The UYScutix Revolution

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    The UYScutix Revolution was a campaign against the server's administration over the course of the 2017 in a bid for more democracy, the removal of a developer, and ultimately control over the server. It was led primarily by UYScutix/Vj13573, a former Senior Admin who grew sick of the server's administration and had such bad blood with Mark and other developers that it ultimately resulted in his indefinite suspension and ban from the server. The movement severely divided the admin team as many chose between supporting his cause and supporting his rival, Marco. Its collapse, which was caused by a group of three people (including one who really liked poems), led to one of the biggest suspension waves in the server's history.

    Chapter 1 - Background

    The revolution's roots began in early 2016 as a combination of multiple factors: community-wide resentment towards a certain administrator, unrest with management at the time, an increasingly problematic American former staff member, and an unstable British former staff member.

    That "certain administrator" was an Italian player named marcocorriero11 (or Marco for short). He became an admin on January 1, 2016 through the TPaS program. To say that Marco was a controversial staff member among his peers would be an incredible understatement. He was vigorously criticized for using macros to administrate, having fully-fledged bots that almost fully automated his administrative duties, having an inflated ego, repeatedly violating the Identity Policy, or otherwise acting like an ass. Some even felt that he was being protected by Mark himself, and this wasn't without merit. Over the course of 2016 and the first half of 2017, there were four attempts vote Marco off and despite the vast majority of people voting in favor of removing him, none of the vote-offs were successful. One even resulted in VJ (who had created it) being suspended temporarily. Mark refused to remove him despite his flaws and repeatedly defended him every step of the way.

    Unrest with management became more prevalent in late 2016, notably (from my memory at least) after Mark attempted to introduce the OPWatch program, which intended to give operators (including former admins) a special secret security-related rank that only Mark and a select few executives knew about. The program was hugely unpopular. Furthermore, many didn't like how Mark would dismiss public criticisms as "nasty drama", which only furthered the growing resentment towards Mark at the time. All of this culminated with multiple staff members resigning in protest. Mark responded by forum banning several who he said were "causing drama" for at least a week. He also instructed the remaining staff members to ban them from the server as well.


    If you weren't able to tell, these two are interlinked. People didn't like Marco because they felt he was fucking around too much, and they didn't like Mark because they felt he was tyrannical or defended Marco despite what a good chunk of staff members felt about him.

    Savnith was a former staff member with an increasingly problematic history. Many knew him to work like clockwork, as he'd apologize for his actions, then regain everyone's trust, then completely shatter it by doing something stupid. Over time, people really started to get sick of his shit, and eventually he had to resort to returning under new identities in order to keep playing on the server. He became increasingly problematic in 2017, collecting people's IP addresses from insiders and building a shitlist of sorts.

    VJ was a British staff member with an unstable history. At the peak of his career, he was a Senior Admin. After resigning sometime in early 2015 (allegedly due to disputes with other staff members), he went on to attack the server and its staff members with a group of rogue staff members named DDOXYZ. In a lot of ways, he was like Savnith: constantly getting himself into trouble and then begging for more chances. After several failed attempts to return to the server under various identities, he decided come back to the server one more time in late 2016 as UYScutix.

    Chapter 2 - Rodeo with Mark

    Obsessed with being strict on authoritarian-levels, VJ frequently objected on people's admin applications with lengthy over-dramatic essays for reasons. As you can imagine, this was incredibly obnoxious for many staff members. The straw that broke the camel's back was his vote on an admin application by Savnith, which prompted many staff members to complain to Mark, who then sent a private message to VJ about it on February 18, 2017. To try to curb his behavior, Mark essentially banned him from providing reasoning in his votes on admin applications for the rest of the month.

    User Message
    markbyron So it seems your back-tracking and I won't tolerate it:

    "Seems uyscutix is at it again with his dramatic speech objections.…-sa-application
    I moved that dramafest to the administrator lounge for review. His behavior seems hypocritical - he says people don't deserve many chances yet has had many himself."

    I fully agree with that statement and in addition to the warning, you may not post anything on an admin except vouch or object; that sanction is valid until 1 March. If you won't abide by that sanction, I can remove all of your posts or demote. Focus on being positive and do not make drama speeches on admin apps.

    VJ, noticeably offended by this, furiously replied about 30 minutes later, defending himself by noting that Savnith had way more chances than necessary, ranting about how easy it was for people to get admin on the server, and ultimately shifting responsibility onto someone else.

    User Message
    uyscutix Is this a joke? Savnith had more than enough chances. My objection was strong enough- in fact, there was more reasons why I would've objected but my reason became too long, because he has done so many bad things I can't list any further. And it's not hypocritical since I never exposed myself to the public, Savnith however did- if he didn't expose himself then he would've be fine by me, but he decided to do it and try scapegoat his exposure to Scarlet (unlike me, who just quietly reported admins who violated the policy). If he didn't expose himself, I would've treated him like a noob/newcomer OP; especially since I have no time and have better things to do then lookup his name on NameMC or find ways to see if he's Savnith.

    You can't tell me to be positive about Savnith since the amount of chances he had is a joke. Nobody except people like taahanis (who vouch on almost everybody) trusts him. Majority of us already know his cycle, he keeps posting apologies saying he changes but later on he goes rogue or does something warranting perm suspension.

    If he gets admin again, I am resigning. Savnith is not ever getting my trust back, I'm all right for 2nd chances; and maybe even 3rd chances. But the amount he had is a joke.
    uyscutix I know it's been said before, but I think it needs to be said again. People are getting admin way TOO easily.

    If you tell me it's "volunteer work" or "unpaid job", why don't you just rename the server motd "TotalFreedom - All Admin Server" rather than "All Op"? Clearly that's what the main goal of this server is, to keep looking for admins. We have over 100 admins; and we have admins on 24/7. The goal has been achieved. So we don't need anymore admins.

    The main goal of this server is to make sure everyone has an OP experience, but the fact that you keep going on approval sprees (because of how easily people get admin) shows that it is not the goal of this server and that it's to have everyone on the server as admin. Savnith wasted all his chances. He doesn't need more.

    Things were getting heated quickly, and Mark tried to diffuse the situation with his next reply by suggesting that if VJ disagrees with him, then he can just leave. Mark also pointed out that Savnith had already screwed his new identity over, so either way he wouldn't have become an admin. Not like it would have mattered, since he also pointed out that the issue is about VJ, not Savnith. This wasn't their first rodeo by a long shot, but Mark didn't want another. So, he issued an ultimatum: cut the shit and stand down or get removed.

    User Message
    markbyron now you're going on a drama rant with me - I suggest you immediately calm down and if you don't agree with the philosophy of how I've run this server for the last 7 years, you can find a different server. We've argued this before and it won't be argued again. If savykilo has properly followed the change of identity policy, he'd probably be an admin right now but he exposed himself and probably wont get admin now but no credit whatsover to you. If I became a hard-ass owner, you'd be the first one I removed because you power-trip and cause dissension with other admins.

    This isn't about savykilo; its about you and do you understand what I've told you here?

    Yes, I understand,

    No, remove me

    that's your two choices here. Think about it before you say something you'l regret.

