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  • So it turns out youre a bunch of geeks, overflowing with wisdom but there arent enough people asking you to share it!

    So lets go full throttle!! Teach me and everyone else your best linus tech tips! Whatever youve wanted to share but wouldnt be enough for its own thread basically!!!!! Please dont rant, dont overthink it, and respect peoples software choices!!! Lets be a resource for each other

    Thank you and have fun

    Im just gonna post some links to start us off but feel free to actually put effort in lol. This thread aint an awesome list

    But this is:

    - Calling all archivists: An app to find any duplicate files, similar media files(SO COOL), and broken files and symlinks:

    - Compress your images to reduce size with minimal difference:

    - Collection of JS bookmarks to speed up common tasks:

    - Nerd black magic for your Macs and to make managing servers less painful:

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    I continue to maintain that CyberChef ( ) is one of the best free, open source and in-browser tools out there for so much. Want to encrypt a file in browser, go for it. Want to find and replace something, easy. Want to find and replace something, strip HTML tags out, convert it from CSV to JSON, minify it and then encrypt it, easy.


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  • NewPipe is my go-to YouTube app for Android. It's free and open source and has many perks over the official YouTube app from Google:

    Here's a list of cool shit it lets you do free of cost:

    • Listen to videos in the background
    • Store playlists locally (without needing a Google account)
    • Download videos
    • Watch videos without getting swarmed with ads
    • Import playlists and subscriptions from Google Takeout exports

    It also has support for other platforms aside from YouTube like SoundCloud. No account needed to use any of the app's features.

  • If you have a shitload of time to spare, why not go Google dorking? Simply take your IP address, replace the last two numbers with the star symbol, then add a "site:" at the beginning of the IP (for example, "site:179.28.*.*"), then hit enter.

    If you're lucky, you can sometimes find some cool shit like people's printers, security cameras, power controllers, radio receivers, or even messages from understandably pissed off webmasters. If you don't find anything interesting, just increment/decrement one of the numbers in the IP address range.

    Just don't fuck with other people's shit.