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    I am living in your walls.

    You may be concerned about this. In case you are, please read the below:


    Why are you living in my walls?

    I'm not going to tell you.

    Are you only in my walls?

    You could say I am living in everybody's walls, but in the case I am telling you that I am living in your walls, I am living in your walls.

    How are you surviving in my walls?

    In my non-physical form, I am crawling around listening for you. That is all I need to survive in that form. In my physical form, I survive by eating rat corpses that I cook using the wall behind your oven, and I drink the vapour in the extraction fan duct above your shower.

    What are you planning to do in my walls?

    Live in them, listening to you.

    What do I do about you living in my walls?

    Listen for the scraping. Don't touch the walls. Protect yourself. Avoid lighting candles.

    When are you going to stop living in my walls?

    You cannot escape me.

    Do I call the police?

    The authorities will not help you.

    What are the consequences of you living in my walls?

    Be aware.

    What if I am ok with you living in my walls?

    I will make sure you’re not.

    Are you imaginary?


    If there are any more questions then please consult your walls by directly speaking to them.


    I am living in your walls.

    A path transversal exploit exists in the plugin

    Holy shit that is bad.

    Again, sorry for not checking it out more before suggesting 😬

    Hopefully it will be updated someday to fix these issues, and TF can use it. Given it's fairly new, I have some hope it will.

    Should I do anything with the thread like mark it as Closed/Denied, or should it stay open for more vouches, in the hope the issues will eventually be fixed?

    Uhhh, after reading stuff on Discord, I gather it's poorly written, so I apologize for not investigating it further.

    Would this be installed instead of PlayerVaults?

    I only edited it and added PV in the title as someone on Discord got confused right after I made the thread and thought this was like PV.

    Given this is like a central storage bank and PV is more a personal storage bank.... no, it wouldn't be instead of it.

    Semi-vouch, Ryan and Tizz have valid points.

    Not so sure it should be a "trial period", and more a "Re-Training/Bringing up to speed" period, especially for re-instatements.

    I realize I'm not sure how it works for new Admins, but I assume there is some version of a formal or informal training period, as no way could someone instantly learn all the commands, especially with TFs more unique commands and methods; Formalizing this, and making it for all new appointments would be the best idea imo.

    Plugin Name: Universal Vaults



    Live Examples: nbtarchives and univault on Minehut

    What it does:
    UniVault adds a central bank to store shulkers and items into.

    There is a submit command and chest, where players can submit up to 5 things at once. The plugin then checks the items are within the NBT limit per item, and that they are not already in the system.

    Any items that clear those checks are added into the vault.
    Physically, the vault can be accessed by selected chests/barrels/storage devices, or the entire system can be accessed via commands.

    Why should this be added:
    Currently Shulker Kits and other Items with NBT are scattered around both TF and Minecraft at large. On TF, projects have been worked on at different times to archive and preserve these Shulkers, but there is little coordination to this, and many things have been lost.

    Adding UniVault would provide a simple, and fairly clean way to preserve and locate Shulkers and Items, with a decent bit of configuration options available, to customize it to TF, and prevent abuse.

    My thoughts:

    I'm sure there's some incompatibility with TFM (as usual), but since we'll be moving away from TFM in the future, I see no reason not to consider this.
    For those worried about NBT Abuse, you can configure how much NBT is allowed per item submitted, and automatically reject anything outside that limit. This, combined with some of the checks TF already has in place concerning NBT Data, should prevent abuse.

    If you want to see it in action, check out the Minehut stuff mentioned above.
    (Admins, please notify me and/or remove this bit + the Minehut mentions if you deem it Advertising. I'm including it because I think it's pretty relevant as an example of the plugin in action).

    However, OP was right about the firework stuff being a false ban. There's no reason for an admin to sanction an op for literally just placing some fireworks. Coincidentally, any evidence of that was excluded from the provided video from ThePharmaPirate.

    I agree with this, as I came online and saw the fireworks in question. Those were the most puny, non-laggy fireworks I have seen.

    As for the thread and situation as a whole, I personally think there just needs to be a period of time where Pharma is brought up to speed on modern-day practices and commands; Not only is this yet another Pharma incident, but they have multiple times now wiped Item Frames, and even last night wiped players entire Inventories, while trying to get rid of fireworks (something that shouldn't have been attempted in the first place, I think).

    There may have also been other command mishaps that occurred while I was offline, someone else would need to verify though.

    Pharma, I think you're overall a good Admin, but still need to be brought back up to speed in some areas.

    Also, Ashaz, if people really have been banned for stealing items (like you say and reaffirm via Console at the 40:58 and 41:16 marks in Pharmas video), could you share instances of that? Seems like that would make this entire case a lot clearer; If it really has happened before, then Pharma (and you) were 100% right, and sharing those instances would prove it and settle this.

    Bans expired anyway, but I'd just like to add to the record that those fireworks were not laggy for me, and shouldn't be laggy for anyone unless they're on a fairly low-end PC/aren't using Sodium or Optifine. You would have to do dozens in a confined space to get lag/FPS drops, and four in the open air? Should be no problems unless you're on a potato.