    It didn't work. VJ continued to insist that Savnith and Mark were the ones in the wrong and proceeded to complain about the imbalance of quality admins vs. the quantity of admins and the decline in the server's reputation. He went with the latter option, repeating his argument about how Savnith had been given so many chances and thus cannot be trusted.

    User Message
    uyscutix Well then just rename the server motd to "TotalFreedom - All Admin Server" if you always have a reason to go on Quantity > Quality. Notice; we have less players on the server compared to 2-3 years ago. Are you happy about that? We're losing players and players have been leaving the server due to poor quality administrators. Major admins especially people like Savnith are not fit for administrator yet you appear to be a giving chances over and over again.

    Also FYI, i'm not ranting- i'm pointing out the truth. Because what everything I said is true. Your server has a poor reputation of admins and you actually like having your server's reputation down. 2 years ago we always had a full server on TF; TF was very popular. Nowadays we only get 20/45 players online.
    uyscutix And no, I'm not accepting it. Feel free to remove me then.

    I am not ever accepting Savnith being an administrator on the server. I don't think I'm stupid enough to fall for his traps again since he keeps saying he changes when he doesn't. He said this many times and there's always going to be an admin like taahanis out there vouching and supporting him. He proved that he is not trusted since every time everyone thinks he changes for good, he goes rogue.

    This seemed to really piss Mark off, because his next response had an unusually pissed off tone. He argued that the whole point of the identity policy was to prevent rogues like Savnith from getting the admin rank back (which wasn't followed anyways) and that VJ was part of the problem with TF's reputation because he was making public scenes with his complaints instead of keeping them private. He concluded the reply by giving him one last chance to turn back and telling him to "stop writing stump speeches and books".

    User Message
    markbyron Savnith would never get admin back - that's why we have a change of identity policy which wasn't followed.

    You are ranting and you're of course you're part of the problem if there's any reputation problem. If you have complaints, handle in private instead of making a public stink - DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!!!

    Last chance vance.
    markbyron and stop writing stump speeches and books - this is a game server not the military or white house. Just chill.

    VJ still didn't back down. He argued that complaints were being ignored and that it was easy to become admin but hard to get suspended. He challenged Mark to remove him, even after being told the ramifications that followed. He argued he wasn't appreciated as admins and that people like him and Galahad are always working hard to enforce the server rules and have memorized them by heart. Funny.

    User Message
    uyscutix No. I'm not accepting it... that's the end.

    What even is the whole point making complaints anymore? Even if it is via PM, complaints don't get resolved. So many admins I know off make complaints about poor quality admins and you blatantly ignore them, even some OPs have made complaints about our admins. Getting admin is too easy but then it's too hard for them to get suspended.

    Since you clearly like having immature and abusive admins on your server. Why don't you do me a favour and remove me? You can replace me with having an abusive and immature admin, Savnith as admin. I happen to know the conduct policy off by heart and I am known to be professional to lots of admins. Since you want to get rid of the quality admins and have highly abusive and immature admins, just remove me.
    uyscutix also don't tell me that this server isn't military or white house. If an OP misconducted, they'd get sanctioned instantly. If an admin however misconducted, they will receive constant warnings. Which is another example to why complaints are now just pointless since they don't get resolved.
    markbyron savnith isn't getting an admin; you're just using this case to grandstand and power-trip. When you're not grandstanding, you're a decent admin and that's why I allowed you back to begin with despite your habit of causing dissension.

    Now, if you want to be removed, I'll do but you'll be perm banned for two weeks before you can return. I'll assume this is what you want if I don't get a reply in 30 minutes to change your mind. You might to cool your jets and think about it.
    uyscutix and don't tell me I'm part of the problem of TF's reputation going down. It's clearly your problem since you're the owner of this server. I'm actually trying to give you advice how to STOP the problem of TF's reputation going down. Quality > Quantity. 100 admins is enough for just a single damn server. 100 admins or more is what is expected on a network server but here it's just for one single server.
    markbyron assuming you want the removal, I'll post a message that you're leaving at your personal request and you can return as you wish without penalty.

    There will be NO drama
    markbyron if you have suggestions admin improvements, send to the execs but you're assumptions are wrong as we have a solid process for selecting admins and esp. for promoting them. This is the wrong thread to be arguing about admin quality - answer the question - shall I remove you as requested?
    uyscutix Remove me.

    You clearly don't appreciate me as admin. People like me and Galahad are always doing hard work enforcing the server since we are pretty much the only admins who actually memorised the conduct policy off by heart, we did it for our own sake and to show how much we care for the server. People will say that I'm biased that I'm always supporting Galahad, but actually it's the truth.

    Mark gave VJ a way out of the situation, stating that if he wants to help then he should cut the shit with the drama and respect all admins. VJ, changing his mind, finally gave in to Mark's terms. Mark then concluded the PM.

    User Message
    markbyron if you want to help, you will not grandstand and you will be respectful of all admins instead of smearing people with your ugly brush - is that clear?
    markbyron you might memorize the policies but you don't follow them - the admin application response policy for example. Again, you're grandstanding and are hypocritical.
    uyscutix Yes
    markbyron i have removed you from forum status - i will take the next steps in minutes if you don't come back correctly.
    markbyron i took that yes as a commitment on your part to follow my request and I have not removed you.
    markbyron this thread is finished and I will take your future actions as evidence of whether or not you are going to honor what was said here. In a week, if you have real to the point suggestions (sans grandstanding and smearing) for improving the admin policies, send them via PM to infamas and myself.

    Later that day, VJ conversed with me on Steam about the situation and forwarded me the PM. I do not have those chat logs anymore, unfortunately.

    Chapter 3 - The Vote-Off

    Resentment towards Marco peaked on May 18, 2017, when VJ created a vote-off against him without consulting with executives and Mark himself (a violation of the policy). Despite the illegitimacy of the vote-off, however, several staff members (current and former) began to hurl hateful abuse at Marco shortly afterwards in-game, repeatedly insulting and attacking him by calling him a shit programmer and all that. The abuse got to the point where he legitimately broke down in the chat.

    Code: he_didnt_deserve_this_treatment.txt
    [17:03:30] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] [ADMIN] marcocorriero [STA]: feeling sad and on tears now, because i we tought we are family, all friendly and each other acc
    [17:03:43] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] [ADMIN] marcocorriero [STA]: accepted each others , and no matters how.
    [17:03:54] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] [ADMIN] marcocorriero [STA]: no, i dont want to fight again.

    When Mark found out about the thread and how Marco was treated, he was not happy. He deleted the thread, temporarily removed VJ from his staff position to get his attention, and sent a private message to multiple staff members who were critical of Marco asking why he shouldn't be a developer. I took the opportunity to give my opinion, and Mark seemed to appreciate it, but noted that Marco took initiative to help the server and explained why he finds that important.

