TotalFreedom Events Policy

  • An event is an engaging, organised activity which takes place on the TotalFreedom’s platforms, including but not limited to the freedom server, the forum and Discord, according to the nature of the event itself.

    Events can require participants to abide by special rules, as long as they are not conflicting with the TotalFreedom Community Guidelines and the platform-specific rules. Failure to follow them will lead to the exclusion and removal from the event's area and, if appropriate, additional sanctions from the platform's staff.

    Who can plan or host events?

    Anyone can contribute and support the Executive Community Manager (ECM) and their assistant (AECM) in coming up with new event ideas by posting concepts or detailed plans in the Suggestions > Events & Engagement section which will be subject to community approval before being approved and scheduled by the ECM or their assistant.

    What is an "official" event?

    An official event is hosted under the determined schedule by the ECM or AECM and the execution is subject to their supervision. It is typically characterised by extensive planning, promotion, rewards, a specific location and a list of people in charge of it. The ECM keeps a documentation for official event ideas in which is described the ways of how they will work, what is required, who is needed and so on.

    What is an "unofficial" event?

    Players are allowed to host so-called unofficial events, which are not under the supervision and responsibility of the ECM and their assistant. Those can take place anytime on the game server and other platforms as long as special rules or additional privileges are not required and they are not disrupting any planned official event.

    The ECM and their assistant may decide to “endorse" any successful unofficial event idea which will then be properly documented for later use.

    TotalFreedom's Executive Community & Marketing Manager

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