Ashaz - Senior Admin Reinstatement

Please Note: The TotalFreedom Forum has now been put into a read-only mode. Total Freedom has now closed down and will not be returning in any way, shape or form. It has been a pleasure to lead this community and I wish you all the best for your futures.
  • If you were a former Total Freedom staff member (of any rank) and you wish to be reinstated, please apply using this template and place your application in the admin application section with the subject Application for Reinstatement and your Minecraft name.

    1. Your Minecraft name: ashazgaming
    2. If you have discord, please post your username#discriminator here. (Not required). 203e
    3. Are you using the same forum, Minecraft and discord accounts that you used when you were a staff member in the past? (Yes or No). If no, state all former account names and be prepared to verify that you're not an imposter. Yes

    Note: Reinstatements will not be approved until the EAO can positively verify that the person applying for reinstatement is the same as the past admin - the burden of proof is on the person requesting reinstatement.

    1. What rank were you (Admin, Senior Admin) and the approx dates you were a staff member: (e.g. super admin from Jun 2010 - Jan 2013) Admin: February 2021 to early 2023
      Senior Admin: Early 2023 to April 2023
    2. Why were you removed from your staff position? (Answer one below and exclude the rest)

      a. For long term inactivity? (Yes or No) If Yes, did you post an inactivity notice or did you leave without notice - please explain if no notice was left. - Didn't bother posting a notice given I'd have been removed during the removal

    3. If you were removed just for long term inactivity or you resigned (yes to 4a or 4c above and no to 4b, d, e, and f), please skip to Q 7 otherwise you must answer this question: What current activities have you performed to merit reinstatement?

      a. Filed griefer reports on the forum

      b. Assisted new or existing players (explain how)

      c. Creative endeavors such as making promotional videos for TF (If Yes, give examples)

      d. Have assisted in TF development activities such as contributing to TFM (If Yes, give examples)

      e. Have assisted in improving policy or general moderation of the TF server or forum? (if Yes, give examples)

      f. Other (provide detailed explanation) - Have reintegrated myself with the current community, approached and updated myself on rules and have met the activity limit.

    4. If you are reinstated, how often will you be able to do staff duties? Weekly. Senior is a role that also requires a heavy Discord presence though, which I can give daily as and when needed.
    5. Have you reviewed the server rules and banning protocols to ensure you're up to speed on any changes that might have occurred since your return from inactivity? Yes
    6. Do you have a family member that's been on the perm ban list within the past 60 days? If yes, your request will be denied. No

    Disclaimer: I have checked with the Admin Officer and voting isn't required. I also did not use ChatGPT to write this :P

  • Voting may not be required but activity is

    I have no idea why you reinstated (considering you’ve been inactive af and have vanished quite a few times) to be completely honest but each to their own

  • I'm also going to vouch, like I have with previous applications. I've seen first hand your growth as an individual on the server and see no reason you would not be fit to return to the community in this role subject to activity.


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  • hell yeah



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