EnZaXD Developer Application

Please Note: The TotalFreedom Forum has now been put into a read-only mode. Total Freedom has now closed down and will not be returning in any way, shape or form. It has been a pleasure to lead this community and I wish you all the best for your futures.
  • What is your Minecraft username:


    What is your Discord handle and discriminator:


    What is your GitHub username:


    How long have you been working with Java and/or Minecraft:

    I programmed my first Java projects as Spigot plugins in 2019.

    What is your development environment:

    I used Eclipse until 2020, and have been with Intellij IDEA Ultimate since 2020.

    Do you meet the forum and server requirements listed above:


    If you have a portfolio, you may provide it now (this may be left blank):

    Here is a list of some projects I have contributed to:

    ViaVersion - Allows the connection of newer clients to older server versions for Minecraft servers.

    ViaBackwards - Allows the connection of older clients to newer server versions for Minecraft servers.

    DeviousMod - Creative Free-OP oriented "utility" client

    ViaFabric - Client-side and server-side ViaVersion implementation for Fabric

    Here is a list of all public projects from me:

    ViaFabricPlus - Fabric mod to connect to EVERY Minecraft server version (Release, Beta, Alpha, Classic, Snapshots, Bedrock) with QoL fixes to the gameplay

    ViaForge - Client-side Implementation of ViaVersion for Forge

    DietrichEvents2 - One of the fastest Java event systems in the world, which still has a lot of features

    DietrichEvents - A fast and feature rich but still easy to use Event library for Java

    UI-Utils-Reborn - Fabric mod for testing duplication exploits

    fabric-imgui-example-mod - Example Fabric mod which includes Dear ImGui

    RClasses - Random collection of Java classes and utils

    CheckHost4J - Java implementation of the check-host.net API

    Classic4J - Java implementation of the ClassiCube and BetaCraft protocol

    DStatHud - Fabric mod that shows download and upload speed in F3 menu

    Here is a list of all private / personal projects from me:

    LerpClient - Advanced Minecraft utility Fabric mod

    Brainfuck4J - Fast Java implementation for the Brainfuck language with many optimizations

    I also contributed on some utility mods like meteor-client or Wurst7, but together with a friend also worked a lot on BungeeCord.

    Please explain why you would like to be a developer for the TotalFreedom community:

    I don't have that much to do at the moment, and would love to work on a project again and help with my knowledge.

    Please explain why you think you should be selected for the team:

    Through my work at ViaVersion and my utility mods, I am very familiar with the Minecraft Protocol and the internal client and server source, and can find and fix bugs relatively quickly.

    If you have any further questions and/or statements, you may list them here:

    If you want to see my private projects, I can show them on Discord and invite you to some repositories.

  • JagWire July 26, 2023 at 9:40 PM

    Approved the thread.
  • I vouch for this, you seem to have a lot of professionalism and working with such high-popularity projects proves you're competent for the Developer role.


  • Vouch, as shown in the application, EnZa is a skilled Java developer. From my interactions with him as a good friend, he has shown himself time and time again to know exactly what he's talking about. He would be a natural fit on the developer team.