Have bans longer than 24 hrs a procedure?

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  • There's been situations where admins ban for longer than the standard 24 hours. It can range from 10 years to 9999 years. These practices are not in line with any policy or procedure. This can also interfere with the LBR process. This suggestions aims to include a policy on whether or not admins are allowed to give bans longer than 24 hours.

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  • I personally object, as long term bans can fulfil this purpose. In fact I'd almost consider going completely the other direction and suggesting to block the ability for /tempban to be longer than 24 hours.

    I just think this is overcomplicating things and I can't see much worth banning someone for 1-2 weeks over instead of just a standard gtfo or a 1 month lbr.

    However I'm happy to hear more feedback, not hellbent against working with this idea.

    Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.

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    We have a process, it's the long term bans. Anyone issuing bans over 24 hours should ultimately be being sanctioned themselves in almost all cases.


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  • I feel longer duration bans (such as long tempbans) are ideal in only specific circumstances such as active attacks against the server, poses a danger to someone else (such as attempting to groom a minor, stalking, etc.), or the player poses an immediate threat to the security of the server. If someone's being IBR'd, a standard 24-hour ban should suffice unless there's a specific reason they need to be banned (see examples in this post).

    Admins really should not be dishing out bans longer than 24 hours in 99% of cases.


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  • In my personal opinion, I think the longest /tempban I feel is valid is three days at the very most, and even then, that's mostly for serious shit that needs fast acting. (e.g. mass repetitive griefs, real-life law violations, anything that requires preparing a sudden LBR, etc.) Only permitting anything below or equal to 24 hours seems like it'd be a hassle in case there's any serial malicious activity that needs quick handling or discussion.

    Those are just my two cents, though. Maybe I'm viewing this wrong.