    User Message
    markbyron I'd like to know why you think Marco shouldn't be an admin when he taken the initiative to get things done from a dev standpoint. Contrast to Uyscutix (former VJ) who blatantly violates admin policies, loves being a hard case and driving people away. Give me some specifics that Marco need to improve on. I need people that take initiative esp. in dev - even if he's not the one that's doing the coding.
    Video Here's some things he needs to improve on:
    1. I believe he needs to know that just because he is a community developer doesn't mean he has superiority over others - I find him quite bossy in certain situations.
    2. He needs to improve his development skills. Although he has brought some ground-breaking features (/v is one example), I believe he needs to have some time to gradually improve his skills in Java - this way, he will have a lower chance in making errors when he's programming which means less time needed for patches. It also means he could possibly improve our current plugin's code.
    3. He needs to chill out during certain situations. For example, when the well-known rulebreaker (frequent user) joins the server, Marco gets very paranoid and he has attempted to dedicate his time to wipe them off the surface of the earth. So he just needs to relax a bit (listen to some relaxing music or something).
    That's all I can think of. Please provide input.
    markbyron that doesn't like somebody who needs to voted off - if he's a bossy, a senior, exec or myself can readily handle that. Of course he needs to improve dev skills but at least he's taking some initiative. I just wish that people would take a little effort to stop these problems before they blow up and we have a major drama fest. Appreciate your input.

    In more internal channels, he created a thread that detailed exactly why VJ was temporarily removed.

    uyscutix absurdly initiated a vote-off outside of the policy -…dmin-policy-aug - i consider uyscutix a constant disruptive force who doesn't practice what he harshly demands of others; I have repeatedly warned him. I temporarily removed him to get his attention. If you have a problem a with a particular admin, handle it properly instead of grinding your personal axe.

    I urge you to please follow the admin disciplinary process.…plinary-process

    The goal should be to solve problems at the lowest level and before they get out of hand. Unfortunately I think some rather enjoy the public drama.

    The removal itself created a lot of dissent. When the thread was still active, a large majority of people voted to have him removed, so when the vote-off was completely erased and the person behind it was removed, it was viewed by many as complete bullshit and yet another example of Mark defending Marco as much as possible. A few hours after the thread was removed, staff member xRubyMC created a group PM consisting of multiple staff members critical of Marco to discuss it. Many of the people in the PM did not agree with the idea of the group, viewing it as largely unnecessary and potentially disastrous.

    User Message
    xRubyMC Hello. I created this PM because of marco is not getting any removals from the voteoff just because mark is being a bullshit on protecting marco.

    We need your reply on how will this end.

    Me and scutix were having a conversation on why marco won't get any removals. You guys also don't trust marco because of his "coding" skills.

    Scutix even got suspended because of his "democracy" opinion. Once his forum account is unbanned, he will explain why his opinion got rejected by mark; because marco, he helped mark to do things. He can't even do codes but he even asked Commo to do it since he knows how to code. I'll need anyone to have a long-ass paragraph post if you have anything that have with marco-related.

    Have any means that you only got. We'll be having a discussion to this only with Anti-Marco admins who doesn't like marco.

    Hope you understand. :)
    JJ_Jaguar2000 There was no need at all to create a group chat with like 20 admins. Because this will be disastrous. It will end up being like a Marco hate group. Which is not what we want.
    xRubyMC I know, we were having a plan to pm many admins that don't even trust marco. We all know you voted him to remove him.
    xRubyMC Even though, it's more of an issue regarding everyone's votes being blatantly ignored.
    JJ_Jaguar2000 Ok. Let me explain.

    Last night I got carried away a bit. To me I don't really see that many issues with Marco TBH. He may be trying to code something good, or trying to be helpful but it's just not working. I have no idea why I even thought of a voteoff TBH.

    However, there were some people who agreed with the idea and felt that Mark was censoring the majority's opinion, biased, or was trying to cover for Marco in some way.

    User Message
    Lemon Apparently the vote off was not in "policy" which I think is bullshit. Who cares if it's not in policy? There are loads of vouches to remove him, and this isn't even his first vote off.
    Unknown #1 Ah, I thought this would happen. Mark has been hesitant to remove Marco because he's been biased to him in the past. I think this is absolutely unfair, and mark needs to listen to other admin's opinions.

    And about it not being in policy, sure, it isn't in policy, but it's a cover-up to allow mark to continue having Marco on the force.

    I'm on my phone, so I'll go more-in depth when I get back from school.
    xRubyMC The reason why [Rylie] and Reflet left because of marco doing something that we don't even want. All he do was adding weird plugins into the server but it's shit. I like the old tfm better since it's more freedom-like.

    Even though, scutix can explain why his opinion for the vote-off got rejected and got suspended. Mark doesn't care for us and just protecting marco. He's so arrogant to have marco as his pet.
    Quote from xRubyMC
    Even though, scutix can explain why his opinion for the vote-off got rejected and got suspended.
    If his account wasn't disabled so he is unable to explain
    Quote from DarkLynx108
    Quote from xRubyMC
    Even though, scutix can explain why his opinion for the vote-off got rejected and got suspended.
    If his account wasn't disabled so he is unable to explain
    his account is disabled till his time 6pm today
    Unknown #2 I saw the vote off, like everyone voted yes. why the fuck isnt he gone he thinks hes a pro coder or some shit and makes terrible additions to the server that mark keeps accepting for whatever reason
    aggelosQQ I don't wanna have any input but was uyscutix's forum ban and suspension really necessary?
    Quote from aggelosQQ
    I don't wanna have any input but was uyscutix's forum ban and suspension really necessary?
    obviously not, it's just plain bias at this point
    Galahad it was unnecessary. if anything, scutix wasn't being "a dictator" this time. he asked for the other admin's opinions, and they were given. I see why [Rylie] and Reflet left now - and they're right. mark is censoring the opinion of a majority.

    One staff member, MrPerson660, expressed concerns about the nature of this group. He argued it was going too far and that it was looking lot like a "retarded vigilante group" which "ended up backfiring onto its creators" and sternly warned that it would do nothing but cause more trouble. A brutal example of foreshadowing for what would happen in the future.

    Quote from MrPerson660

    Ok, I don't like Marco as much as everyone else but this group chat is too far.

    This is looking a lot like that retarded vigilante group a few years ago that ended up backfiring onto the creators. This will do nothing except cause more trouble.

    Ruby ultimately caved in, instructing people who want to leave to do so, expressing concern that there might be spies forwarding the group to Mark, and noting that Mark had already warned him not to cause drama on the forums in regards to Marco.

    Quote from xRubyMC

    if you want to leave this conversation, please do. dont want any spies to send and mark already warned me not to make any marco drama related.

    bye now

    It would seem that Ruby was right to be concerned about spies, because Mark found out about the PM pretty soon afterwards. Clearly frustrated, he asked a select few from the group to be honest with him and give input for how the situation could be resolved. He stressed that while Marco isn't perfect, the person who tried to vote him off is much worse by comparison. After receiving some input from SupItsDillon, Mark made a proposal: give Ruby, VJ, and Marco a 1 week break from the server in an attempt to cool the situation down. Dillon seemed to agree with idea, and Mark put it into place a few minutes later.

