Best service for managing multiple Linux servers?

  • So at this point I have multiple Linux servers. I have about 5 separate servers at the moment. Managing them all is very difficult as I have to login to each one of them to update it or check stats. I'm wondering if anyone here knows what software I could use to potentially manage all of the servers under a single pane of glass control panel? I'd prefer to host it myself but cloud would work too. Like, I go to a URL and I can see all the servers, remotely see the status and update them if needed. I don't need much more than that besides that and stats / error monitoring. But it's very tedious to have to keep track of all of them at the same time.

  • if you're updating crap i recommend you just use a cronjob to update it if you really don't like logging in seperately

    of course only do this on a stable distribution and not like arch or something

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    I've looked at Foreman a few times but outside of rhel / rhel esk os's it seems to be a bit shit.

    Monitoring I've been using Zabbix and can recommend it, it works really nicely.

    I have yet to see any other really good tools that aren't super expensive enterprise tools unfortunately.


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