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    also for the fuck of it, i've been eyeing it up for weeks now but since i might never get a shot to again. here is lyicx emoji with lyicx reaction (dont fucking bot it or your ass is banned)

    i was sort of saving this for my birthday too, would've been a fun day for myself

    happy lyicxing :lyicx:

    Likely the last thread ill ever make on TF, or on any sort of forum for awhile

    i only got this window to make my final message to the TF community, or what remains of it as a whole. i think i better make it count while i still got somewhat of a platform here. gonna be jumbled to fuck

    when i returned for the first time in around may 2020 and gained notoriety in the community, my first thought is i'd slip up at some point in the future and drop a slur and heaven forbid you all never fail to make me remember that i was an inch away from that actually happening. my background isn't the best sort of background to come from when it comes to online. i come from areas that are known for fighting entire wars over personal information, doxing and mass harassment prevalent and every major figure in said community had some paedophile scandal. was quite anarchic, sort of like some lord of the flies type shit.

    while i was an inch away from that happening, i think the actual turnout was more surprising. for the first time in my life i was actually somewhat meaningful, even if i was a glorified punching bag in some aspects i'd like to think i was a lot more then that. i've met a fuck ton of people on this server, people that i will continue to directly speak to going forward and a fuck ton of memories especially early on in 2020-2021 that i wont ever really forget while i still have a functioning brain and a pulse. i know im not unique in that regard, you reading this likely also have fond memories of this place and maybe its even your only social outlet.

    i wont jump the gun and go into whats going on, if you've been around for a bit you can probably put two and two together. this isn't a "you should have all done better" type post so i wont elaborate. this is just a bit of retrospective and where im going to go from here but i kid you not this was a long time coming since last year, that camel had a lot on its back and a few extra straws snapped it in half so, its very likely the end of the line. shit happens ig

    for starters, it sucks that i never got to be the forum manager for long, i've been still learning the ropes and its sort of upsetting myself and my team wont ever get to see ourselves flourish into something special. i reckon eventually things would run like clockwork, more similar in line with how luke ran the discord. sucks even more my new mods didn't get their fair shake but i gotta say props to Deauthorized for his forum knowledge, thats about it.

    truth be told, i honestly don't know where im going to go from here. call me a narc but i have a feeling a few people will likely have an interest in my next chapter and honestly, your best shot is either my twitter or youtube. ill link them here because if i or my group (G5) ever starts something public, high odds are you're gonna be catching it there first. i've been big on trying to rebuild a discord community or even an entire minecraft server alongside it for sometime but haven't had ample reason to until probably now given i dont really got much of a place to go outside of a collection of private groups. and finding a place where im not a background character is rare, for me atleast.

    with that, i dont really know what much more to say. i feel more, jilted then im probably ever willing to let on about this. i mean it was going to happen at some point, nature of life. entropy or some shit, everything goes in time and it seems like times come for this show's fuckin curtain call. im not gonna write an essay on each notable individual to me but ill give a good few mentions to people that spring to mind

    Shyrix - we had a rocky past year, i've already spoke to you but im glad we've made things right. just never mentioned to you directly how much it means to me at this nutty point in my life where i fucking feel like im running out of people i can truly trust (i can elaborate more in dms)
    videogamesm12 - dont use this to prompt your advances you dirty wearing fedora fuck.
    Rex - starting to come through a lot more recently, i want people to recognise the fact you brought me back to this place. + G5
    TylerTT - you are digging this news, almost makes me want to have another "amethyst" mental breakdown + G5
    CammoSz - also not strictly into TF but irl mate, bailed me out of a shitty situation for 20 quid + G5
    JagWire - LNER guy, oh fuck i gotta do streaks. 900+ strong lmao + OG5
    wild1145 - You did what you could man, never a wise business decision to sink money into shit that you dont net gain from, especially if its not being repaid in basic respect.
    Luke - you're gonna have to call this proposed civil war a tie, we're both gonna lose our platforms. gg
    erin - line of duty and just cause girl, dude we really need to talk more at somepoint because you're acct sound
    bowie - the first of many many people i've met on my redebuit in 2020, we've been through thick and thin from creepy ban evading stalkers to awesome funny square minecraft moments and other things i actually cannot say
    Feueristic - ZnVjayB5b3UsIGhhdmUgcmFuZG9taXplZCBiYXNlNjQgeW91IGxpdHRsZSBjdW50LCBpbSBnb25uYSBtaXNzIHlvdXIgc3BvbmdlIHRlbXBsZXM=

    and renzothehottie. she'll never see this, ill put my balls on the line. i didn't need to feature her and probably better if i didn't. but whether i like it or not she's a reason why im even here right now and i gotta thank her for that.

