allow the server to be passed on to a new owner

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  • Vouch, however,

    I would highly suggest starting it off as a totally new server config, rebuild the plugin list as close to what it was as possible and replacing any dated or potentially exploited plugins with updated counterparts or migratable replacements, rebuild permissions and start off with a new world. Import as many of the old schems as possible. Regarding infrastructure, a secured hypervisor, network infrastructure and virtual environment for the server to run in would need to be planned and built from the ground up.


    - As Ryan has previously mentioned, the world for freedom-01 alone is >= 900GB, this would be a ridiculously large file to move across to a new host without paying a premium for a host with a connection good enough to transfer a file of that size quickly.

    - Unfortunately, literal children have targeted and exploited the current server configuration and plugin list. Extensive measures must be taken to ensure the security and continuity of freedom-01, and a complete rebuild of key aspects of the server would be necessary. This would take time and effort, but volunteers could make it possible. I'd help out where possible if anyone wanted my help.

    - A rebuild of certain key aspects of the server would allow tighter measures to be put in place from the get go and allow new practices of patch management/feature implementation to be smoother and less clunky than working with an aged, potentially vulnerable server and host configuration. Measures could include failovers for disaster (could be *trusted* volunteer driven if the infrastructure could be sourced and provisions put in place for failovers to be created).

    - Post-rebuild, any significant historic data that has been saved as NBT or schematics, could be migrated across to the new, improved server.

    Footnote: NO I do not want to be the owner, but that's my two cents on what should happen in that scenario, I'd back it and I'd be happy to advise anyone who took on the owner's task on any questions they may have about the suggestions I've added onto my vouch.

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  • lots of things would need to change but it do think its possible

  • It won't be transfered. I've already explained my reasoning in discord multiple times. The majority of people now wanting it back haven't been in game in a lot of cases for years, and don't represent the actual active in game community. We've seen this happen over and over again and it is disingenuous.


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