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    I used it for programming advice, its not always 100% accurate, but I tell you what its pretty damn close, especially when you give it a specific scenario

    I have been deciding about your application for a while. After some thinking, I am going to vouch.

    The reason why I have been thinking for sometime, because you do sometimes have the tendency to escalate situations a lot further than they need to be. I won't go into specifics or examples, but if you work on that, it would be great.

    What I will advise, think before you do, take a step back and think how you will deal with the situation.

    Remember as the most senior on the server, decisions will fall on you, when you don't think things have been done correctly.

    If you were a former Total Freedom staff member (of any rank) and you wish to be reinstated, please apply using this template and place your application in the admin application section with the subject Application for Reinstatement and your Minecraft name.

    1. Your Minecraft name

    2. If you have discord, please post your username#discriminator here. (Not required).
      Jay Jay Underscore JagYewAre#2000

    3. Are you using the same forum, Minecraft and discord accounts that you used when you were a staff member in the past? (Yes or No). If no, state all former account names and be prepared to verify that you're not an imposter.

    4. What rank were you (Admin, Senior Admin) and the approx dates you were a staff member: (e.g. super admin from Jun 2010 - Jan 2013)
      Senior Admin December 18th 2012-July 16th 2014, June 15th 2015-August 24th 2022

    5. Why were you removed from your staff position? (Answer one below and exclude the rest)

      Removed for inactivity in august

    6. If you were removed just for long term inactivity or you resigned (yes to 4a or 4c above and no to 4b, d, e, and f), please skip to Q 7 otherwise you must answer this question: What current activities have you performed to merit reinstatement

    7. If you are reinstated, how often will you be able to do staff duties
      Every day

    8. Have you reviewed the server rules and banning protocols to ensure you're up to speed on any changes that might have occurred since your return from inactivity?

    9. Do you have a family member that's been on the perm ban list within the past 60 days? If yes, your request will be denied.

    If you want to joke around. Then post it in the off-topic section that its some kind of joke/meme, posting it in the developer section without explaining this is intentionally misleading and is how you get sanctioned on the forum.


    This is bascially spamming at this point which is against the forum posting guidelines,


    if you continue this you will be forum banned

    First of all

    This was posted in the wrong section

    but 2nd of all you are powerposting large amounts of suggestions. I understand you're wanting to help the community, but you could at least keep it into one thread

    3rd of all, I object. Mainly because it doesn't seem very useful tbh. Also, as mentioned below, you are a child, and so is quite a lot of our community....