    User Message
    markbyron So I informed that Uy and Ruby are intent on causing a major disruption over Uy's misconduct with respect to Marco and sent you PMs. To quote a senior, "Scutix feels the need to take a dictator role over everyone. He was the same in his past life. If he didn't get his way, he would convince the person as much as possible." I agree and I'm not going to put up with it whether it's with Marco or anybody else. I've asked numerous people about Marco and they seem the same thing I see - immature actions at times, a pest at times, and sometimes crosses the line - a common thing to most any admin - definitely not worthy of suspensions and invalid vote-offs by somebody who actually is far worse.

    I would like your input on how we can resolve this matter but if in the end, you feel you can't stomach how I do business, there's other options. Just be honest with me. If you don't want to reply here, send me a PM separately.
    SupItsDillon He honestly just needs a day or two break and be told to read over the policies + promise to mature up and stop being annoying.
    markbyron How about this - a one week or so 'cooling off vacation' for all three (Uy, Ruby, and Marco) and no further sanctions unless warranted.
    SupItsDillon Sounds great
    markbyron alright, see

    In the official announcement about the breaks, Mark didn't give much detail about the situation in question but did stress that the break was not a sanction but was instead a "cool down".

    Three admins will take a short break from the server (Uy, Ruby, Marco) - let's call it cool down and not a sanction or blame game - more like a vacation to let things chill.

    Mark clearly wanted to settle the situation once and for all with this solution, but unfortunately for him, it was only just the beginning.

    Chapter 4 - The Permanent Ban

    The solution Mark tried didn't work out as planned. Him and VJ had yet another rodeo in PMs, and it got pretty heated. In a Skype group with KM_Galahad and DarkLynx108, VJ angrily explained what was happening and expressed a desire for a revolution. Whatever the argument entailed, it must have been spicy because it ended with Mark banning him from the forums.

    User Message
    UYScutix what the fuck
    UYScutix Marco is a DEVELOPER?!
    UYScutix and he's also released from perm ban -_-
    UYScutix While I'm still forum banned
    UYScutix What the fuck
    UYScutix Mark sent me a PM after getting unbanned, it's so bias
    UYScutix "if you want admin status back (super to start), you will not be allowed to comment on admin applications (except to vouch) or be publicly negative about any other admin for the next 60 days (server, forum, discord, or anywhere where it gets back to me). You can do basic admin duties on OPs and train other admins if you wish but that's it. Take it or leave it.

    Read more:…1#ixzz4hpJDX5Xq"
    UYScutix Absolutely fucking bias- I'm only allowed to vouch on apps
    UYScutix lmao
    UYScutix When I expressed my opinion- he forum banned me again
    UYScutix That's it. I'm done with this place.
    UYScutix I'm sick of how this place is ran too.
    UYScutix We need to begin a revolution for TF.

    Lynx defended Marco's unban from the server, explaining that a change in policy took place which actually properly acknowledges the developers as actual developers. VJ argued that the "new developers" didn't deserve their ranks, reiterated his wishes for a revolution to take place, and once again painted Mark as a tyrant who doesn't listen to anyone's feedback and bans those who question him.

    User Message
    Quote from UYScutix
    Marco is a DEVELOPER?!
    and he's also released from perm ban -_-
    because of this…ant-admins-read
    DarkLynx108 he basically made it so that developers are actually acknowledged as developers now
    UYScutix tbh none of the new developers deserved their rank
    UYScutix that Commodore guy wasn't really good either
    UYScutix but Marco was the worst since marco's plan is to make everything run his way, with his plugins, that no one likes.
    UYScutix That's it. I'm seriously done with this server.
    UYScutix We seriously need to begin a revolution on TF, for real this time.
    UYScutix Paldiu was right
    DarkLynx108 I mean I don't see how showing the developer's as the dev rank is a bad thing tbh
    DarkLynx108 Marco has been a dev you know :P
    UYScutix not that-
    UYScutix I mean
    UYScutix So mark forum banned me again after I questioned him.
    UYScutix and this is also the reason why mark trusts marco. Because they both share something stupid in common with them.
    UYScutix marco always bickers when someone corrects him; he thinks he is always perfect.
    UYScutix and not everyone is perfect
    UYScutix it's the same with mark- he thinks he is always right

    VJ then elaborated further on the rodeo he had with Mark. Painting himself as the victim of a tyrant, he implied that he was being silenced by Mark for speaking the truth. He even argued that he wasn't out of line, despite wanting to start a revolution against the owner of a block game server.

    User Message
    UYScutix he failed to answer my question when I said "then how come last time, the last voteoff by Cow was denied?"- the exec made a voteoff and it won
    UYScutix mark then forum banned me because I "continued arguing". Sorry but it's the truth
    UYScutix I guess people aren't allowed to state facts in his world.
    UYScutix true facts especially
    UYScutix I even told him "Why do you even have a Voteoff policy if you yourself don't even follow it?"
    UYScutix Complete bullshit- after the unban, I got 6 PMs. 3 of them were by mark
    DarkLynx108 wow
    UYScutix and he said I am 'out of order'
    UYScutix lol- out of order for beginning a revolution of democracy?
    UYScutix PM said "You're starting to get on my nerves, you had no right to initiate a vote-off"
    UYScutix I'm done with this place and the way it's ran.
    UYScutix if Paldiu were here- I'd wish to tell him before he went inactive again.
    UYScutix since Paldiu also agreed and wants to begin a revolution on TF.

    VJ then goes on to ramble about how the server's various issues and complained about the lack of a democracy and describes how vote-offs would work under his leadership.

    User Message
    UYScutix Galahad is strict but still fine
    UYScutix But for me- this server is an insult to see how it's ran
    DarkLynx108 I see
    UYScutix Right now, we still have unresolved voteoffs that keep getting blatantly denied because of biasness
    UYScutix in mark's world, anyone who codes need the highest rank they could possibly get.
    UYScutix there was another example, but can't remember who it was
    DarkLynx108 well you DO need a high rank to be able to actually implement code
    UYScutix mark automatically approved an OP for admin because they helped "fix a bug" without making an app
    UYScutix however, for devs like marco- even if they need a high rank, that doesn't mean they have no rules to follow. Because marco misconducts on purpose as he knows he is immune to suspensions by the owner
    UYScutix he probably knows by now that he'll never get suspended
    UYScutix 2 blatantly denied voteoffs, and he said "the seniors failed again"
    DarkLynx108 -_-
    DarkLynx108 that is pretty bad
    UYScutix ikr
    UYScutix in fact, he's been becoming more of a troll lately
    UYScutix when someone tells him to stop misconducting, he now thinks it's funny.
    UYScutix he probably now knows he's immune to voteoffs after what he said
    UYScutix I really hate that NOTE at the bottom of the voteoff policy
    UYScutix that note literally gets rid of the democracy.
    UYScutix In my world, ANYONE would be allowed to make a voteoff, anytime- as long as the voteoff is for an admin a rank lower than them.

    Mark ended up permanently banning VJ from the entire server the next day. In the thread which announced the ban, Mark details his frustrations with VJ and his behavior before concluding the thread by saying "this is game server, not a military camp". The wording in the thread implies that Mark just said "fuck it" and banned VJ from the server.

    uyscutix (formerly VJ who was also perm banned) is no longer welcome on Total Freedom. I'll simply ref…wner-break-back and he just wanted to argue with me and accuse others of what he himself is doing. I had hoped the new incarnation of VJ as Uyscutix would be better and he was for a time but as he progressed up the ranks, he reverted and so if he wants to return, he'll have to try again from scratch with a new identity. Maybe it would be better for him to run and own his server because that's what he really wants - to own it. This is a game server not a military camp; you can't be a hard-case with double-standards and hope to successful here; at least not with me.

    Of course, VJ caught word very quickly after Lynx notified him about the thread's existence while he was ranting about the ban. Naturally curious, he asked for details about the thread (where it was, its contents, etc).

    User Message
    UYScutix even with less players, mark is STILL in an approving spree lmao
    DarkLynx108 (clap)
    UYScutix it disgusts me
    UYScutix even worse when he told me that PM
    UYScutix he said I am not allowed to comment on apps except vouches
    UYScutix Yeah... no- not happening. He said "take it or leave it", I leave it.
    UYScutix probably another reason why he re-banned me
    DarkLynx108 he made a notice
    UYScutix that is literally dictatorship- he is dictating my vote on what I am and not allowed to vote
    UYScutix ?
    DarkLynx108 saying that uyscutix is now a forbidden name to use along with your old VJ name
    DarkLynx108 so if you wanted to come back you need to change your name again
    UYScutix did he make a thread?
    UYScutix I wanna see a screenshot.
    UYScutix this is also the reason why mark trusts marco. because they both share something stupid in common with themselves. mark and marco both don't like if someone speaks up for themselves.
    DarkLynx108 uyscutix (formerly VJ who was also perm banned) is no longer welcome on Total Freedom. I'll simply ref…wner-break-back and he just wanted to argue with me and accuse others of what he himself is doing. I had hoped the new incarnation of VJ as Uyscutix would be better and he was for a time but as he progressed up the ranks, he reverted and so if he wants to return, he'll have to try again from scratch with a new identity. Maybe it would be better for him to run and own his server because that's what he really wants - to own it. This is a game server not a military camp; you can't be a hard-case with double-standards and hope to successful here; at least not with me.

    Read more:…t#ixzz4hulCJ6bg
    UYScutix what section is it in?
    UYScutix the Admin Lounge?
    DarkLynx108 ye

    VJ then began to give his commentary on the post itself, claiming that Mark was exaggurating what he was doing (even though that's literally what he himself was doing) and once again reiterated his wishes for a revolution.

    User Message
    Quote from markbyron
    This is a game server not a military camp

    I knew he'd say that

    UYScutix Always an excuse to be a repetitive warning machine
    UYScutix He keeps exaggerating everything I say
    UYScutix "Quality > Quantity", starts saying this is not a business establishment.
    DarkLynx108 I see
    UYScutix Of course we know that- he takes it to his head and assumes I expect apps to be hard as applying for a Job
    UYScutix not THAT hard.
    UYScutix Just reduce quantity
    UYScutix I'm done with this place
    Maybe it would be better for him to run and own his server

    and yes- I will do that

    UYScutix it's going to be a lot better than this god awful server
    UYScutix could you screenshot it? Sometimes I just like to look at the post as well as just reading the quote ;p
    UYScutix idk why- for some reason I like seeing the post outline
    DarkLynx108 image.png
    UYScutix thanks
    UYScutix all those admins liking the post...
    UYScutix I find it immature- although that's always been the case; even 3-4 years ago when the server was better
    UYScutix who else was liking the post
    UYScutix That's it- I think it's time to begin a revolution.
    UYScutix lol someone I said this to said if I begin a revolution, it will increase the chance of mark quitting.

    In a Discord conversation with a user named Kookie, VJ discussed what happened from his point of view, explained why he felt it was bullshit, and reiterated that he wanted a revolution. He directly mentioned that he had another rodeo with Mark and even includes an excerpt from one of the replies he made in the PM.

    User Message
    UYScutix Alright. bad news
    UYScutix a lot of BS rn on tf
    UYScutix Marco is now officially a developer (developer rank on forum, i.e. purple name)
    UYScutix he got released from perm ban
    Kookie tf
    Kookie he asked me a favor to return on tf. im not going to there anymore :/
    Kookie looks like u have to use a new identity
    UYScutix who showed you that screenshot
    UYScutix it's in the admin lounge
    Kookie i got unbanned lol
    UYScutix We need to begin a revolution on TF- this is a joke. He's using "this isn't a military camp" as an excuse to just let blatant trolls stay
    Kookie you're permbanned tho
    UYScutix yeah
    UYScutix I'll tell you what happened
    UYScutix I was actually unbanned on the forum yesterday
    Kookie and you caused a ruckus again?
    Kookie or you actually wanted to have an opinion on mark?
    UYScutix but as Typh and Reflet said, mark relies on censorship. He then re-banned me because I was telling the truth lmao
    UYScutix I had an opinion
    Kookie lmao
    UYScutix and he thinks I am "arguing"
    Kookie i made a long-ass paragraph on the warning pm lmao
    UYScutix Also, when he sent me the PM about "you have no right to initiate a voteoff", I replied "Why? You yourself broke the policy, yet you come up to me and say I don't have the right to voteoff. Why do you even have a voteoff policy if you yourself don't even follow it?"
    Kookie sec. im replying to mark atm
    UYScutix let me know what you say - and let me know what mark says 😉
    UYScutix people aren't allowed to have opinions in his world - he expects people like us to keep quiet because he doesn't want the truth to be revealed

    Following this, Kookie posted multiple screenshots of his argument with Mark, though none of the images were linked in the export. VJ's response does paint a very vague picture about what the argument was like. The conversation ended very shortly afterwards.

    User Message
    UYScutix I like how even when you expressed your feelings friendly, mark still showed hostility and saying at the end "If not, take your leave"
    Kookie ya. hes so strict now. in the past, he was kind
    UYScutix he's not strict
    UYScutix well he is but in the wrong way
    Kookie the server changed so much :/
    UYScutix ikr

    Shortly after this conversation ended, Pramire (then known as Ivengix) created a thread in the Telnet Clan Lounge expressing concerns that some of the admins on TotalFreedom were celebrating its possible shutdown on UnraveledMC, an associated server with a rapidly deteriorating relationship that harbored many former staff members and players who were suspended, banned, or otherwise disillusioned with the way Mark ran the place.

    Noticed some TF admins (that are UMC admins too) celebrating that TF may be discontinued.



    Mark responded by moving the thread to a much more internal board, removing and banning two staff members (Rylie and Robin) and revoking the associated status of UnraveledMC. VJ noticed the new entries in the permanent ban list (as the list was publicly available for everyone at the time) and was understandably confused, so he asked around to try to figure out what happened. He got his answer pretty quickly.

