2019 Screenshots Archived

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  • Hidden within the depths of an old 4 TB hard drive of mine is a massive dump of screenshots from over the course of 2019 as a whole. I recently uncovered it while looking for the July 2019 SMP world that I posted about earlier. Due to the fact that I had multiple installations of Minecraft at the time, they are split into multiple sets:

    • Set #1 is by far the largest of the bunch, with 879 screenshots.
      This set consists of things like unofficial TF events with Jaygolf, the SMP servers, and everything else. It paints a great picture of the culture of the server and how it shifted over the course of that year.
    • Set #2 is more geared towards the SMP server, but still has about 55 screenshots.
      This set consists of a very specific time period in which I was running a separate installation of Minecraft (likely to play on the SMP server, which had at that point gained a version upgrade if I remember correctly).

    While we were just having fun at the time of these screenshots, little did many know that behind the scenes a group of staff members were gaining influence rapidly and their grasp over the server as a whole was getting firmer and tighter. The gears were turning in the background, we just didn't know what was going on until it was almost too late.

    DISCLAIMER: Some of the screenshots included in this dump contain offensive language. I uploaded them unmodified for a number of reasons. Firstly, it would be tedious to go through every screenshot and manually censor every slur in every screenshot that has them. Secondly, I don't want to tamper with historical screenshots. As such, viewer discretion is advised.

    You can view both sets here:


  • I have publicized a third set of screenshots from January 2019 that was on another drive.

    • Set #3 consists of screenshots that came before Seth officially became owner in February 2019.
      This set contains screenshots from when Brehme was still allowed on the server, but shortly before he was indefinitely banned for stalking someone in real life.

    You may view this set here: https://archive.org/details/totalf…sm12_2019_set_3