atJustin (formerly known as Justin#4567) - Discord Ban Appeal

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  • 1. @atjustin (MC is JustinSUF, MC isn't banned)

    2. 06/03/23, Around 8:30 PM EST.

    3. Chatting (technically)

    4. I did violate one of the conduct rules and was fairly banned, this rule being the no piracy rule.

    5. lyicx, nothing was said by him before the ban, but lower staff/members were either laughing or being like "dude stop you are gonna get banned"

    6. I have reviewed and agree to the community guidelines.

    If I was not suppose to use this format for a discord ban, please let me know.


  • JagWire July 4, 2023 at 5:09 AM

    Approved the thread.
  • i’m afraid i can’t approve this given you posted copyrighted content.

    i’m obliged by procedure to set an appeal time of a month.

    i’ll leave this open if there’s any exceptional reason I should approve this but for now it’s a no


  • vouch for release from Discord ban after a month, just don't do it again


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  • vouch for release from Discord ban after a month

    Discord bans work a bit differently you don’t get unbanned unless you appeal

    I’m not comfortable with allowing you to come back at all to be frank you violated TOS and i don’t see why we should excuse that

    i’m setting an appeal date for two reasons: one in case time changes my mind, i wanna be firm but not a dick but also because i’m not allowed to make unappealable bans