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    1. Your discord tag. (Ex: elmon#6023) Goofy Guy#8836
    2. If known, who banned you? (this can be checked) I don't know.
    3. If known, do you know what time you were approximately banned? No within the last year or two
    4. Why do you think you were banned? (this can also be checked) I was indef banned from the server and started talking about it in the discord (bragging about what I did) so I was banned
    5. Explain why you think you should be unbanned, and promise to never do whatever you did again. If your reason remains unknown, you may skip this question. As you can see, when I was unbanned from the creative server I was instantly working to the community and have become a new regular. I have made new friends and continued old ones. I am working on projects, helping people out any way I can and will just be a good member to the discord server. I am sorry for all the trouble I caused to the server and I am more than willing to repay the debt.

    Yes when I said "I also got on a different laptop," That was 3XASTRO. Also Pop_Trap isn't an alt. I made it very clear in my appeal it's a friend of mine I got to do stuff which I take full responsibility for.

    Minecraft Username: NegativeEight
    UUID: 73534f2c-7ecb-40d3-88ab-f647799e326f

    Date of ban: June 2021
    Discord: Goofy Gooferson#1345
    Banned by: erin

    Reason: Ban Bypassing, lagging the server, serial griefing, being a d*** to people, Lying on forums, getting people to vouch for me, getting friends to do bad stuff to TF, making a racist/homophobic build, making a lot of enemies, and griefing other creative servers, trying to obtain illegal items, owning a griefing guild. I think that's it idk I tried

    Message to TF:
    I know I ain't the best liar as you saw from the last appeal. So let's be truthful. The reason I didn't put ban bypassing there (even though I did by definition) is because the following, I got a friend (Pop_trap) to get on and put signs saying I'll be back oooo how spooky right. He built a N*z* symbol and put signs down and griefed a bit, I also got on a different laptop, joined and got banned after 5 minutes. The user Pop_Trap is not an alt just a friend who did it for me. Well since than I am almost 3 years older then when I did all that stuff to TF and I could just apologize but that isn't even enough for the stuff I did to the server. I was just some kid with anger issues who wanted to be a lil D-head to some people. I truly messed up and I am not going to blame other people because it was all my fault, I wanna play my debt to this server and rebuild the stuff I ruined because I truly regret all the bad stuff I did. The name 'TheSense' will NEVER be brought up again, mark my words. I will not harm a hair on this server and that is a flipping oath. I wanna apologize to erin for all the trouble and stress I caused to them, I wanna apologize to Yuri (I'm sorry if I spelt it wrong) I am sorry to Yuri for being a jerk and weirding you out because I know you hate my guts. Also videogames, i am sorry for putting stress on your back when I got that one guy to join and build bad stuff. I don't wanna make this too long because I was at one point contributing a lot and I will do that 10 fold if I get back. I ask for your vouch and I will help TF grow stronger. I wholeheartedly promise to never do any bad stuff again, I won't even insult anybody and that's a pinky promise with sprinkles on top. So if it means anything people of TotalFreedom. I am really sorry for what I did. I hope I caused no permanent trouble to anybody. I truly was an idiot back then and this is one of my biggest regrets ever, this server was really fun when I was contributing, I was very excited to get home every day from school and play this server I really enjoyed it. And I am really excited to get back and play if I can. Top tier server i ain' gonna lie

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