    User Message
    UYScutix wtf
    UYScutix what's going on on TF?
    UYScutix I just checked the perm ban list literally RIGHT NOW. and Lionnco and Robin's name were just added only seconds ago
    UYScutix wtf- Mafrans and Wart are also perm banned
    DarkLynx108 Robin, Cyro and Lionnco all left during the 24 hour break
    DarkLynx108 and apparently there have been reports of Cyro hacking TF again
    UYScutix meh
    UYScutix oh
    UYScutix I just spoke with Pramire now
    UYScutix he said Robin and Lionn got perm banned regarding something on UMC
    DarkLynx108 I'm checking now
    DarkLynx108 it is
    DarkLynx108 Robin and Lionnco were talking
    DarkLynx108 and Typh was also there too
    UYScutix what happened after
    DarkLynx108 and GradeAAlligator
    UYScutix who's that?
    DarkLynx108 AcetoneAlligator*

    As you would expect, VJ used the situation to further his agenda that Mark was a tryannical dictator, but was interrupted by Lynx to clarify the situation.

    User Message
    UYScutix This is getting out of hands- mark is now going out of his way and PERM BANNING anyone who has opinions against him.
    UYScutix First me, then Chanyeol.. etc
    UYScutix Complete BS
    DarkLynx108 oh
    DarkLynx108 Cyro decided to take the break himself
    DarkLynx108 he didn't get suspended
    UYScutix oh
    DarkLynx108 so its just Robin and Lionnco
    DarkLynx108 and Acetone Alligator
    UYScutix what happened to Mafrans?
    DarkLynx108 idk

    Mark created a thread in the Super Admin Lounge a few hours later formally announcing his decision and stating that advertising UnraveledMC is not allowed on the forums nor server.

    The following admins are removed and banned until 1 July: rylie. & ?Robin.

    I'm also removing UMC from associated server status until at least 1 July and will have to re-apply after that date if they wish to be associated again. This was done based on evidence that provided on the Telnet Clan forum - I won't re-print it here although I'm sure it's been around. I've always supported associated servers and encourage them but when they're used against TF, to sew TF admin unrest, to undermine TF, or to profit from our loss, they don't need to be associated. Associated servers should support each and not work against each other. UMC can now do what they wish however if you're an admin on that server and use it to cause trouble for TF, bash TF/TF admins or admit to engaging in misconduct on TF, make sure nobody is gong to pass that information to me or here. Once it's posted here or given to me, than you're subject to admin rules of respect & conduct here. Again, if you can't stomach how I do business here or you think most of the admins are bad or too many, etc., just leave in peace and go to an associated server or unaffiliated server or somewhere else and have enough respect not to cause any problems for TF. The same holds true for associated servers; if you don't like them, don't cause problems for them. I know people must think it's easy & great to be a server owner but it's far from easy and I respect other server owners - I hope they can respect me. Also, UMC may not be advertised here or on the server.

    Within an hour, VJ restarted the conversation he had with Kookie to briefly discuss it.

    User Message
    UYScutix So several more admins just got added to perm ban: Lionnco, Robin, Wart, Mafrans
    UYScutix Mark appears to be perm banning anyone against him.
    Kookie tf. how
    UYScutix some said they left too
    Kookie mark removed UMC from associated
    UYScutix yeah
    UYScutix that's what I was about to explain with lion and robin
    UYScutix one person said some stuff happened on umc with lionn and robin, which got them perm banned and removed

    Chapter 5 - New Management

    On June 3, Mark made an official announcement on the ProBoards forum that surprised a lot of people: they were switching forums. Some people were supportive of the move, but others questioned and even criticized the implementation of the new forum. Because the majority still prefered ProBoards over MyBB, Mark backpedaled and ultimately gave up on switching forums.

    Quote from WickedGamingUK

    What's the point in having a separate domain for this? or something similar would be a lot better.

    Later that same day, Mafrans created a thread that outlined multiple reasons why he believed the server was dying. Within less than two hours, the thread racked up about 6 pages worth of replies before Mark locked it and sent it to the Recycle Bin. You can view the full thread here.

    Because a good chunk of the people who commented on the thread were Senior Admins at the time, the next day Mark moved the thread out of the Recycle Bin into the Senior Admin Lounge and then created a new thread titled "Open Senior Discussion". This thread intended to address some of the points made in the other thread and ultimately tried to work out solutions to the problems the server had with the Senior Admins. The discussion was mostly respectful and continued up until June 5 at around 8 AM.

    Galahad had informed VJ of something going on behind the scenes, so he asked Lynx in the Skype group about it because he wasn't exactly sure what was going on.

    UYScutixGalahad told me there's a lot of shitstorm happening rn on the forums
    UYScutixCan you show me some screenshots pls? C:
    UYScutixshe said she's on her phone so she can't do it
    DarkLynx108to start with
    DarkLynx108they're wanting to move forums
    UYScutixyea- I saw when I logged in with the secret forum account I registered under a proxy server to bypass mark's ban lol
    UYScutixI'd agree about the people against the new forum thing
    DarkLynx108then there has been senior talk and mark said you again
    DarkLynx108On a different subject, i see that we have an argument going and without blaming one or the other, this is the kind of thing I'm talking about - needling, bickering, & hyper-critical. If senior can't respect each other, can't expect the lower ranks to. I won't talk about a senior here but I'm not a fan of so called 'strict' admins such as uyscutix (vj) - hard-nosed, divisive, power seeking, double standards, undermining, and so on. That kind of stuff drives people away - this is game server not a military camp. How many times do I have to say it's a game server - let's relax and drop the hyper-critical needling.

    Read more:…3#ixzz4jA72NN38
    UYScutixShow me a screenshot where mark mentioned me again
    UYScutixand that was in the senior lounge?

    VJ inquired further about the thread, and ultimately repeated how he felt about Mark once again. Like a broken record, this dude wouldn't shut the fuck up about it. It wouldn't matter much though, because Mark's time as the owner ran out soon enough. On June 6, Mark announced that he was going to be transfering ownership of the server to Windows (who was the Executive Security Officer at the time) and thanked everyone for a great 7 years.

    This was the first time in the server's history that something like this happened.

    • Official Post

    Chapter 6 - Hints of Espionage

    As the summer progressed, Savnith became increasingly aggressive with his attacks against the server in the background. Having experience in collecting IP addresses in the past, he became heavily involved in several DDOS attacks and doxes against the server and its staff. Furthermore, he also began to build an espionage network of sorts, bribing (or in some cases threatening) some admins into giving him admins-only information like server logs or IP addresses.

    On June 11, he was found to have helped Haytch (an admin at the time) dox former staff members falceso and Scuph after an admin discovered several tweets talking about it, which resulted in the admin being suspended within two hours. The admin was then indefinitely banned from the server after a request was filed nine days later for threatening to dox staff members.

    On June 20, I inquired with him about the possibility of using DDOS for good (namely to attack scam websites). At that point in time, it had been established that Savnith could (or at least had connections to someone who could) DDOS websites or players. This line of questioning did not go very far, but I did make an interesting threat a few minutes later.

    User Message
    Video savnith
    Savnith whatt
    Video Do you happen to have a friend who can boot websites offline?
    Savnith why
    Video Fake hacking websites like these don't belong on the internet
    Savnith k cool
    Savnith ur emo
    Video LMAO
    Video by the way
    Video i believe vj has a man from TF in their sights

    On June 22, it was reported that he threatened to dox Pramire in a thread on MC-Market that was attempting to sell a TotalFreedom/FreedomOP clone after the latter attempted to discourage people from buying it.

