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    Unfortunately the plugin that is free is no longer supported or operational on the latest versions of Woltlab. Happy to consider alternatives if people really want this as an addition to the forums.

    As part of the 3 day break for the server and it's staff, I've taken this opportunity to move the Bungee / Proxy server for the network off of the legacy infrastructure it was hosted on, and onto newer and a ultimately more secure infrastructure.

    As a result of this change the underlying IP address for TF has changed. This should not affect the majority of users using a TF owned and managed hostname to connect to the server, however for those that are connecting on their own DNS records, you will need to ensure if you do not simply CNAME to, that you re-resolve the IP address and update your records.

    Given the circumstances that took place last night, and the continued issues with the way the community generally behaves over the last few months, I have spent a lot of the last 24 hours seriously considering if the time, cost and effort involved in maintaining this community is worth doing or if it's time to pull the plug on TF once and for all.

    Now I'll also be clear, right now there have been no real reasons to keep this community running, which if I'm brutally honest with you all, has been the case for some time as we've seen declining player counts and the increase in poor behaviour targeting others in the community, it's hard to justify the relatively large cost, significant amount of time to do things right and effort ultimately to make changes in this community.

    With all of this in mind, and in an effort to enable everyone in the community to take a step back, reflect, touch grass and ultimately decide if they think TF is worth saving. We will need to fundamentally change the way the community works, and that's going to involve some unpopular decisions, and removing some people from this community that have been here for a while. The combined community right now is toxic, and pushes new players away, while also harassing myself and others for trying to do what we believe is best for preserving TF for the future.

    If folks don't feel TF is worth saving, we'll start a 1 month shut down process in the near future and we will all say goodbye for the last time towards the end of September.

    UPDATE: It was a hoax, please see this post for more information - RE: CRITICAL SECURITY ALERT: Figura Mod Compromised & Used as Botnet

    Within the last hour we have been made aware of a critical security issue with the figura mod that is being used both on TF and by a much wider Minecraft Modding community.

    We are now aware that due to the ability for a remote server to send LUA scripts to execute, a number of people have had their IP's sent to an unauthorised party without their consent, and the figura team have set things up so users of figura can be used as a botnet, potentially resulting in criminal charges for anyone that is implicated in the bot net through having previously installed figura.

    AS A MATTER OF CRITICAL URGENCY you need to uninstall and delete all traces of this mod, and run AV Scans from multiple reputable AV Scanner providers. You should also make every effort to reset your home routers IP address, in most cases powering down your router for 10-15 mins will do this. If it does not contact your ISP for support.

    IN AN IDEAL WORLD AND FOR MAX SECURITY you need to do a full wipe of your current computers that have ever had figura installed on it and re-install from scratch restoring from a backup before figura