PharmaAS - Indefinite suspension

  • @ThePharmaPirate has been suspended for two weeks for repeatedly breaking rule 2b of the staff conduct policy, as well as, to a smaller extent, rules 2a and 3c.

    Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.

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  • Yes hello question what happened to pharma

    He wont be back for ages!!!! he got into fights a lot and didn't take clara/erin's warnings seriously. finally he got in this one fight about disrespect and clara/erin lost her patience. he basically said he was never held accountable when mark was owner. He decided to leave indefinitely, and he left the discord and deleted his forum account

    2a: Refusing to adhere to fellow admins: ignoring warnings about fighting and in general

    2b: Participating in flame wars using any Total Freedom platform.

    3c: Minor cases of malicious power abuse: banning people unfairly to win fights & overall too strict with bans. he rarely if ever warned or communicated first

    I think he recognized his public opinion shifting. he earned a bit of reputation in january for making suggestive comments that made people uncomfortable. i remember 2 separate times he went too far and i asked him to stop and he wouldn't so i left the conversation. Keli was there both times (no fault on keli). I like him and think he's fun and cool. But imo he has boundary and empathy problems that i hope he fixes before coming back

  • gg sound for letting me know. You think for an adult who is literally engaged he would have his shit together lmfao.

  • Okay, so I will admit I've forgotten this and I do apologise for that, been dealing with some bereavement which has distracted me. This'll also be quite a lengthy post just so I can try and say everything that I would like to say in this matter.

    I was trying to avoid the suspension in the first place, despite there being issues and concerns popping up regarding how Pharma dealt with situations - in particular how strict and abrasive he had been while conversations with both operators and fellow staff. Despite warnings from myself and other admins, and an attempt at retraining him to get used to the new way things worked, these issues prevailed.

    The straw that broke the camels back happened early morning of the 20th when he got involved in a flame war with a player and then proceeded to ban that player for arguing with him. This all occurred after Pharma had claimed to be heavily intoxicated with both alcohol and cannabis.

    This incident I believe was worthy of a suspension by itself and late on the 21st, after I had finished my shift I made my final decision and posted this thread.

    After hearing about this, Pharma sent a lengthy rant to me in private messages before continuing that rant out into the discord server before he left the discord and deleted his forum account. He hasn't been heard from since.

    So, the reason this post is quite long (and it could be longer) is to try and explain why I'm coming to the conclusion im coming to. I am going to change this suspension to an indefinite one, given the circumstances leading up to and following the initial suspension.

    Before anyone grabs their pitchforks, this has nothing to do with elongating the suspension in any way. Rather, I feel the indefinite suspension return process is more appropriate for these circumstances, and will give Pharma a chance to smoothly integrate into the new community and prove that he is trusted enough to return to administration when he would like to come back.

    It's an unfortunate situation all in all, and most importantly I wish him the best going forward regardless of whether or not he comes back.

    Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.

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    Changed the title of the thread from “PharmaAS - suspension” to “PharmaAS - Indefinite suspension”.

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