    Chapter 7 - The Attacks Begin

    Having grown sick of Savnith's shit for quite some time, I decided to set up the foundation of a dox against him in an attempt to get him to back down by threatening him when traditional methods (like banning him) didn't work. It was a pretty shit dox (a lot of the information was wrong and I mostly pulled information from online profiles or outright guesses based on messages he previously said on the forums), so I contacted VJ on July 5 over Steam knowing he had a history of doxing people and asked him for advice on how I could improve it.

    He gave some advice, but ultimately decided to use it as the foundation for a dox of his own. He completed the dox within a few hours and posted it on Pastebin with the title "Info about Fagnith". This initial slur-filled dox contained a lot of incorrect information, but it was still definitely more detailed than what I had cooked up myself. For obvious reasons, I will not be reposting this in full even though it contains incorrect information. Here's an excerpt of it though:

    I sent the dox to Savnith over Skype as soon as it was finished. In a call that started afterwards, he broke it down and basically said "that's wrong" to most of the details in the dox. Due to the limited resources I had at the time, I was unable to record this call.

    User Message
    Video so uh
    Savnith hey
    Savnith I finished the website for my server :D
    Video someone doxed you
    Savnith xD
    Savnith link
    Savnith link
    Savnith link
    Savnith link
    Savnith link

    The dox continued to evolve over the next few days, even after being deleted repeatedly. Despite this, however, he didn't back down and continued to attack the server and its staff. On July 7, staff member xRubyMC suddenly changed their in-game username to "savnith" in an apparent hack. They were removed and had their forum account deleted. Mark publicly announced the removal as per usual.

    Telnet Clan Ruby was forum breached and will have to create a new forum account to get reinstated. The IP that breached the account is perm banned forum and server.

    That same night, things got ugly in a Skype call with Savnith. I don't remember the exact details, but after I started making fun of him and doing a bunch of other stuff, I noticed that my internet speeds were crawling to a halt. From there, Savnith revealed that he was DDOSing me and used that as a platform to blackmail me into doing his bidding, or else he would simply DDOS me. I couldn't just change my IP address because my ISP was very stubborn with IP changes, so I basically had no choice but to comply. He threatened and threatened, even providing me with a tidy list of admins' IP addresses that he had gathered.

    User Message
    Savnith [REDACTED]
    Savnith [REDACTED] - decyj145
    [REDACTED] - Galahad
    [REDACTED] - OxLemonxO
    [REDACTED] - charlotte474747
    [REDACTED] - tohgamer
    [REDACTED] - aggelosQQ
    [REDACTED] - fionn123
    [REDACTED] - YourMicSucs
    [REDACTED] - KinqWhite
    [REDACTED] - IDoNotCare21
    [REDACTED] - taahanis
    [REDACTED] - Jake
    [REDACTED] - Alco RS11
    [REDACTED] - alex33853
    [REDACTED] - falceso
    [REDACTED] - Prozza
    [REDACTED] - BanterousSor
    [REDACTED] - VideoGameSmash1

    He stopped DDOSing me at around 12 AM, and told me to take it as a warning. He then threatened me again by saying if he gets DDOSed, he will get my IP address and presumably do nerfarious things with it. He claimed that he "knows people" and revealed that he has an espionage network consisting of admins who would give him anything he wanted.

    User Message
    Savnith I stopped ddosing u
    Savnith take that as a warning
    Video okay then god damn
    Savnith If I get ddosed tonight or tmrw
    Savnith I will get your IP
    Video I'll start using a VPN
    Savnith lol
    Savnith kk
    Savnith I know people
    Video i know people too
    Video :3
    Video not in that sense
    Savnith I have admins on tf that would give me anything
    Savnith *cough* xRubyMC
    Video didn't ruby get suspended because they gave you their account details?
    Savnith yea
    Video they don't deserve admin then

    A nervous wreck at this point, I was just inches away from having a full-blown panic attack on the server during the periods of time when I could actually connect to the server. Down but not out, I proceeded to contact pretty much anybody I could get a hold of to alert them about what was happening. Among those I contacted were VJ and Cyro, who had a history of DDOSing and doxing people. I pleaded with VJ over Steam, but he didn't have a booter on hand yet, but said he was going to try to get one as soon as possible. I did not save this conversation, unfortunately.

    Two hours later I discussed the situation with CommissionerJoe in the admin chat, who turned out to also be part of Savnith's "group".

    Joe then informed me of a demand Savnith made in order to get on his "good list", which was to make a thread that would negotiate an unban from the server. I obviously refused, because in my eyes he was already given too many chances as-is. Because I had a pretty sizable collection of Windows product keys at the time, I offered those instead. He refused.

    Joe then gave me the option to join Savnith's Discord server. I wasn't very keen on this idea either, but this time I was given 3 minutes to do it or I would be DDOSed again. More admins came online and started asking me questions about it.

    At 4:03 AM, I got in touch with Senior Admin Chaotix (then known as ResidentMemelord) on Steam. Unlike VJ and Cyro, he was more lawful and encouraged me to get into contact with Windows and other various parts of management. I pleaded with him to do something, but he refused since he clearly didn't want to get involved. A few minutes later, he created a thread in the Senior Admin Lounge about it and included screenshots of the conversation.

    So, VideoGameSmash12 messaged me on Steam with him saying that Savnith has his IP hostage and was asking me to help, I told him that he should probably PM Windows and then change his IP by resetting his router (if he's able to).

    And then I got these.


    Essentially, he was asking me to ask anyone with knowledge of DDoSing to help him by DDoSing Savnith, which I denied to, mainly because I don't know anyone to begin with other than Scutix, who hasn't told me about anything he was doing with Savnith, only TF2 related things (and frankly I wish to keep it that way).

    Thoughts on the matter? I don't want to feel like a traitor to him or anything but this seems quite serious.

    I'll leave him on my friends list until a decision has been made. If he ends up being suspended then I'll block and unfriend him of Steam.

    Sometime before 4:30 AM, I joined a VC in Savnith's Discord server around that time period and Savnith laid out a plan: he was going to impersonate as CommissionerJoe and get supered by having him verify for him. I didn't speak up in the admin chat out of fear of retaliation until after the fake was added to the Super Admin list, at which point I finally hit my breaking point and immediately demanded the fake to be removed whilst having a panic attack. Savnith then began to DDOS me again.

    At around 5:10 AM, I continued the conversation I had with VJ on Skype. I encouraged him to keep trying to get a booter up and running.

    VideoBring hell to him.
    UYScutixFine, let me keep trying
    UYScutixI need to find another place to quick-buy bitcoins
    VideoJust a way
    UYScutixVirWox is a popular site for exchanging PayPal to Bitcoins. New accounts though are always gonna have a hard-ass time
    VideoIt is time that we bring hell to this motherfucker
    UYScutixdun worry- when my Booter is up. He's going doooooooooooooooooooooooown

    At 5:17 AM, I sent a threatening message to Savnith over Skype that warned him about what was to come. It was a picture of me giving the middle finger with my computer showing my inability to connect to any servers in the background. The caption was simple: "soon, you'll have a hard time going online". Savnith did not respond to it.


