@97 talk out / Ban appeal 2 day

  • lyicx

    @97 was messing with me and hrassing me by messing with my build I was jist making a raill way now im baned for 2 days I was doing nothing rong I was makeing crossings and stuff like that but @97 thought that the path ways were 1 way Olney it feels really unfair Im hopeing to be unbaned and my build reinstated im comeing to you for your help im ticked about this and you wode to I like trains and bilding them but then when im sut down for another thing it is not a good felling im about to freking ciry it is that bad also I dont what my tracks to be pulled up for some dum reason if I can jist talk it out with the guy and work this out it wode be ok but now im jist freking out and @97 amused that I was greefing that was not the case im sorey I was trying make a rail way thing but not make it in a way it wode be passed as greef

    Here is a link to a picture of my ban information

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  • I am assuming this is a ban appeal. This won't make me change my mind since you're saying things that aren't true and the thread overall is just not genuine, saying things such as that I griefed and harassed you. You also say that you're sorry by the end of this thread, but then claim you did nothing wrong at the beginning.

    Please review the community guidelines and understand that destroying roads built by others to pave your own is not permitted on the server. You will be unbanned in under 24 hours, so please wait it out by then.

  • ok thanks I Hope you guys keep my track network so that I can Keep working on my build ween I come back also can I rejoin tomorrow ?

    I'm sorey about this everyone makes mistakes its human and understandable

    also to be clear I was not paving over anything I was keeping the paths the way they were but adding safety crossings to my rail way as well I wode also understand you side of the story though so its ok I get you at lest I will be back online tomorrow I hope

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  • @isaac

    ok so what I told you in the last post was not aloud I get you kown Im sorey I jist find this stuff hard sometimes I want to be understood im sorey im hopeing to get back into the tf network sooner I see what happened and It wont happen in the future also I was messing with someone's path that I get now im

    sorry 🙏

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