videogamesm12 - System Administrator Application

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    To add, this role will be for all of the network and will not just be the freedom server which will require it's own time commitments.

    Likewise from what I'm seeing the systems admin role wont make any difference to the pain you've already been having.

    If you're happy spending a decent amount of time working on stuff that isn't the freedom server then thats fine, but as I say you'll still have the exact same limitations working on the freedom server as you do today.


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  • Docker isn't that complex once you learn how to navigate its quirks and really get to understand it. I'm sure Video would easily be able to pick it up, if he hasn't already.

    It was more about the mounts and finding them. Not impossible but due to our permissions setup it's of relatively significant complexity and more so than when video used to access the dev server.

    Fair enough. I don't see this being much of a hurdle assuming that they're correctly documented for system administrators & changes are properly communicated to the entire system administration team.

  • how the fuck are you not System Admin already?

    mega vouch and would rec if I could, Video is super helpful and honestly if being a TF admin was a paid job, I'd say he deserved a raise lol. he's super kind and great at dealing with conflicts as well as technical issues


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  • I don't think I need to come out of lurking around here to say this but vouch.

    Video has continually been one of the most active and most dedicated people behind TF and is extremely deserving of this role, in fact, I'd say he's basically done everything that this job entails at one time or another. I know video very well and if there's anyone I trust with this level of access it is certainly him.