    Three minutes later, VJ explained the situation in the Skype group. Because his Bitcoin was taking too long to transfer, he opted to instead attempt to spam Savnith's Fax. Whether or not this was successful isn't entirely known, but given the inaccuracy of the dox at the time, I'm going to bet it wasn't.

    UYScutixSo Sav just DDOSd video
    UYScutixand Bitcoin is taking too long when I'm trying to purchase a Booter, to DDOS Sav back
    UYScutixLet's start phoning Savnith! :)
    UYScutixLet's spam his Fax: [REDACTED]
    VideoFuck him up. Savnith must be terminated.
    UYScutixI'm gonna fuck his Fax so hard, he'll run out of ink and paper
    UYScutixI'll spam his Fax with the message, "Message from Doxboy: You are doomed, Savnith"
    VideoA crime like this will not go unnoticed.
    UYScutixNow I just need to find a way to spam his Fax. Since I have no Fax ironically
    UYScutixTime to take advantage of old-fashioned communications. Which is to spam his Fax to death

    At 5:28 AM, Cyro finally got back to me. He simply asked me for Savnith's latest IP address and he began a retaliatory DDOS attack almost immediately.

    VideoSavnith booted my internet offline and he has a new IP.
    Cyrowhat is it
    CyroAttack has been successfully launched.

    I was pretty grateful that I had some layer of defense, even if it was equally illegal. Nonetheless, Savnith did not give up so easily and, judging from my Skype messages from shortly afterwards, proceeded to DDOS me again. Cyro wasn't surprised, and he suggested we retaliate further than just a regular DDOS attack.

    Video Fuck him up
    VideoI've got scutix and you on my side
    CyroI've always attacked anyone fucking with tf
    VideoI am glad you will defend me
    VideoCuz he just hit me offline again
    Cyroswat team? ;)
    reminds me of what Dillon did to Robo_Lord in 2014
    he once ordered pizza to Robo_Lord's house
    Video had this amazing idea
    If you, me and Melon's friend who DDOSes both fucked his router up at the same time
    his poor router, would basically be gang-raped
    Cyrowhat scutix said to me ^

    Just after he sent that message, I added both Cyro and VJ to another Skype group where we could discuss what we could do to retaliate against Savnith. Cyro suggested that I use a VPN to hide my IP address from Skype resolvers. VJ soon after jumped into the conversation and suggested that we send expensive food to Savnith's house after I initially suggested we send pizza orders to his house. From here, you could see a glimpse of the truly unhinged person VJ actually was.

    VideoSavnith will pay.
    Cyrohide ur ip from Skype resolvers
    VideoRight now
    Cyrolock it to a vpn ip
    VideoI am powerless
    Cyroare you offline?
    VideoMy internet is currently getting DDoS'd by Savnith
    Cyrochange ur Skype pass
    Cyrolet me login
    Cyrochange your ip
    Cyroto a vpn
    Cyrothat's how hes getting it
    VideoToo risky.
    VideoWell he needs to keep an open eye for himself
    VideoHis IP is going bye bye.
    UYScutixI wish I could spam his Fax number right now if only I knew how to without a Fax
    VideoSpamfuck his phone
    VideoCyro already sent some low quality food to his house.
    UYScutixHe deserves it
    Video$100 worth of low quality food
    UYScutixLet's spam his Fax until he runs out of ink or paper
    VideoLet's spam pizza ordera
    VideoIt will hurt him more
    UYScutixand when it comes to the payment section, select 'Pay at delivery', so his mom is forced to pay when they unexpectedly get a pizza delivery
    UYScutixhis mom will kick his ass out of the house, and they wont have any clue what doxing I bet if his son explained his BS
    VideoAdd pineapple to his pizza
    UYScutixOrder the most expensive pizza at his door then force them to pay

    If you thought that was bad, the ideas got even more illegal as the conversation progressed, especially after I revealed that Savnith was still DDOSing me.

    VideoLook what this fucking asshole is doing
    Cyrois your ip not dynamic?
    UYScutixhe did it again?
    UYScutixFine, that's it
    UYScutixWe should make a virus and try lure Sav to clicking the download link to our virus
    UYScutixit will fuck his computer as well
    Cyroill rat him
    Cyrohe uses Comcast?
    Cyroim gonna call them up
    UYScutixWe should also make the virus constantly open new tabs to screamer links lmao
    UYScutixand then if it finds hidden passwords, we'll add it to his Dox as well as hacking them C:
  • Here's a short(er) summary of what happened if you don't wanna read all that:

    The UYScutix Revolution went down on the TF server back in 2017, led by a player named VJ, aka vj13573. Things got heated because folks were getting fed up with the owner and founder, Mark, and a developer named Marco who caused a lot of controversy. VJ even changed their in-game name to UYScutix to rally the troops and shake things up.

    The tension hit its peak when VJ objected to Savnith's admin app, accusing Mark of playing favorites and making it way too easy for people to become admins on the server. It turned into a major showdown, resulting in VJ getting temporarily suspended and then unbanned. That just fueled VJ's anger towards Mark even more.

    But the real explosion happened when VJ decided to launch a vote-off against Marco without consulting anyone first. That move set off a storm of hate towards Marco from other staff members. Mark stepped in, removed the whole thread, and even took away VJ's staff position for a bit. But things didn't cool down. Mark's idea of giving VJ, Ruby, and Marco a "cooling off vacation" fell flat on its face. In the end, Mark had enough and permanently banned VJ from the server.

    The revolution shed light on the power struggles, favoritism, and general dissatisfaction among the TotalFreedom community. It revealed the clashes between staff members, differing views on how things should be run, and the longing for a fair and democratic environment.


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  • Dude! Awesome work! Thanks so much for putting the research in and writing this up. This was such a crazy throw back to read through this and remember what was happening. I am also 60% sure that Unknown #1 in the 20-person DM might have been me; the writing seems very much like mine and rings a bell.

    Looking forward to the next part, that's where all the drama is :P

  • Ah, the good old days. I remember being a part of some these "dramatic situations."
    I also remember being the person that the voteoffs and drama threads were being made about.

    Got some juicy DMs between me and markbyron/Galahad/etc on the old forums for sure.

    Ah, the good old days.

  • Ah, the good old days. I remember being a part of some these "dramatic situations."
    I also remember being the person that the voteoffs and drama threads were being made about.

    Got some juicy DMs between me and markbyron/Galahad/etc on the old forums for sure.

    Ah, the good old days.

    I didn't even know you were still a part of the tf community


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  • I've repeatedly updated both the original post and a new post I had originally created as a placeholder and then expanded upon. Chapters 5, 6, and 7 are not complete as there is still quite a lot of material to go through, but I've added what I've found so far. Chapter 7 is where things start to get really good, and it's only a fraction of what has yet to be documented. Thank you for your patience.


  • I've repeatedly updated both the original post and a new post I had originally created as a placeholder and then expanded upon. Chapters 5, 6, and 7 are not complete as there is still quite a lot of material to go through, but I've added what I've found so far. Chapter 7 is where things start to get really good, and it's only a fraction of what has yet to be documented. Thank you for your patience.

    This type of content might be good for a wiki