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Please Note: The TotalFreedom Forum has now been put into a read-only mode. Total Freedom has now closed down and will not be returning in any way, shape or form. It has been a pleasure to lead this community and I wish you all the best for your futures.

    I want to nip the whole "Developer = Trusted" argument in the bud, no it doesn't. Our model fundamentally changed to move away from trusted parties because it's not really needed. There is a minimal amount of damage a developer can do with dev server access. Likewise we aren't screening people for access to the nuclear launch codes, the reason we've historically been more fussy is because removing someone has causes community backlash 99% of the time. If we're going to accept more risk with admins there has to be an understanding that they may get removed quicker than when we take less risk.

    i could provide evidence but i probably won’t unless Luke puts a gun to my head. we shouldn’t be forcing people to present actual evidence, much less people who are/have been admin (img). i don’t understand why this one particular application is being treated as such an exception, maybe i’m missing something.

    I think it's because we're starting to move in a different direction for applications, and more aligned both to how hub mods applications work and how I've wanted applications to be moving for a while, to no vouch / objects and a data based discussion with evidence to back up your stance. This application does not need to be held to such a standard but I suspect it's part of the reason it's happening. I know erin is working on voting changes which I am hoping will encompass this and more changes.

    As part of my ongoing aim to be able to delegate a lot of the existing and established day to day running of things, and in recognition of being one of the most active forum admins for a very long time, I'm really pleased to announce that lyicx will be taking on the role of Forum Manager effective from about mid-way through our shut-down a few weeks ago (Yeah I offered and gave him perms, then forgot to post this thread).

    This will mean a lot of the day to day forum things like managing the mod and admin team here, tweaking permissions as required and managing the overall setup of the forums will be taken on by Lyicx.

    I will still be handling the updates / upgrades, and I'm the only one with access to the data stored here for the VPS's that we use to host this, so there is no change from a privacy perspective :)

    Big congratulations to lyicx

    Lyicx's theme is a bit of an exception to the rule. The forum has been themed to align with the logo and ultimately colour scheme we use everywhere else. Any new themes you create would need to conform to this anyway so bringing the Proboards ones (which lets me real a lot of them were crap even when they were added) would have to be modified to match the colouring here.

    We're in the final stages of testing and validating the new Freedom-01 server, which will replace the current server as we then start the sunset process on our current server.

    As part of this we've not transferred the majority of content from the servers, this was to try to give us the best success with launching the new server with a fresh start.

    To enable you all to get a head start on both moving content from the current server to the new one, as well as keeping access to your schematics that you use day to day we will be moving requested schematics from the current server to the new one.

    If you could reply to this thread with a list of schematics you wish to have transferred.

    We will move these schematics over in batches and will continue to move schematics up until the point where we shut down the current server.

    Another announcement will follow shortly when the new server is available and the list of other changes that are present on the replacement server.

    Link to the Schematic page, both for listing which ones you would like me to transfer and for a list of ones we can transfer -

    So my current view is that this ban is to be approved for the same length as the one Fionn got with the added restriction that the ban won't be lifted until the username is changed from what it currently is (which caused this) and from that point the admin suspension really "starts".

    Just as an addition to my previous comments, I've got back in contact with Steven, and amongst other things he made a comment that I'm going to share as I think it applies to us all

    Quote from StevenNL2000

    If you've been here for a while, you know that for all its flaws, TotalFreedom is worth saving. But what makes TotalFreedom TotalFreedom isn't a piece of Java code on a hard drive, it's the community. So please let us work together to keep the community healthy, because there is no community when everyone is on their own.

    Hi Folks,

    Welcome back after the short break, I appreciate it's not entirely the done thing, but it's given me and the team time to reflect and start to impose some fairly significant changes, many of which start with immediate effect, and some will be happening in the future. My goal with this thread is to explain all of the changes, including the ones that may have been announced elsewhere on the forums already.

    The Bungee

    The first potentially significant change is we've moved the bungee server onto a brand new more modern Virtual Private Server, as a result of this change the IP to the network has changed. For the majority of players, this shouldn't make a difference, all of our records have been updated and when you connect to, you'll join us on the new proxy server. The only players this will impact is those not connecting on a totalfreedom official domain.

    Conduct Policy Updates for Harassment / Similar

    We have added some clarifications on the conduct policy specifically around measurement and toxic behaviour. Going forward harassment of admins like we've seen before will result in a long term ban. For players that are actively toxic within the community and especially in cases where said players are making new players feel unwelcome, we will start to operate a three strike system, two warnings and on the third occurrence a long term ban with a minimum of 6 months will be raised which will be global.

    Clarification on my role

    As I'm running short on time to write this thread, i'll be writing up a thread to clarify my role both in the shorter term while we make changes to how the community operates as well as the longer term vision once these (and more) changes are fully up and running. You should expect that threat in the next week or two.

    Updates to Bans / Category Zero

    I intend to update everyone on the way we are doing bans specifically around what was Category 0 bans to better re-align them to the updated Long Term Ban process and ensure there is no confusion in what these bans are, this will involve re-categorising all of the bans inline with the new long term bans policies. A thread will be posted in the next week or two on what this means and what changes specifically are being made, again expect this in the next week or two.

    Changes to our transparency

    We will be reducing the levels of transparency in a number of places, we have found the increased transparency compared to a normal minecraft server. This will include reducing the details shared on things in development as well as details of what staff are doing.

    Changes to Executive Accountability

    In order to try to improve the accountability of the executives while still remaining somewhat transparent we will be working as a team to come up with a list of targets and objectives for the executives which will be tracked here on the forums. Exactly what this will look like is TBC but we will be looking to balance some level of transparency without turning everything into a witch hunt

    This thread takes you through the various ways to get an appeal raised for your ban. As we have different game-modes, there are slightly different processes to appeal your ban, and within the game-modes there is often a shorter / temporary ban, and a semi-permanent longer term ban.

    Freedom Game-Mode

    The Freedom Game mode generally has 2 types of ban, the first and most common is a 24 hour day ban, and in almost all cases you are better off waiting for your ban to expire rather than appealing, the second type of ban is a longer term ban which can be anywhere from weeks to months to years.

    24 Hour Bans

    If you've been banned for 24 hours, you can use the following thread to create an appeal, please ensure you follow the template completely as your appeal will be rejected if it is not the proper format

    Ban Release Form

    Long Term / Greater than 24 hours bans

    If you've been banned for more than 24 hours, this will mean a ban appeal has been reviewed by our staff and approved, in most cases these bans will expire however you can use the following thread to create an appeal, please ensure you follow the template completely as your appeal will be rejected if it is not the proper format

    Long Term Ban Release Form