Totalfreedom Potential Logo Change, Logo Submissions

  • In September of 2022, I stated a last call for a logo vote would occur in December. As you would expect, It hasn't happened. However, that does not mean it is forgotten.

    Thanks to fyyv for reminding.

    With a possible server rebrand on the horizon, there will be a last call for anyone planning to get a new entry submitted. The previous entries are saved in a folder, and will eventually go through a vote, with the old logo in the vote as well. The final say goes to Ryan and/or anyone who has power over it.

    The logos submitted here will be reviewed by me. I would like it if people do not post joke submissions, or jokes for the server, and I will not accept logos that don't meet the submission guidelines that will be down below. I haven't decided exactly when I will hold the final voting, as the new submission time would end in March 20th, but due to a couple of people's demands it has been moved to the 26th. I will make sure that everyone is notified for any date changes.

    This is only to collect the logo designs. The uses of them or lack of uses of them is dependant on the votes, people's agreement on a logo change and Ryan.

    The logos should not be joke logos thrown together in just 2 minutes.

    You must have at least 3 different variations of the design. One which is square to be used as a discord logo/ favicon, one which is a full text "TotalFreedom" Logo to use for basically everything else, and one colorless version for possible uses in future things such as Halloween etc.

    Full text design should be at least 1000x300 (preferrably more)

    Square logo should be atleast 1000x1000 (preferrably more)

    Please try using .png files for submission.

    Submissions can be placed in an imgur album, MEGA storage, or any form of storage that allows for download and upload of .png files or otherwise.

    You may see other designs from a past post: Submit TotalFreedom Logos for Voting!

    If you are able to provide layers of the logo in png format, that would be appreciated.

    Please do not use other people's work!

    Submissions can be placed under this post

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