Gommeh - Developer App

Please Note: The TotalFreedom Forum has now been put into a read-only mode. Total Freedom has now closed down and will not be returning in any way, shape or form. It has been a pleasure to lead this community and I wish you all the best for your futures.
    1. What is your Minecraft username: Gommeh
    2. What is your Discord handle and discriminator: gommeh
    3. What is your GitHub username: gomalley411
    4. How long have you been working with Java and/or Minecraft: well I've been working with Java since 2018
    5. What is your development environment: I work with VS Code currently, but have worked with IntelliJ and Eclipse in the past
    6. Do you meet the forum and server requirements listed above: Yes
    7. If you have a portfolio, you may provide it now (this may be left blank): N/A
    8. Please explain why you would like to be a developer for the TotalFreedom community: I'd like to put my computer science degree to good use, especially since my job doesn't let me do that
    9. Please explain why you think you should be selected for the team: I'm good at problem solving and always do my best to code efficiently, as well as try to understand other people's code.
    10. If you have any further questions and/or statements, you may list them here: Given my current work schedule, I'm unsure how often I'll be able to contribute but will try.


    Super Admin - January 15, 2015

    Super Telnet Admin (rip) - May 15, 2015

    Senior Admin - July 19, 2020

    Discord Moderator - July 19, 2023

    Developer - July 26, 2023