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    Object, from the description I got of the build it was rigged for players to always lose but wasn't portrayed as such.

    You broke the rule about respecting the people on the server by acting as if they had a chance to actually get something out of it.

    Wait out the 24 hour ban imo.

    Fwiw OP is trying to get anyone who this applies to discord banned since those from the countries involved aren't allowed to be on discord below 16.

    That's the experiment folks.

    This is something I've been saying a lot on recent applications but apologies for the lateness, although the consensus on this one is clear. It's all vouch, and from what I've seen myself I could add another one to it. You're dependable, level headed and proactive in the community.

    Welcome to the team.

    I mean, I smoke. So obviously I'm gonna get diagnosed with lung cancer. To pay for private treatment, I'll start up a meth business with a former chemistry student and begin cooking, eventually building a massive drug empire before dying to my own automatic machine gun.

    And staying away wont help if you do it it will start the death of totalfreedom as i am planning to show salc1 the server and if he asks me to do so i will say hey the server banned me and i cant sorry the video may not be able to go on

    You're really not helping your case here. At all. Blackmail is gonna make your situation worse because it's honestly breaking more rules, and if he's gonna make a video here, he's likely gonna end up contacting Ryan or another member of management to sort things through and get permission rather than a regular player.

    Just gives me more reason to affirm a vouch for this ban going through.

    Also if im banned server die cause i might need time due to salc1 thinking about making video and i want to show him around

    Even if his interest in the server was true, he would be talking to the owner and probably redirected to tizz regarding making a video here, so I wouldn't worry about your presence being needed. Also it's a bit blackmaily to say the server will die if you get banned. it's something you've been called out for before.

    Anyway, rolling the clock back 7 months there was a weekend minismp event. Lyicx was hosting it on the Saturday, and he was due to host it on the Sunday. However, Lyicx's event didn't go his way so he took the items from loot chests and jumped into the void to prevent the event from properly progressing. He blamed Lyicx for how the event was handled handled differently to how mat wanted, and then promptly got banned from the events server I believe by Ashaz.

    Things spilled into discord and the freedom server over the rest of the weekend, with him spending Sunday afternoon trying to get indef banned whilst blaming Ashaz for ruining his birthday and even, if my memory serves me, suicide baiting. After this debacle he was banned I believe not for any rulebreaking but just to prevent any actual rulebreaking he might regret.

    Now, the reason that I'm bringing this up is that I don't feel there's been any behavioural change since then. We've seen similar outbursts not just in recent months but even in recent weeks. He needs to spend some time away from the server and given how things have been that will probably need to be forced.

    Edit: double vouch for the extra blackmail added on top of this.

    Surprised me that both the votes here are objections. Considering we prioritise networkmanager with /message, it makes sense to prioritise it with /ignore.

    Now obviously allinks comment might cause an issue with implementing this but I vouch for the suggestion itself.

    The actual reason they didn't defended themselves here is because they're all banned from the forum. Not because they're implying guilt.

    One of them did try to appeal after a few months and it didn't go down well. They have still kinda always had some connection to people in the community, and there's a ban appeal email mentioned in the indefinite ban appeal format.

    Worth noting they're no stranger to making new forum accounts anyway..

    @'Dreamy Bull' Video says don't bypass the forum ban you received, Charge.

    How do you know this FBI report is real?

    Not only has Luke mentioned above how the screenshot shows the report submitted screen, but I'd like to add that the reason they wrote the report was to try and scare or intimidate us in some way. Allinks further screenshot proves this further.

    If they want us to believe they've reported us then we'll take them at face value.

    once my timer goes off the information will go public so ashaz i dont care what you try to do i will share the information removing this post will cause me to automaticly put it public so ashaz what do you want to do about it?

    Starting a flame war/witch hunt like this is extremely immature, come on dude.

    If you wish to file a report against anyone for whatever reason, do it clearly and concisely, not setting some kind of "timer" and having a private conversation in a public thread.

    It's been a while so I'm tempted to vouch but I still am not sure if wursts foreop even works here, considering it works by guessing an ops authme password when we didn't use authme and everyone is opped anyway.