One Block Skyblock (1BSB) Island Proposal

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  • For some preface, I understand that the Skyblock server is currently in dire straits due to Hooke's departure and power trip, but I thought I'd make a small proposal here in case the server gets picked up again.

    If you haven't heard of Oneblock, more commonly referred to as One Block Skyblock, the basic concept is that your "island" is composed of one singular infinitely replenishable block, in lieu of standard Skyblock islands. As the block regenerates, it changes to many common necessities, as well as spawning chests and even mobs. It also goes through phases or levels depending on how many times you've broken the block, with previous phases continuing to be mixed into the overall block pool.

    I'd wager that this additional island type could be an interesting playstyle to offer variety and intrigue to the server, as it's island assortment is currently a tad bland.

    If any further clarification or assistance is needed, please let me know. I'm willing to help to get this added if it is accepted.