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    we are proud of you lyicx, i think you know it yourself that it is all really a matter of time. you had a life before this, you will have a life after it, it's just going to take time to get back on your feet again but i know you will get there.
    it's a whole healing process, even removing something that reminds you of your relationship is huge and that takes a lot of strength, so you should feel proud of yourself, even if it's something tiny, it's not easy.
    and similar to what red said, when you look back at this even in a months time, you'll realise that this journey you are going through right know will be an experience that will benefit you as a person, even if it is so hard at the moment.
    i hope you are okay, and my dms are always open, never feel like you are burden

    i'm going to object

    although what you have is okay, i really wish you added more builds and variety to this as two of the builds are very similar. you should really try experimenting building other things and building with different styles just to really show us what you can do!
    i'm aware the minimum of builds you need is 3 but i just feel like they are not detailed enough. i would really recommend decorating the outside of your builds more cos it really compliments them!!

    i wish you luck with your application!!

    1. Your Minecraft name: aabowie
    2. If you have discord, please post your username#discriminator here. bowie#2148
    3. Are you using the same forum, Minecraft and discord accounts that you used when you were a staff member in the past? yes
    4. What rank were you and the approx dates you were a staff member: i was admin since june 2020 but i resigned twice, i was removed in august 2022
    5. Why were you removed from your staff position? for inactivity
    6. If you are reinstated, how often will you be able to do staff duties? most days during the week
    7. Have you reviewed the server rules and banning protocols to ensure you're up to speed on any changes that might have occurred since your return from inactivity? yes
    8. Do you have a family member that's been on the perm ban list within the past 60 days? no

    just because you believe in something, that gives you no right to dictate what other people do with their bodies.
    what women do with their bodies should not be brought into politics, its their body, their choice, not a 50 year old mans choice who knows nothing about what its like to have a period, to be pregnant for 9 months, to have the constant fear of being raped when walking anywhere alone, they have no idea what it is like to take contraception and face all the pages of side effects just so they might not get pregnant. they have no idea of what its like to be a woman.
    if you dont like abortion, dont get one, simple as, it is not your body so it is not your choice.
    if men could get pregnant the world would be a different place, the penalty for rape would be much higher, period products would be free. as a woman, i should have the right to do what i want with my body.

    you are disgusting if you think that you have a say on what women do with their bodies and i’m embarrassed for you

    if a 14 year old girl wants to adopt a child they can’t because they aren’t financially stable etc, but if a 14 year old girl wants to have an abortion who isn’t financially stable they can’t have one

    this is such a step backwards and it is so heartbreaking for anyone who can get pregnant

    it was kinda a pick and choose raffle so like the best prizes were obv picked first, but i got a really nice picnic blanket lool im delighted with it ive been meaning to buy one

    i think that both of them are in the wrong.
    it was obvious to see that johnny was the one that was suffering the most, but i never was on either side of the case. the thing annoys me about this case is that people are using it to attack amber heard, she needs help if anything. just because she did something wrong i dont think it gives anyone an excuse to put her down. its almost become a gender war. however, i think johnny is an inspiration by the way he acted on this, he was always respectful towards amber during the trial and he was able to say what he did wrong during their relationship. im more than happy to see that his story is reaching out to victims of domestic abuse and giving them strength.

    j'ai un examen de francais demain et c'est utile, merci beaucoup
    je suis tout a fait d'accord avec cette affirmation. pour commencer, aujourdhui les jeunes font face a la pression des pairs. ce probleme est cree par les reseaux sociaux, c'est un mauvais influence.((tout mon francais))