2018 Screenshots Archived

  • Hidden in old backups of mine dating back several years are groups of screenshots from 2018. These screenshots were taken on two computers of mine.

    These screenshots have been split up into sets due to the various installations of Minecraft and computers that these were pulled from:

    • Set #1 consists of screenshots from early January to late March 2018.
    • Set #2 consists of screenshots from late March to late June 2018.
    • Set #3 consists of screenshots from late June to late December 2018.
    • Set #4 consists of screenshots from late November to early December 2018.
    2018 Lore

    2018 was by far one of the most turbulent time periods in TotalFreedom's history. From start to finish, the year was plagued with drama and changes. Just from memory:

    • The server was just starting to recover from the fallout of the UYScutix Revolution and its implosion that left admins of all ranks suspended.
    • Management was relatively quiet about how certain suggestions were to be implemented and in some cases were even outright accused of being corrupt/abusive. This set the groundwork for a wave of skepticism against management and the executive team as a whole.
    • As a developer, Seth began contributing to the TotalFreedomMod, which gained him a rather large amount of influence over the course of the year as he basically picked up where two developers (Marcocorriero11 and Commodore64x) left off. He introduced several features to the server that became a staple of the plugin for years to come.
    • The community as a whole (including rogues) collectively joined together to raid a server named BServer. They used every known exploit they could get their hands on against it, thoroughly handing it its own ass. The server then branched off into what would become FreedomForever in the years that followed.
    • The server became the target of an 11 year old with way too much time on his hands, who then proceeded to become a massive joke within the community because of a goofy ass copypasta he made trying to brag about his supposed power over the server.
    • LightWarp, a Super Admin, was thought to have committed suicide through a somewhat carefully-crafted plot to essentially escape the community, and many were fooled. It was later found out that his supposed suicide was false and he was in fact still alive. He would occasionally pay the server a visit from then onward, but he never returned to the ranks.
    • The aforementioned skepticism towards management bottled up and exploded by the end of the year, with inFAmas97 being forcibly removed due to an overwhelming amount of community pressure and the owner going completely AWOL (likely a mental breakdown or something similar). This caused the community to scramble to quickly prevent a similar situation from happening again.

    Content warning: Some screenshots may contain NSFW or otherwise offensive language. They have been left unmodified to demonstrate TotalFreedom's evolution on a community-wide scale. Viewer discretion is advised.

    You may view the sets here: