PatoCalzoncillo - Admin application

Please Note: The TotalFreedom Forum has now been put into a read-only mode. Total Freedom has now closed down and will not be returning in any way, shape or form. It has been a pleasure to lead this community and I wish you all the best for your futures.
    1. Have you first read the pre-application checklist (Click Here) and do you meet all the requirements and agree to all the standards within that checklist? (Yes or No). If no, your application will be instantly denied. Yes
    2. What is your Minecraft name and time zone where you normally are online? (e.g. GMT+1:00 or MST). - Your Minecraft name must match your forum name or your Minecraft name must be in your forum profile. PatoCalzoncillo - UTC Online at very different times
    3. What date did you first join the Total Freedom forum? (MM/DD/YY). - Required 1 month forum registration. APRIL/06/2022
    4. Do you have a discord account? If yes, post your username#discriminator here. (Not required, but highly suggested). fres621 (no discriminator)
    5. What describes you best? Choose student, employed, unemployed, or retired. student
    6. Do have any skills such as artistic design, coding, computer security, etc? If Yes, provide detail. Yes, i have javascript coding knowledge
    7. How often can you be on the server to perform administrative duties? State either daily, several times a week, once or twice a week, or less than once a week. We realize that school or work will prevent constant service. daily
    8. Names of admins that have recommended you? (Must pm admin(s) to confirm recommendation.) None.
    9. Do you have a family member or friend that shares your Minecraft account or a Minecraft playing family member with their own Minecraft account who might use our server or forum? (Yes or No). If so, are they presently an admin on Total Freedom? (Yes or No). No
    10. What personal qualities do you have that would make you a good admin? (Answer with a short paragraph). I'm fast to learn stuff and good at investigating online.
    11. What continent do you live on? (e.g. N. America, Europe, Asia, Australia/Oceania). Politically Europe but geographically I am closer to Africa.
    12. Can you handle being an admin without it negatively affecting your school grades, work, family, real life, etc? (Yes or No). If no, your application will be instantly denied. Yes
    13. Have you read and understood the note(s) below? (Yes or no). Yes
    14. Are your accounts secure? Meaning are your passwords strong, not easily brute-forced, and not used across multiple websites? Yes

    >w< pat me pleasee pat mee pleaseeeeee