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    As for the darth vader statue, i was thinking of a giant phoenix maybe?

    I feel that this would be wrong to do as well. My personal thoughts are it would be better to convert the area into something more useful, or even remove the area and scale down the hub to a smaller size. Unless we're planning the release of more gamemodes soon (@Ryan) I'm not sure if we should keep it such a big area.

    EDIT 1: Just seen your post above.

    Here are the main things that we'd like to use the hub for:

    • A beginner's area to learn the basic, not so intuitive features
    • A museum for the history of TotalFreedom

    Feedback is very appreciated.

    This is what I agree with too, I feel that the current hub is unwelcoming and just has a feature of a big blue wall which you walk into and takes you to freedom-01. It really does need to be upgraded in that aspect as well as others, in my opinion it's like a big room with very little furniture.

    Hub world is really nice but a bit outdated. For example, it features command blocks instead of using plugins. This is a risk to the server in my opinion as a command block remains in the hub which has been regarded as a "kill switch" - this is yet to be found in the hub and if found is said to have disastrous consequences. We do have backups, but frankly I'd like to improve instead of adapt.

    Also, certain parts of the hub don't fit it, like the lanky statue of darth vader which apparently took "3 months" to build. I genuinely think we ought to put something better there, like a guide to the TF network or maybe move the spawn there and leave the middle space for the guide. The MB team is free, Coco is free and frankly I think we could make something "more" useful out of this world. Community contribution could be part of this renovation too.

    I'd like to open this thread up by asking the community to not only vote on this, but also contribute their own ideas. Discussion is key to making hub world what we as the current community would like of it :)

    being upset at what

    the fact that issues like this repeatedly concur and come up when there have been steps put in place to prevent these issues, such as notices in admin chats about commands due to be blocked, but ignored for a month.

    not only that, but how can we even expect builders to build for us as MBs or even unranked players without the worry of them losing their build and not recovering it?

    the issue here really isn't the temporary loss of admin world, it's more the fact that issues like this repeatedly take place and we suffer for some time each time. granted, this time we're gonna be okay but what about next time?

    but i still don't think its wrong to cast it as a non-end-of-the-world scenario, when this really is the end of this version of adminworld.

    It's not? As a veteran of 8 years I can tell you right now that we've had many cases of the adminworld getting griefed in the past. In those days, we'd restore from backups all the time when the adminworld was griefed, and nobody gave a shit. Frankly I see this as no different from those cases.

    and i do. so let me and those who are upset be upset in peace lol

    took a thread and the comments too seriously.

    You're making this out to be an end-of-the-world scenario, when it's really not...

    sure, we have backups. sure, we have things to sort this out. but even if that last backup was from last night, who gives a damn? admin world harbours the memories of not only current, but past admins ranging all the way back by many years. yes, we've stopped and restarted in the past. but i still don't think its wrong to cast it as a non-end-of-the-world scenario, when this really is the end of this version of adminworld.

    considering the EMM and various admins are upset with this id not even dare to claim I'm blowing it out of proportion LOL

    Hi everyone!

    I'm hosting a flight on ROBLOX this week and I'm inviting all members from TF to it, the server max capacity is 35 players so it'll be first come first serve.

    This flight will be hosted by a ROBLOX group I am part of, and will ultimately be hosted by me.

    Date: 24/09/2022

    Time: 3:00 PM EST (8:00PM BST)

    Game link will be posted here by then.

    This is not a usual ban request, hence why I've left this public and also feel that the public's opinion would suit this.

    Matscalle has been harassing me over the past few days, labelling my every action as admin abuse and even going to the extent of posting an expose. I don't know if I'm allowed to post evidence of the harassment and his actions thus far. As of this evening he has "left" the community yet again as he assumes everyone "hates him" when in reality no one does. I'm not in support of his departure and neither are the admin team.

    It is safe to say though that this happens every few months. As another admin has said, a year ago if you were to look at him it'd be the exact same behaviour, but I'd like to think it was much lighter back then. I'm not a fan of this behaviour and I don't think it's safe, or healthy, for him to remain on TF for a while.

    This thread is a request for matscalle to be banned from the Minecraft server and the Forum indefinitely with a minimum appeal wait of 2 months.

    Where is this coming from? I don't hate you, I have no reason to. Where is this negativity coming from?

    Idk I just feel like I'm not that important sometimes

    i disagree but i get where you're coming from. honestly, you're perfectly fine and you're a usual op, one of the nicest online and you rarely cause problems. i'm glad you're a player here, because players like you keep TF alive and that lights up days for people, knowing that their server that was once a childhood favourite is not dying.

    you're all good :)

    this is so immature and frankly i'm cringing while having to clear all this up. i'll post the "evidence" matscalle has given he's shared it with me as a threat…ng?width=1314&height=1280

    the area of FE is currently under a region with livi being the only one who can authorise builders on the region. at this moment in time, handunit is the only other builder. pyro is currently banned and the FE guild has gone to shit within 2 days, so to protect its originality, i formed a region (which is backed by members of the admin team)

    furthermore, upon threatening to expose me on the forum, i told matscalle that if he posted it, handunit would be removed from the region. this was due to me not realising that handunit wasn't taking part in matscalle's plan. that has now been corrected.

    this is embarrassing for me and i don't see how matscalle has no shame either on this matter.