Long-Term Ban Request - Komar

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  • 1. Username, UUID, IP(s), and short ban reason for each offender.

      uuid: '3e0a283b-d84b-497a-a0b3-65ea2f42ecc7'  
      reason: 'Repeated Rule Breaking'   

    2. What did they do?

    Komar joined constantly to spam slurs and break the rules repeatedly. They have several entries in the punishment log for various offences which further proves his conduct is poor.

    3. What indefinitely bannable offense does this fall under according to the guidance for sanctions?

    New Policy:

    1. Respect & remain mindful of other members of the community.
    3. Join the community to engage and have fun, not to advertise, promote hate or otherwise try to harm the overall community

    6. Don't make it awkward for staff or other players to interact with you.

    7. Be mindful of players younger than yourself.

    Old Policy:

    1b. Repeated rule-breaking (recurring category 2 & 3 offenses or punishment bypassing).

    4. Add logs and/or screenshots of the occurrence here, and tag any witnessing staff. Evidence of previous offenses that are not the direct cause of this request can also be added here.

    Log Snippets:

    Punishment Log

    5. Are they known under any other names or IPs, and if so, are they currently (indefinitely) banned under those names and IPs? This information is used to keep track of ban bypasses. None.

    6. Duration of the ban (Set a duration that reflects the severity of the offence.) 4 months.


  • Vouch, people like this are not welcome to the community especially if they are intentionally trying to offend groups of people that play the server and be disrespectful of the rules.


  • Today, Komar received three bans total due to their behavior on the server. This also caused other players to incite and feed the fire to encourage his negativity. He's a bit of a risk on the server at the moment. I will vouch.

  • Vouch. All I've ever seen them do is join and troll, grief, spam slurs, etc. Needs to be removed from the server for a while.


  • Today he joined, spammed slurs in hub, kept bickering 97 to unblock his commands (yes I was on to witness all of this) and could not stop annoying players when told to. Everyone then turned to his side and fed the troll and he was a gigantic pain in the ass.

    Absolute gigantic vouch.

    Admin // Hub Moderator // Master Builder

    Incredibly awesome duck.

  • Komar got banned in under 1 minute upon joining for the first time to impersonate staff and say slurs. This should definitely be processed as soon as possible as he has no intentions in good behavior when joining.

  • Update: I've just had to ban him from the hub for spamming slurs again. Can we please yeet this twat already?


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