Changing to Continuious Delivery for select plugins

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    For a small number of plugins, specifically Plan and Network Manger for the time being, we will be moving away from scheduled large network maintenance and instead where non-breaking changes are present will look to update these plugins across the network on a server by server basis and in the background.

    The goal of this change is to remove the need to take the entire network offline when we update these core plugins, except where an outage is absolutely essential (Which we know will be the case) where we have a high degree of confidence in the plugins not causing production issues. This means as servers naturally restart (Hub restarts daily for stability reasons (Which we need to look into) and the Freedom server restarts for various reasons usually at least once a week) users don't actually notice when the plugins are updated, which is ultimately our goal.

    The bungee will still need to be restarted, but that is a fairly quick process and is one generally we can do when there are no players actually online to minimise impact. This should mean we're able to make use of the latest features of these plugins as well as ensuring we're following best security practices.

    If folks notice any issues please let me know and we can look into it!


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    Could we look into updating plugins like ViaVersion automatically as well? That would be massively helpful in case Mojang decides to release another update during a change freeze.

    So this isn't "Automatic" as it were, it's just that we're not pushing out announcements / planning formal maintenance. But yes for things like ViaVersion we're pushing these updates at least on the Hub in the background at the moment.

    More automated solutions are on my to-do list, things like Via could have been updated during the change freeze if required given it was low-risk and high-impact to users if we didn't update. I wasn't aware that it hadn't been updated but appreciate I'm still not 100% back and active here.

  • could we look into using a plugin reloader because most of the plugins we need to restart don't use reflection or anything that'd generally mess with plugin reloading

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