    if you weren't included, i do apologise. these are just the individuals that stick out to me in my mind as of writing. if we never cross paths again then i wish you well on the rest of your lives. despite the barrage of punching, y'all were good to me. i felt like i actually fucking mattered for once which wasn't something i'd ever thought i'd achieve.

    farewell :wave:

    also i wish i actually got to know rail boy Alco_Rs11 more

    I've temporarily disabled the confused reaction. its clear it was used purely for being a dick. also disabled sad and the laughing one for good measure due to recent shit.

    ill sit on outright keeping it that way or not since the feature itself could hold quite a bit of potential expression wise but in this moment its not being used in good faith

    Wassup dickheads, favourite forum manager back with the results

    Quite a few people turned their noses up to apply for this awesome position that i might need to do some tweaking to at some point in the near future. the turnout was REALLY good in terms of yank bastards which is actually good because the only dipshit we've got moderating there is some whale shagging projecting ass prick who seems to have the hots for me. said prick and your favourite discord manager phrman were on their hands and knees begging for me to make this awesome post but as i just got back from fixing my motherboard after bricking it and was more interested in PS3 emulation on my new toy, i didn't really have that spark to put on a massive appearance. i can be asked now though dont worry, i got a moment in my shithole of a room to spare writing and appointing our new forum mods, with a bonus promotion too :D

    Without further ado, here's our picks

    i did read the applications, they were all mostly pretty solid. i also let the forum mods have their takes too and trusted my gut a lot. we had no one outside of europe and the us applying so we'll be having two yanks and one european. and trust me, i was really spoilt for choice when it comes to that second bracket. if you didn't get it this round: you'll likely be reconsidered more the next time we need another round of mods but im doubting thats going to be for awhile. i tried my best to consider those that didn't have much but some of these cunts are pretty strong candidates i wont lie to you. i dont even have to justify to you why but quite frankly i want this to be a bit more than a "CONGRATULATIONS X Y AND Z FOR GETTING THE JOB, EVERYONE CLAP FOR THIS GUY"

    American Timezones

    Deauthorized - this axolotl looking FUCK. Only a discord mod but i've seen this fuck salivate over special forum icons and look deeper into WoltLab shit, i've also witnessed his judgement as a discord mod and its way more aware than i probably am for a lack of better words and i think it all adds up to being a pretty good candidate. fuck i forgot to watch new bugbo

    Alco_Rs11 - RAIL BOY, EVERYONES FAVOURITE FUCKING BAN MANAGER. HEY HEY videogamesm12 YOU GET TO WORK WITH YOUR "RIGHT HAND MAN" LIKE FUCKIN UHHH THE GAY BONNIE AND CLYDE OF THE TOTALFREEDOM FORUMS. HOW EXCITING. but yeah, i've only mostly seen rail boy here in a moderation capacity and i know the bloke is extremely capable of smashing his train engine against those fuckin power posting shitheads which is a huge strength to me. i trust this blokes judgement and i've barely ever spoken to the guy properly aside a few one offs

    European Timezones

    you fucks are going to fucking crucify me for this one but i was REALLY not spoiled for choice in this bracket, thank fuck i was only looking for one eh

    Rex - You know him, you either love or hate him. this fat simpy shit was the better of the two candidates purely because he's done a better job at keeping his nose clean and isn't banned. also someone who doesn't have jack shit which fits the bill i was initially trying to aim for and experience i can actually vouch for as i've seen him moderate forums in the past, let this fuck prove he's capable because if he isn't and fucks this shit up then his whole bit of #RexRedemptionArc goes out the fuckin window as i make a huge fuckin scene in firing him and making him look like the biggest tit on planet earth.

    Forum Admin Promotion

    with this line of fresh blood, i think its important to offer some old blood some well founded recognition. JagWire has been forum mod ever since before my premiere time in 2020 and you know, ETHICALLY it don't feel right to leave this guy at grunt tier forever. it keeps me up at night knowing i kept a well dedicated member of the forum team at the bottom of the tree. for this reason and his continued efforts AND i need someone else who's still around to make changes that people (Ryan) need when I'm preoccupied with other measures. i am giving him this well deserved promotion.

    also video gets nothing, too power hungry fuck video. writing 20 fanfictions worth of documentation on some scutix fuck isn't gonna grease me enough to throw the promo. see i dont even have the fucking attention span to read all that. 8)

    congratulations to all the shitdicks in their new positions. i believe you will do well and i hope you are all ready to cure cancer #LetsCureCancer :saint:

    Translation: Lyicx powered off his computer while it was updating the BIOS and as such he effectively fionned his entire fucking motherboard.

    in my defense: no indication was given that it was flashing. i have this same motherboard (thank fuck) and when i go to update it it tells me to select a drive with it on and shows the progress. this was not the case whatso ever this time round.