more money into infrastructure in these communities will organically create a more inclusive US, but this will take time and time is a politician’s enemy. not only that, but this idea is deeply resented by Republicans and so we are presented with a Catch-22. i can understand why the democrats need to push for this but i can also understand why it’s a flawed concept.

    i don’t suspect much will change due to the nature of current us politics. either we pour money into underprivileged communities or we take people from those communities and put them in privileged roles.

    I like how you said stealing/copying instead of just stealing, because you know the nuances that “stealing” on its own has.

    If a player does not want their items to be taken and copied, another player doing so is a sign of disrespect.

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