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    root has been suspended from her senior admin position for one week for a malicious misuse of power, breaking rule 3c of the staff conduct policy.

    She will remain in her role as a system administrator across the network, but will not be taking part in freedom server administration (i.e sanctions on players breaking the rules) during this time.

    It's been almost a year since you last did anything untoward and your original ban was June 2021.

    I believe in the ability for people to change and accept your apology and thus I'll vouch for the release of your ban.

    I'm going to approve this, and just for clarification, here's why.

    Red currently serves as ECM but due to rank limitations, he needs admin perms to be able to partake in the duties of that role. As an assistant executive, he would be exempt from an activity requirement due to the time invested behind the scenes.

    Welcome back.

    Tournament winner prediction: Argentina

    A solid team all around, Argentina might not be as strong as they were in 2014 or even 2018 but Lionel Messi is back in form and is always going to be a menace for opposition defenders. That's not to take away from any of the other attackers either - Scaloni has a plethora of options, with the likes of Paulo Dybala, Lautaro Martinez and Angel Correa to complement the greatest player of all time. The midfield options aren't bad either - Rodrigo De Paul and Leandro Paredes are among the favoured options for a double pivot, who could also operate in a three man midfield with Alexis Mac Allister or Papu Gomez playing as an attacking option ahead of them. Defensively there's solid options too - Christian Romero has to be starting and Nico Otamendi can provide the experience to solidify the back line. Tagliafico has been one of the more underrated left backs in the past few years and Montiel is more than good enough on the right to go the whole way. Not only has the back line got the pedigree, but even if you get past that, Emi Martinez is the best goalkeeper Argentina has seen in quite some time.


    Good evening

    The votes came in, and I'm delighted to announce that Ashaz has been promoted to senior admin following the latest round. He's always committed himself to doing the best for the server even if it was an inconvenience to himself - whether it was as an admin or an event host which were both roles he committed himself to. It's safe to say the result is more than deserved, and I'd like to congratulate him on his promotion.

    So I did close the thread ahead of schedule and I am processing this application ahead of schedule but we are moving away from the old system and trying to speed things up - and it has been a full month since this application has posted, with enough feedback to make a judgement.

    It's safe to say it is unanimous, and this application is approved.

    Congratulations - it's well deserved.

    Vouch and rec, tbh.

    A few windows ago I probably would've objected to this but if you have one quality it's a willingness to learn and improve, and that's not your only quality. Always wanting to better yourself and always willing to put yourself into the middle of situations even when it wasn't too favourable. I do believe you'll be a good enough leader now to be fit for this role.

    Alright so I've been putting this off for a while but to be honest, it needs to be done, I've outlined a few reasons why in my own post and there's plenty of other reasons for a reformed, quicker and smoother process. For those applying.

    I don't fully know the details of what I'm going to do yet but those will come in time, hopefully everything will be sorted before the next senior window opens.


    There is a consensus here and unfortunately that consensus has not worked in favour and thus this application is denied.

    However I would like to note that the behaviours listed here, while concerning, from what I can see have improved in recent weeks since it was brought up here, and there's no doubt you have potential as many have said above. I've said this to applicants before but it applies here - keep your head up, this isn't a case of anything severe and you've already improved.

    You're free to reapply in 30 days.

    Normally I wouldn't call these applications early but I think this one demands it.

    You got objections on this application, but none of them were severely concerning. You weren't that active or engaging within the community, which was a fair concern. Still, it wouldn't have taken you much to join the server and start playing with and engaging with the community.

    Instead you joined and angrily dropped slurs.

    With that, I can't exactly trust you to be a staff member on this server for a good while.

    This application is denied, and given your outburst last night, I don't think an application after 30 days is best for anyone so I'm going to say you can reapply on Febuary 5th 2023

    Your first post on the forums was this thread. You think you would be an active member on the forums before posting a reinstatement thread.

    I mean, there's not that much to do on the forum. Realistically all else he could do would be to drop "vouch" on a couple of random suggestions and comment his daily wordle result on that thread.

    There's not much to do and enforcing any kind of forum posting limit would just cause people to post for the sake of posting, making spammy threads and the like.

    Anyway, with regards to the reinstatement, you have met the requirements and thus I'm happy to reinstate you to your position. You've been active in game over the past week or so and engaging helpfully with the community, which I've liked to see. You might need some training to get familiar with the commands and such again.

    Welcome back.